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If your sick and tired of seeing those trashy ebony ladies that look like they've been picked straight off the streets, than Vanessa Blue is the ebony babe for you, this ebony hottie has class, a nice set of knockers, and of course a big round butt, which could hypnotize any man into submission, pop in to see what this gorgeous ebony hottie has to offer.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


Is it just me or does it seem like ebony ladies always put up a good show? They like to talk dirty, they always have big round butts and they've just got a killer sex appeal in general. Now Vanessa Blue is an ebony babe with class, but this doesn't mean that she won't get down and dirty with any man she chooses to pleasure, just check the videos out on this site, and you'll see just how dirty this classy ebony chick can get.

Video content available on this site is a bit of a mix, as they've included hardcore and softcore scenes, most of the hardcore scenes involve threesomes, standard one on one and lesbian scenes, the softcore scenes involve solo girl masturbation. So don't be concerned about seeing the same old, one on one hardcore scenes, as their collection of videos, is quite diverse.

All up there are currently 28 episodes, each of the episodes are available to download in either short chapters or, full scenes, doing this makes it possible for members to skip the foreplay sections all together, and dive straight into the hardcore action if they wish. To make the task of downloading a little more tolerating, for their members on slow connections, the developers have provided a version of all the episodes, which are lower in quality, but smaller in file size, which in turn makes downloading the videos provided a lot more convenient for these members.

Aside from the video content available on this site, members can also access content from the other 42 porn related websites, on the "BrainPass Network", which is quite extensive if I do say so myself. The bulk of the sites on this network, are feature girl sites, with a few niche sites thrown in for good measure, and by the looks of things it's pretty safe to say that there's definitely something here for just about everyone.

Each of the episodes provided, come with a set of video stills, these video stills are taken from the video file of the scenes, so essentially your pretty much watching the video content through picture form, and being video stills, it's expected that these pictures are going to have blurring and pixelation, which they do. Anyway lets forget about these as there's other picture content on this page which are a lot easier on the eyes.

Besides the video stills, there are 9 picture galleries which include high quality photos, that are just gorgeous to look at. All of the pictures are fairly big in size, but the main thing is that they're clear and colorful, these are truly worth a look at, especially if you still appreciate porn in picture form. Again members have the ability to check out picture content on all the other 42 sites, so there's definitely no shortage when it comes to picture content.

Well that's pretty much all I can say as far as content goes on this site, they could do with a little more content, but what they have is of fairly decent quality. But knowing that there are 42 other sites to check out, members shouldn't worry about running out of porn to watch, not to mention that they update one of their many sites on a daily basis.

Features & Navigation:

The general presentation and interface of Club Vanessa Blue, is quite easy on the eyes. Everything is nicely spaced out, and all of their content is easily accessible. Making your way around the different sections, is as easy as utilizing the navigational menu, which can be found towards the top of every page on this site.

Their homepage is a lot smaller compared to most other sites I've reviewed, but that doesn't hinder the fact that it does it's job. All their latest updates are presented on this page in the form of thumbnails, beside the thumbnails, you'll come across a short description of the scene, and information on how long the scenes go for. You'll also notice a members poll, which helps the developers get a better understanding on what their members want, which is a good sign that they care about their members.

At the top of every page on this site, you'll notice another navigational menu, which is separate from the one I mentioned earlier. Now the difference between these two menus is that, the one I mentioned earlier is for this site, but the one I mentioned just now, is the navigational menu for the entire network, as you'll come across all the 42 links, under the sites button on this menu. You'll also be glad to know that you aren't required to re-enter your password every time you enter one of their many pages, I thought I'd mention this cause there are still networks out there which require you to do this, needless to say this becomes a very tedious task after awhile.

The layout of their videos section is pretty standard, and has been used on countless sites I've had to review before, like they say If it ain't broke, don't fix it. All up there are 6 pages to this section, there are 5 episodes presented on each page except for the last page which only includes three. Each episode takes up a small portion of these pages, within this portion you'll find numerous thumbnails which represent the episode, a short description, and links to the video downloads and picture gallery, a basic and straight forward setup, so that no one will find themselves scratching their heads in a state of confusion.

Well that's pretty much all I can write for this part of the review, it's really quite a small page, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, personally I much prefer reviewing small sites like this as, everything is very basic and getting the content you want is just so quick and simple, which makes my job a lot easier and their members, porn experience a lot more enjoyable.


If there's one thing this site's good at, it's providing good quality hardcore ebony fucking, and seeing as Miss Vanessa Blue is their main star, it's a sure thing, that the scenes are going to be very steamy. The one thing they could improve on, is their content numbers, as they're a little average at the moment, there's definitely potential for this site, that's for sure.

Pros & Cons

+ Decent quality media
+ Very easy to navigate
+ Access to multiple sites
- Needs more picture galleries
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