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Grace and Beauty - The Online Magazine for Sensuous Living is an adult site dedicated to gorgeous women posing for tasteful nude photographs in beautiful indoor and outdoor settings. A long history of weekly updates has left a large collection of exclusive content. In addition to photos and videos, the site offers many free erotic stories and poetry, articles about sex, reviews of erotic media, screensavers, and e-cards.
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Grace and Beauty focuses simply on tasteful, often artistic nudes, and they do a great job sticking with that theme. The photography is gorgeous, and the models here are beautiful girls-next-door types from all different races. The focus isn't on sex, but, rather, on girls having fun alone or together in the nude. It's clear that this is new to some of them, but not in a bad way. I found the deep blushing during some of the solo videos to be pretty charming, actually.

There are well over 350 photo galleries, with roughly 50 pictures in each one. The newer photographs are really great quality, and can be viewed in large, which measures just over 1900 pixels on the long side, or small, which is right at 1000 pixels on the long side. Either way, they look great, and the photography is really, really nice as well. Some of the shots are simply stunning, and it's clear that they use a very experienced, professional photographer. The older photographs are smaller, but even the 2002 content comes in at 800 pixels on the long side, and by 2005 they were up to 1400 pixels. Photo updates are added once a week consistently and have been for the entire history of the site.

There are only 14 videos available, which is a shame, because I liked seeing the personality of these girls really come through as they pose and goof around in the nude. The 4-5 minute videos come in at around 3100 kbps if you choose the high quality option, and about 1050 kbps if you opt for the low quality. They all feature music in the background, which can range from playful or dramatic instrumental to well-known music. Was that The Beach Boys and Edie Brickell that I just heard? The videos usually have an accompanying photo set, but the two aren't linked - I just happened to stumble across them while browsing the photos.

The site's many free areas include sexy stories and poetry, sex-positive news and articles, reviews of erotic art, books, films, and websites, screensavers, and e-cards. The stories range from more of a porn-type story to humorous adult jokes. The articles are interesting and can range from scientific to weird. Both the stories and articles can be filtered by category.

Features & Navigation:

Grace and Beauty doesn't look like your typical porn site. The tour page is done in a muted dark green, cream, and black, and there's nothing flashing or begging for your attention. You can see thumbnails for every single update in the site's history as well as access all the model pages and the free content. Their claims of 20,000 exclusive images and videos and weekly updates proved to be accurate.

The site doesn't look very impressive in its design, and could probably use a face-lift. It is, however, well organized, and it's easy to find what you're looking for. You can search for models based on age, build, ethnicity, and hair color. You can sort the photos by any of the model attributes or by season, location (indoor/outdoor), or themes. There are separate areas for photos, videos, erotic stories, articles, shopping links, reviews, screensavers, and e-cards. My biggest complaint about the organization is that the related photo sets and videos aren't linked, except for the fact that they're both listed on the model's personal page.

The photos can be viewed in thumbnail galleries or as slideshows, or you can download the sets as ZIP files with your choice of large or small size. The videos are available for download only, and come as WMVs packaged in ZIP files.


Grace and Beauty is a wonderful site to find some gorgeous, high quality nude photography, with a few videos thrown in for fun. With a long, consistent history of exclusive photographs being added weekly, this large collection can only get bigger and better. The site could use some aesthetic design tweaks and a couple organization upgrades, but otherwise, it's a really great site. If beautiful, sex-free nude photography is your thing, I think you'll love Grace and Beauty.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive nude and artistic materials
+ Large photo collection, reg. updates
+ Good quality
+ Low price
- Could use better navigation options
- Not many videos
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