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This is the official site of the absolutely gorgeous Anette Dawn, a top notch blonde with some of the best titties and ass that I have ever seen. Her amazing and easy to use website is of the great quality that only high end erotica companies like Twistys can provide. All of the material is fully downloadable in many high quality formats, it is all 100% exclusive and you get access to 6 more network sites which are all fantastic. An absolute must have membership!
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Twisty's is known for providing us with the best pictures and videos of the hottest women in the world and they continue their tradition with this amazing site featuring one of the most gorgeous women that I have ever seen; Anette Dawn. If you like blondes and you enjoy a huge tit or two once in a while, there's no way that you're not going to love this shit.

With your membership, you get access to 30+ video shoots, each lasting around 10 minutes, featuring the lovely Ms Dawn and some of her girlfriends stripping, teasing, rubbing their pussies and playing with toys. The content all looks really good, every girl featured here is a 9+/10, and Anette could get a room full of nun's dripping wet with her gigantic perfect boobs, nice plump ass and delicious pussy (and her beautiful smile).

All of the videos on the site are fully downloadable in a convenient selection of formats. If you're on a slower connection, you have the option to download the scenes, cut into smaller clips for faster download. If you have a fast connection, then I would recommend downloading the full length clips in either .MOV (720x400 @ 2000kbps) or for Windows users the WMV (720x400 @ 2000kpbs), both of them look great.

In addition to the exclusive video content, you also get 45+ galleries (100+ images per gallery) of high quality digital still images featuring Anette and her friends. All of the photography on this site is exquisitely shot in great looking locations, and the pictures come in a very nice high quality JPG (853x1280). You can either view the huge images online or download the full sets in one nice ZIP file.

Buying an Anette Dawn membership means that you're also getting access to 6 AMAZING Twisty's brand sites as well. These include: Twisty's, Busty Ones, Euro Foxes, When Girls Play, Blue Fantasies and Naughty Staff. Each site is stocked to the tits with exclusive content, and it is all fucking wonderful! There is enough porn to last you at least three months, if not more and with their constant updates, you will probably be entertained for much much longer.

Features & Navigation:

The front tour page at Anette Dawn's only official website is very nice looking and professionally designed. You are shown all the benefits of joining, as well as a few free image galleries and trailer's from the members only videos. Logging in to the site is quick and easy via the members link at the top right of the screen.

The inside of the member's area is just as well designed as the outside, and is very easy to look at and navigate. When you get inside, you will see Anette's statistics and biography, as well as all of her latest updates to the site. Along the top of the screen you get links directly to each of the bonus sites on the network. A navigational menu below this links you to and from the sites various sections: Bio, Diary, Pictures, Videos, Wishlist, Recommendations, Store and Bonuses.

To get right to the exclusive video section, simply click videos at the top to see a listing of each scene with a preview image. Choose a video and click it's preview image to get to the download page where you will find direct links to each clip and full movie download in the various available formats. Right click the clips and select 'save as' to keep them on your computer, or left click to view them in your media player.

All of the photo galleries are accessed by clicking pictures at the top. This will bring you to a listing of each gallery with a preview thumbnail that will link you to its page. You will see each image in the gallery, and clicking the tiny thumbnails will open the full JPGs in the next window. If you want to save them all to your hard drive, right click the download zip link and select save as.

The other sections that are linked to in the navigational menu lead to additional pay services, so you can skip those. Getting to the other sites on the network is easy as poon tang pie, and they all have similar layouts that are very easy to comprehend. Everything on the Twisty's network works just like it should and is fast both in loading times and download times.


If you just love to see a big titted blond chick get naked and stuff herself with fingers and toys while being just stunningly beautiful the whole time, you've definitely come to the right place. This and the other Twisty's sites are some of the best porn sites on the internet right now and I don't see how they could ever disappoint. Definitely do yourself a favor and sign the fuck up!

Pros & Cons

+ Stunning Blond Chick
+ Great HQ Pics + Vids
+ Superb site design
+ Great network.
Click here to visit Anette Dawn and check out the tour.