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Short Review:

Cute Halle is so god damn cute it makes your stomach hurt and I tell you now she sure has some really cute friends as well. I find my feeling about this site conflicting with each other. You see the site and the star featured on it are absolutely amazing, what severely lets this site down is that I could not at the time of this review access any of the video content. This is a huge shame because I have reviewed other sites in the same collection and I have raved about them.
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Detailed Review:


I found that the video content delivery on this site fell short of my expectations. I could not access the video content in a way that allowed me to enjoy viewing the content. I am disappointed with the format options supplied to the members and Im concerned that the video content seems to be constantly interrupted. The content format is Window Media Video (WMV) the videos are full length. This ordinarily is quite an acceptable option for content delivery, but I experienced many problems with the video content.

Had I been able to view any content, Im certain that I would have really enjoyed it. I have reviewed one of the other 20 sites in the same collection as Cute Halle and was really something special. It has content of young Jenna Haze and many more porn actresses that are still very popular today. I loved the Teen Dirt Bag site and when I saw that Cute Halle was one of the sites in the same collection I got really excited because I was so sure I would love everything just as I had done with the other site. This might be a temporary problem and I loathe to write not so good things about a site that showed so much promise, but I can only report what I found and experienced on my visit to the site. From what I can see, the site has been registered since 2007 and the last update to that information was in June this year. It may be a case of new site dramas to iron out or something simple? Who knows? Heres hoping that they fix the site soon.

Features & Navigation:

After signing in, members will be directed to the Cute Halle Home page. This is the main page on the site, members can return to this page at any time by simply clicking on the Cute Halle banner at the top of the page. On the left side of the main page in a quick reference menu, options displayed are: Gallery, XXX Videos, Video Themes, Live Shows, Photo Albums, The Arcade, Porn Mags, Voyeur Games, Support and Whats New. The Gallery option will take members to a collection of images from all of the sites, XXX Videos and Video Themes give members access to videos via feeds.

The Live Shows, Photo Albums, The Arcade, Porn Mags, Voyeur Games, Support and Whats New ate all pretty self explanatory navigation options. On the right side of the home page is a list of some of the on demand DVD categories members have access to. The format used for the video content is Windows Media Video (WMV) the speed was 128kbps and the video screen size is 1280 x 720 pixels with the option to enlarge. The Hi definition option will take some time to load so please be patient. The video content when live streaming seems to be very jumpy and does not consistently run smooth, this is extremely frustrating. Members dont even get the option to download the videos to their own computers and I think that it is a pity that members dont seem to be able to get adequate access to the video content.

The bit rate on my internet connection was 4.12Mbps this may vary if the internet connection is a different speed to the one I was using or if the site is quick to respond. The images on the site are accessed by clicking on the IMAGES option instead of the blue in capitals MOVIES option in the VIDEO IMAGE GALLERY LIBRARY. The image size was 640 x 480 pixels and they arent the highest quality image sets I have seen but they are still quite good.


It is such a pity that I was not able to access the video content on this site during my visit. Halle is such an attractive girl and I just know that her video content would be completely natural and extremely erotic. The site layout and Halle are amazing, but without being able to watch any of the video content I cant really give an accurate assessment of the site. I love the site but Im extremely disappointed in the video content delivery options.

Pros & Cons

+ Easy Navigation
+ Access to 20 Adult sites
+ Live cams
+ Personal services
+ Sex shop
- Content is not dated
- Video content is not readily accessible
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