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Faith Belle is a foxy country girl who loves cowboy hats, boots and of course hardcore fucking and sucking. If you love your down to earth country girls then this sexy blonde bombshell certainly won't disappoint your eyes, watch Faith as she gets down and dirty in her 66 steaming hot short episodes where she gets up to all sorts of naughty things, time to get those whips cracking people!
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Yet another girl hot enough to have her own site and I'd definitely have to agree with that decision because Faith Belle is one sexy lady! out of all the feature girl sites I've had to review so far would have to be the most extensive content wise, currently there are 66 short episodes for members to view, the last episode was uploaded on the 17th of July, so heres hoping that there will be plenty more updates to come cause we just can't get enough of Faith and that oh so sexy ass of hers. Aside from the 66 episodes you'll also notice that Faith creates custom video clips just for her hardcore fans, simply write to her through email or chat with her via webcam, then tell her what you want her to do in that custom video clip you could get her to do all sorts of naughty stuff but I'm pretty sure she has her limits on what she will actually do, so remember to keep it reasonable people.

I love these sites that offer high definition content, there's just nothing that compares to high definition porn, of course the file sizes are huge but it's always worth the wait. offers the usual qualities of low, medium and high, then you got your super and ultra HD qualities which are just superb! I'll layout some specs for you so you get an idea of what to expect, the video bit rate for ultraHD comes at 3840kbps with dimensions of 1280x720 pixels in other words the video is big and clear, great quality stuff here, but of course you can't truly appreciate these HD videos on a mediocre monitor, but you can still notice the difference from other lower quality video files. All 66 of the episodes are available in HD downloads and you have the option of downloading the entire episode or smaller equally sized chapters, the lower quality video files are really only there for customers with slower net connections and although they are greatly over shadowed by the HD content they are still very viewable.

You'll notice that most of the episodes on Faith's site include photo galleries of that particular episode, members have the option to view the pictures in medium or super quality, medium pictures have the dimensions of 426x640 while the super quality pictures come in at 1280x720, you'll find that most of these shots are of Faith in a variety of softcore poses, the colors are nice and vibrant and from what I've viewed there wasn't any sign of blurring or distortion, the only gripe I had about the shots was the inconsistency of the lighting which is somewhat noticeable from picture to picture.

Theres a lot of good high quality content on this site to keep you busy for awhile, lets just hope that the developers keep uploading new content, seeing as their last update was in July and there is no evident information on updates we'll just have to wait it out and see if they plan to continue updating, we'll just have to wait and see.

Features & Navigation:

On arriving at their front page you can sort of guess that Faith Belle is a country girl, on the main picture Faith is wearing a cowboy hat, the background looks like wood and the site logo is a cow bell, now if that doesn't scream out I'm a country girl then I don't know what does, but I have to say the front page color scheme really suits this site, I gotta say I really enjoyed the free tour to this site, it's very eye pleasing and the pictures of Faith are deliciously good, non members can treat themselves to a short teaser of Faith in a HD quality video, needless to say that these HD quality videos are the true selling point of this site, that and Miss Belle of course, in short the tour page does its job, it captures your attention, informs you on what the site is all about and gives you a sneak preview of their high quality media content, what more can you ask from a free tour.

Finding your way around this site is nice and simple, links to the different sections to the site are in the form of nice large icons at the top of every page so you can easily get to where you want without ever using the back button. The intro section of this site includes info on the 4 latest updates and when they were uploaded, you'll also find a list of other porn sites which are Faith's favorites and links to the 4 bonus sites you gain access to on sign up. Towards the bottom section of the page you'll find Faith's wish list of her top 10 personal belongings shes been hankering for, so you know what kind of presents you can buy her if you end up being one of her hardcore fans or if your simply feeling generous.

The episodes link will take you to a gallery of colorful thumbnail linked to the individual episodes, clicking on one of the thumbnails will take you to the episode info and downloads page, here you will find detailed information about the episode itself and the download links to the video files, you also have the option of watching a sample video to get a rough idea on what you can expect to see in the episode, towards the bottom of the page you'll find the photo gallery section where you can view the photos for that particular episode. Theres also a personal diary section where you can find out what kind of girl Faith is and what sort of things she enjoys doing from day to day, which is always nice if you plan on getting to know the sexy star.


Faith has a nice site going on here, all of the aspects I analyze for each and every review I do were great, video and photo quality is outstanding and their user friendly interface is designed for easy use for everyone, not just for the hardcore internet veterans out there. There is nothing I can really complain about on this site because it's just great, lets hope they keep the updates coming so we can see more of Faith Belle!

Pros & Cons

+ Great HD videos
+ Good amount of content
+ Easy to navigate
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