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Damn this chick is a hottie, Brooke Skye is such an attractive girl that they had to dedicate a whole site just to her, if you love your brunettes with piercing green eyes, then you will absolutely go nuts over this babe, shes cute, shes sexy and best of all shes bi-sexual, personally Brooke Skye resembles my dream girl, lets hope her site is as stunning as she is.
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I'll admit that I'm a sucker for brunette babes, and Brooke is one of the hottest brunette's I've seen shes so cute yet she is damn sexy which is always a given in my books, you simply can't go wrong with the sexy bod cute face combination, add the fact that she is bi-sexual and you got yourself a humdinger! The site offers 131 short episodes starring none other then Brooke Skye and maybe one of her hottie girlfriends, now that may not seem like a lot of content compared to other sites but for a feature girl site that is a shit load!! These episodes are of Brooke in random locations doing random naughty things whether it be rubbing herself down in a jacuzzi, getting down and dirty with another foxy lady in the bedroom or just shoving an assortment of naughty toys down her tight little snatch, all the episodes are unique and great to watch especially with this fine lady starring in them.

All the video files are available in wmv format and members have the option to download the entire scene in one big file or in shorter chapters for those of you who want to view a particular part of the episode within a matter of minutes, you can choose from a number of different quality files ranging from low to ultra high definition which is a sign that the development team didn't want to restrict customers with a slower connection speed to the bigger files, otherwise they could be waiting up to a week just to download the video they want to see, the super and ultra high definition videos are a must see they are just oozing with quality, you can see everything so clearly down to the last pubic hair, top quality stuff definitely something to be bragging about, which they do so on their front page.

Most of the episodes come with photo sets that include some very high quality pictures in low or super quality, seriously though these pictures are amazing and it's good to see that they've included proper photos rather than resorting to vidcaps, the camera used to take these photos would have been top of the line, it's good to see a site that puts as much effort into their pictures as they do with their videos.

This site's content is great, crystal clear videos and vibrant screenshots absolutely stunning stuff, although you can't really class the content on this site as hardcore it still is definitely arousing stuff, I love this sites content and I love Brooke Skye, keep updating this site guys cause we just can't get enough of this sexy lady!

Features & Navigation:

I love the front page to this site, Brooke Skye looks absolutely stunning in her main image and with the ocean back drop it's like your in paradise with a beautiful young lady and you start to get a sense of euphoria, then you start to get the urge of jumping into the screen to join Brooke, thats how good the front page is the design team did a great job doing this, apart from that there is some information on what sort of girl Brooke is and what kind of content members will be treated to. Potential customers can indulge themselves to a number of short previews to a few of their erotic episodes.

Navigating around this site couldn't get much easier, getting to the different sections of the site is as simple as clicking one of the icon links at the top of the page, on the intro page the first thing you'll see is the web cam section where you can catch Brooke online to have a chat or get her to do some naughty things for you in front of her web cam, Brooke Skye has a web cam schedule, you can catch her online during these times Tues 5-6pm and Thurs also at 5-6pm. Under the web cam section you'll find links to their last 4 updates and links to Brooke's personal favorite sites. Towards the bottom of the page is Brooke's wish list which shows the top ten personal belongings she wishes she had, underneath you'll notice some thumbnails which link to videos of Brooke Skye thanking her fans for the different pressies shes received from her hardcore fans. At the very bottom of the intro page you'll find the custom videos section where you can request Brooke on what sort of dirty acts she should do in her next video.

The episodes page is basically a large gallery of thumbnails linked to the individual episodes, clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to that particular episode's information and download page where you can find all the necessary info on the video itself and the links to the assortment of video files available to download, the photo sets are also included on this page and you can find them towards the bottom section, so as you can tell you won't be having a hard time getting around the site, nice simple stuff.


I really love this page and not just cause Brooke Skye is a total hottie but also because the content on this site is some top quality stuff and with 131 episodes and countless pictures to indulge yourself in, you'll be enjoying Brooke's company for a long time to come, lets hope the webmasters decide to keep uploading more episodes up of the sexy Brooke Skye!

Pros & Cons

+ Brooke Skye is hot!
+ Quality of the content is top notch
+ Lots of content for a feature girl site
+ Great front page
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