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Short Review:

HD Candid Guy, located at, is a candid shot themed site that features sexy pictures of unsuspecting women in public places, mostly of the up skirt variety. You'll see bikini-clad babes on the beach, club chicks partying it up, and just normal women going about their day and shopping, all the while, completely unaware that they're being shot by the HD candid guy himself.
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Detailed Review:


HD Candid Guy is a brand-new site that had only been around for probably less than a month when I visited in June of 2014. The collection here mostly consists of individual snaps taken at specific events or locations and grouped together into related galleries as well as short video clips that average one or 2 minutes each. The site doesn't seem to be updating, but none of the materials are dated and I'm not exactly sure how often things are being added or how much is added at a time.

The video and photo materials here are both similarly amateur in style and candid in nature. Upskirts and other close-ups of exposed cleavage, legs, and even occasional full nudity are all filmed in various locations including shopping malls, outdoor events, club parties, beaches, bars, and more. While upstarts are definitely the main focus of the site, there are all kinds of candid shots of sexy topless hotties playing at the beach, bikini babes competing in hot body contest, and more.

The video quality here is quite low, and although it's easy to excuse this to a certain degree since the materials are mostly up skirt shots and other candid materials, I really think that these are even lower in quality than average when compared to other similar stuff. Videos are often dark, blurry, or grainy, and additionally, there is some kind of problem with the files that prevents you from being able to skip around within the scene.

Features & Navigation:

The members area here is designed in a very amateur way, and unfortunately, even on an amateur site, this is not a good thing. It's one thing for a site to be simple, this one is just slow and messy. It can take a while for a page to load, and there's something strange going on where the sign in box where you enter your username and password just hovers over the page, no matter how far you scroll down. While attempting to browse the galleries, the sign in box was constantly hovering over portions of the display. Additionally, there are no search or sort tools available here at all, and the materials are not always arranged in a logical way.

One other very unusual aspect about the members area here is that all of the streaming and downloadable videos, as well as the downloadable versions of the photo materials, or hosted on a third-party media sharing site called Media Fire. It gets the job done in terms of transmitting files, but it's not exactly user-friendly and it's highly unusual to be redirected to a third-party site when attempting to access materials that come with a porn site membership.


While the materials here are fun, sexy, and authentic, the collection is weighed down by the extremely slow, clunky, and frustrating members area. There are sections of the site that I literally was never able to check out because clicking on them simply did not work, no matter how many times I tried. On top of that, there are some technical issues and quality issues with the video files. In the end, I really can't recommend this collection until some major improvements are made.

Pros & Cons

+ Authentic amateur candid/upskirts
+ Quite a bit to see
- Members' area is a frustrating mess
- Materials hosted on a free media sharing site
- No search or sort features
- Quality can be pretty bad
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