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Welcome to Club Charlie Laine! Finally a site dedicated to this petite babe with an angelic face. Club Charlie Laine offers steamy exclusive episodes starring Miss Laine and her beautiful girlfriends snuggling up with one another. So if you're not fond of seeing random dudes ploughing away at gorgeous ladies then I'm sure Charlie's site will certainly appeal to you, oh and the fact that Charlie is drop dead stunning also helps.
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I've always found feature girl sites like Charlie's to be like double edged swords. See on the bright side the feature girl is usually smoking hot (which Charlie is) because lets face it nobody wants to dedicate an entire site to some average looking chick, but on the downside the downside is that with most feature girl sites the episodes are too softcore for hardcore fans to get in to. If you're anything like me though and enjoy solo masturbation and lesbian scenes then feature girl sites are like a dream cum true. Charlie's site is a part of the majority in where she only dabbles in solo masturbation and lesbian scenes in her episodes with not a cock to be seen. However, even though the scenes aren't that hardcore I'm sure even hardcore fans would find Charlie's episodes hot seeing as she's ridiculously hot and all.

Now a little bit about the main lady of the site the beautiful Miss Laine. Being as hot as Charlie is it's no surprise that she has been on a few front covers of adult magazines, take for example the two most well known adult magazine companies Penthouse and Playboy. To be honest though this is the first I've seen of Charlie and I feel like slapping myself for only having seen her now. Charlie is quite petite at 5'3 though she's got a killer ass and nice titties, the best thing about Charlie is that she's not only so damn sexy but she's very pretty as well, as in front cover of a glamor mag pretty. She can go from cute with that intoxicating smile of hers to straight up seductive by turning that smile of hers upside down. To put it as simple as possible Charlie is the dream girl every body wants to be boning.

Well I couldn't get my hand on any solid information regarding how long the site has been up for, the videos do have upload dates though they only include the month and day but not the year, though if Charlie's diary started up around the same time the site was launched then it looks as though the site has only been up and running this year '08 and if that's the case then Charlie has been doing quite well with her content numbers. All up there's a total of 40 videos and 178 photo sets, now keep in mind they're all exclusive now that's a mighty find effort for a single very hot lady. Charlie hasn't stopped on updates either with the last update uploaded only a few days ago on the 17th of Oct '08 this particular update was a photo set. What has me worried however is that a video update hasn't occurred in a while with the last one logged on the 2nd of Aug '08 which was over 2 months ago. On a brighter note there's a diary entry from Charlie stating that they're working on a new episode and that she has been busy with studying which could very well be the reason for the halt on updates.

Charlie Lain's older episodes don't look as great as the stuff she has been releasing lately though they're still quite a decent watch. The older videos are available in wmv videos which can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions, the episodes are only available to download in full scenes which run for approximately 15 minutes each. This version clocks in at (1000kbps @ 640x480) while the more recent videos come in overwhelming video bit rates of (5000kbps @ 1280x720) in other words they are HD quality so yes they do look very damn fine. It would have been nice if Charlie could re-encode her older episodes in this quality to keep the quality consistency up, but given the fairly decent viewing quality of the older vids it's not critical.

There are 4 different categories the 170 plus photos fall under, these include fetish, girl on girl, solo, and my fave of them all candid where we can delve in to Charlie's personal life and see what kind of girl she is when she isn't licking carpet or shoving naughty toys in her delicious pink slit (apparently quite normal to be honest, and quite smart too). As you can see the photo content also leans towards the softcore end of the bust a nut spectrum however the photos really do Charlie justice as she just looks so damn gorgeous in the photo sets, this is thanks to the high clarity, beautiful colors, and professional lighting that makes Charlie that much more stunning. The photos aren't small either at (1000x1500 pixels) and even though they're huge the clarity is still top notch.

All members of Charlie's site will be in for quite a surprise when they find out that they gain access to 4 other feature girl sites including Jesse Capelli, Natalia Cruze, Lonnie Waters, and Crissy Moran, all of these ladies are just as hot as the next though I've a special spot in my heart for the lovely Charlie. Along with the 4 feature girl sites there are 2 niched site "Amateurs Gone Bad" and "Glamour Models Gone Bad" which are pretty much like amateur and pornstar databases. Members have full access to all the content these sites have on offer including videos and photo content.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages of Club Charlie is about 50% information and 50% sample pictures. I'm used to seeing tour pages which have a higher percentage in sample content but at least we can say that the tours are very informative. The main tour page feature a few pictures of Charlie looking drop dead stunning as always, though most of the page consists of text informing potential members about the site in regards to content and exclusivity. One thing I found quite nice were the wallpapers which are free for non-members to download. If you go to the next page of Charlie's tour by clicking on the "continue" link at the bottom of the page you'll be taken to a page entirely dedicated to information on Charlie herself including all her body stats, a short interview, and a list of the magazines and websites Charlie has appeared on. I would have liked to have seen more sample content but like I said earlier at least the tours are informative which is exactly how they should be.

Charlie's members area is simple yet looks professional and very neat. The color scheme used reminds me of the Batman colors yellow, black, and gray, colors which aren't too harsh on the eyes and thankfully the yellow used isn't overly bright. What I was quite impressed with was the fact that there wasn't a single advertisement on the main members area, the reason why I was impressed is simply because of the fact that massive networks still have those annoying advertisements on the main members area and here we have a single feature girl site with none to be seen. So overall I was quite fond of how the site looks, it may not be overly flashy though it's still quite a treat to look at.

Once in the main members are you'll notice the usual top banner, we have a lovely picture of Charlie showing off that oh so hot ass of hers. Below the top banner is the main navigation menu which consists of links that will take you to both the picture and video galleries, an online adult store, special offers on other great porn sites, the bonus sites section, and a f.a.q section which is currently under construction. Situated below the navigation menu are a list of the latest picture updates followed by the latest video updates, and at the very bottom of the members area is where the top rated pictures list can be found. Down the right side of the page is where you'll find Charlie's latest diary entry.

To check out the video gallery simply click on the link situated within the top menu which I mentioned earlier in the review. Upon doing so you'll be taken to the main gallery which spans across 5 indexed pages consisting of up to 8 episodes per page. The episodes are presented in thumbnail form which are links to the video download page, to the right of the thumbnail you'll come across a description of the scene plus the average rating of the video according to other members. After clicking on the thumbnail you'll be taken to the download page, from here on out it's pretty straight forward as there's only one link on this page, a single click on said link will automatically start the download.

On clicking the pictures link within the navigation menu you'll be taken to the photo gallery niche page, each niche is represented via thumbnail link which strongly portrays the particular niche. Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned will take you to the main gallery of your chosen niche from where you will be presented with the individual photo sets organized across indexed pages. Like the video gallery each set is presented by a thumbnail linked to the main gallery, you'll notice a yellow icon below the thumbnail clicking on this will download the entire set in a zip file so you can choose to view them offline, and above each thumbnail is the average rating of the set shown in hearts. Viewing the photos off the site is as standard as can get, to put it simply if you've ever browsed a photo gallery before you won't have any troubles here.


Charlie is doing pretty damn good for herself, the updates are rolling in, the updates look great, and the current content numbers are decent, but we all know the best thing about the site is Charlie herself oh and the steamy lesbian scenes starring her beautiful friends. The softcore nature of the site may turn some people off, but let me just tell you now being as hot as Charlie is she could be teaching algebra and it would still be so damn arousing!

Pros & Cons

+ Charlie!
+ Mouth watering HD videos
+ Picture content is superb
+ Frequent updates
+ Site looks nice
+ Access to great bonus sites
+ All exclusive content
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