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If you like your women voluptuous and curvy then you'll go nuts over Cassandra Calogera. This raven haired beauty with mouth watering melons and flawless fair skin has provided her fans with a wealth of videos and photo sets which are all exclusive to her site. Enjoy watching this curvaceous babe take care of herself with naughty toys and have fun with well hung studs. So if you're in to big tits and curves definitely check out this stunner of an amateur model!
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Now I'd have to say that Cassandra is one of the bigger feature models I've seen in a while, but that is by no means a bad thing. When I say bigger I don't mean to the point that she's a BBW, but she's more filled out than those stick figure models out there, she's got lovely big melons which could smother your cock and all her curves are in the right places. The best thing about Cassandra though is that look in her seductive brown eyes which just screams I'm naughty! and I know exactly what I want! Making her sex appeal sky rocket. Cassandra is an amateur model and this site is dedicated to her and her alone, but don't let the fact that she's an amateur model fool you as she can tease and arouse with the best of them.

One thing I find in common amongst most feature girl sites is the softcore nature of the content and Cassandra's site follows this trend though I'm glad to say she's also thrown in a few hardcore picture galleries to mix things up which is kind of a rarity amongst feature girl sites. The bulk of Cassandra's content tends to fall towards the softcore side of things involving the voluptuous babe taking sensual baths, fucking herself with her naughty toys, and caressing her beautiful melons. There are a few hardcore episodes and photos scattered through out her collection of content but as I said early for the most the content is of softcore nature.

Cassandra looks to be quite new to the world of porn as her site has only been up for roughly 4 months. The first update was logged on the 4th of August 2008 and the latest update occurred the day before this review was completed on the 12th of January 2009, that being said the site is still quite active on updates and by the looks of their update patterns updates occur on a weekly basis. As of now Cassandra's site currently contains 23 updates this includes a mix of photos and episodes, it may not be the biggest collection out there but with a new update each week Cassandra's archive of naughty porn will certainly grow in to a much more formidable size.

There's quite a few video options for members to play around with, first off there are 2 formats to choose from being mpeg and wmv, further more members have the choice of viewing the episodes in full scenes or short segments, the videos are downloadable and have no DRM restrictions so members can keep and cherish Cassandra's videos for as long as they wish. Quality is also no issue here as the videos have been encoded in decent bit rates of (1500kbps @ 640x480) for wmvs with the mpegs a little less higher in quality at (750kbps @ 320x240), admittedly not as drool worthy as the wmvs but the advantage here is that the file sizes are a lot smaller. Overall I was content with the quality of the videos on offer, and watching Cassandra's melons bounce around as she's ploughed is a sight for sore eyes thanks to the decent quality.

Most of the episodes come with a set of photos though there are quite a few photo sets which aren't related to the videos. Comparing the videos to the photo content I would have to say that the photos are a lot higher in quality, not only due to the clarity and juicy colors but also due to the sheer size of them with the bigger images measuring in at (1800x1200 pixels). The photo sets are bursting at the seams with images containing approximately 130 photos per set, like the video content the photos cover both softcore and hardcore porn. Also worth mentioning is the great photography work and lighting, certainly a worthy addition to the awesome video content on offer.

Features & Navigation:

The tours of Cassandra's site is packed with information about her and the featured content on offer. I also want to point out that the site presentation including the designs, layout, and graphics look great and it's certainly on the flashy side of things. Things you'll find on the tour page includes a nice amount of sample pictures, and a collection of free trailers which will certainly have potential customers begging for more. Towards the bottom of the tours there's an entire section dedicated to Cassandra's stats and personal information such as turn ons and ofs. At the very bottom you'll come across Cassandra's blog which will give you an inside look of Cassandra's life. A very personal touch for sure and it allows members to get to know the beautiful broad.

Once you've gone through the usual motions of logging in and made your way to the members area you'll find that the site presentation doesn't dull down at all. Down the left side of the page is where you'll find the navigation menu which includes links to the various sections. Just below the top banner you'll find sample pictures of the latest update along with the upcoming update and a link which will show you Cassandra's webcam schedule. Further down you'll come past the 4 latest updates, along with Cassandra's latest blog entries. At the very bottom of the page are lists of the highest rated and most popular of Cassandra's content, these have been voted by the members so you can be sure they're the best of the best.

Members can choose to view Cassandra's content by videos, photos, or both. They can do this by using the provided links found in the left navigation menu I mentioned earlier. Doing so you'll be taken to a gallery which is made up of indexed pages carrying up to 20 thumbnails per page. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the main content page of the episode or photo set from where you can proceed to view the photos within the browser or download them in a zip file for offline viewing, and access the various download links for the different video formats and segments. I should mention that you'll have to right click on the video links and choose the "save target as" option, because using the left click will automatically start to stream the video within a new browser.

There's not much else to the site except for Cassandra's corner where you can really get to know the beautiful blonde on a personal level. Within this section you'll find a link to Cassandra's myspace page, Cassandra's blog, behind the scenes footage, the members forum, and probably the best feature of all the "special requests". You can contact Cassandra and request her to do a steamy scene and if she's feeling generous she may just produce it and dedicate it to the lucky member. At the end of the day I found it quite simple to make my way through the various sections of Cassandra's site, and I'm sure even the most novice of web surfers should have no problems here because it's all very self explanatory.


Cassandra is certainly one of the more unique looking solo models I've come across in a while and better yet she's not afraid to dive in to the hardcore side of things unlike many solo models out there. So if you're starved for a solo model site which actually features some hardcore porn and find voluptuous a lot more attractive than those skinny stick figures than the awesome looking videos, photos, and regular updates will certainly right up your agenda.

Pros & Cons

+ Mix of softcore and hardcore content
+ Exclusive content
+ Regular updates
+ Quality of content is awesome
+ Good site presentation
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of personal touches
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