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Little cutie Ashley just loves to play with her pussy and flaunt her body for the camera. The sweet innocent 18yr old has the girl next door sologirl thing going on. Monthly members of this site get access to 74 other Adult sites in addition to All of Ashleys site content. If sologirls really do it for you, there are 6 more sites listed in the free sites. These sites add more value and reason to become a monthly member because they are all equally fantastic and compliment Ashleys site perfectly
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Price Details:

Trial 2.93
Monthly 29.95

Current Ratings for All About Ashley:

Our total rating: 46/100

Detailed Review:


Blue eyed, blonde haired Ashley is a horny teenager that parades around in her panties and plays with her small but beautiful breasts. Ashley shows off her sweet side, with her unassuming innocent eyes and great smile. There is something a little naughty about Ashley, she has 2 body piercings 1 in her belly button and the other in her clit.
Look closely in the video clips, when Ashley is playing with her pussy and in some of the clips you can see her piercing. Wether she is inside outside or even with her friends Ashley is always in the mood to play. She has numerous sex toys that she alternates playing with in front of the camera.

The video content is good, there is no hardcore penetration but Ashley does insert her favourite toys into her pussy when she is in the mood. On the site page Ashley mentions that she has real lesbian sex with her girlfriends, but in the video gallery there is no content supporting this claim. There is only video clips featuring Ashley, but no to worry about that just click on one of the sologirl sites in the myFriends section on her site and some of those girls have videos of them playing with other girls for you to see.

In the photo gallery the hi resolution pics are amazing and really entertaining. In some cases I found the images to be more erotic then some of the video clips and thats really how great they are. On the 6th page in the myPHOTO gallery are images of Ashley playing with one of her friends, these are a must see. You really need to check these out, they are highly erotic and they break up the images featuring Ashley. You could look over your back fence and find these 2 girls.

Features & Navigation:

From the minute you log into the members area of this site it is clear and is very easy to use. There is a navigation bar situated at the top of the page with 4 simple options listed on it. This navigation bar will stay at the top every page in the members area to make using the site a breeze. The home page in the members area has in the top right corner a video clip and links to other sologirl sites. There is a welcome message from Ashley and some details about what her site features and what membership gives you access to. Directly under the welcome message are 5 sets of Ashleys newest photos and 5 more video clips. At the bottom of the home page are the links and access to the 74 other Adult sites. Also at the bottom of the page is Customer Support, Customer Service and Email Support links for help solving any problems or question you may have.

The myVideo option on the navigation bar brings up a page of all of Ashleys videos. In this video vault there are 5 pages of clips and links to the other Adult sites. To view a clip of Ashley doing her naughty little things simply click on the clip and it will load using Windows Media Video (WMV). A window will open and a small screen will appear, the clip will buffer and load to view. The descriptive text helps make decisions on which clip to watch so much easier than just clicking and hoping for the best.

The myPHOTO option brings up the whole library of Ashleys photo gallery. There are 10 pages of high resolution photo sets, just click which image you would like to see and you can view the image or right click and select Save Target As. The myFRIENDS option lists 6 of the other sologirl sites and at the bottom of this page there are all of the other free sites monthly members have access to. Just click on the site that you would like to visit and you are already signed in and can access anything that you want.


Pig tails, flowers, popsicles, chocolate topping and the occasional sex toy are all must haves for Ashley. She seems to spend all day just playing with her breasts and pussy.
Everything was so easy to use on this site which impressed me the most, nothing is more disappointing to me then aimlessly muddling my way around. Great content, sweet innocent Ashley is the perfect softcore sologirl star in this site. With all that this site has to offer you still have more content then you can jump over

Pros & Cons

+ Good softcore content
+ Additional Adult site access
- Unsure when updates are made
- No webcam access
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