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Mel is a hot 18 year old brunette babe who is out for revenge. Her boyfriend who she was deeply in love with left her for a blonde slut, her way to get back at him was to share her gorgeous body with the rest of the world, and torment Paul into seeing what he's missing out on. Fuck You Paul offers softcore exclusive content available in amazing HD quality, starring none other than Mel herself.
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I don't know whether to feel sorry or happy for this Paul dude. He has managed to piss off a beautiful teen to the point where she's started up her own porn site, so essentially the site is somewhat dedicated to him in a way. He must have done a real good job on pissing her off. On the other hand this site shows Paul exactly what he's missing out on, so it's a double edged sword. Anyway let me tell you a little more about Mel.

Mel looks like the kind of chick you wouldn't want to mess with. You can tell she has a bit of a wild streak, just by looking at her, this sky rockets her sex appeal through the roof. She's got a crazy looking hairstyle which really suits her, and she's quite petite. Her face always seems to have the fuck me hard! expression to it, and her titties are nice and perky as one would expect from a ripe 18 year old.

Fuck You Paul has been live for roughly 3 months now, so it's still quite new to the porn scene. Since going live the site has been filled with 11 videos, and 12 picture galleries, all of which are available in amazing quality. The last update was loaded on the 9th of July '07, and it looks as though the updates are coming in at a steady flow. Content on offer is mostly softcore which involves Mel striking tasteful poses, a bit of teasing, and there's even a lesbian episode on offer. Obviously this kind of content isn't meant for hardcore fans, but the quality of the content might be enough to convert them.

In my opinion the strongest aspect of the site, would definately have to be the quality of the content. Mel's episodes are available to stream and download in full scenes running for roughly 5 minutes each. All the episodes are encoded in a drool worthy video bit rate of 4000kbps, available in the following resolutions, (1920x1080, 1280x851, 800x532). Truly some of the most high quality videos I've feasted my eyes on, and with the various download options, members on slow connections aren't left out of the loop.

The streamed version of the episodes aren't as great in quality, but are still easy on the eyes none the less. These episodes come in an encoding rate of 1000k with a resolution of 768x432. Members also have the option of downloading Mp4 versions of the episodes, these are compatible with iPods that have the video playback feature, and Sony's portable hand held console the PSP. This version is encoded in a video bit rate of 1300k at 320x240, very convenient if you like to have porn every where you go.

The quality doesn't end there, as the picture content on offer is also deliciously awesome. These sets come with roughly 75 high quality images each. The images themselves are just dripping with quality, you simply can't get any better than this folks, they're amazingly clear, and are bursting to life with vibrant colors. These galleries are available in three resolutions, the highest one being (3000x1995) saying these are huge is a gross understatement. To make things more convenient on dial-up members, they've also included pictures in (1280x851, and 800x532). Which are just as amazing to look at, truly a site which doesn't settle for second rate quality.

Features & Navigation:

Just by looking at the tour pages of this site, you know you are going to be in for a treat. Mel looks like a cute little minx, and the design of the tour page is just so juicy. Everything looks so professional, and the images gives you a good indication that the content inside is going to look great, not to mention all the HD propaganda which is all 100% true. There's also a heap of information in regards to the content, overall a stunning looking tour page, which does a good job on giving potential customers a brief insight on what's on offer.

Once you've fired up the members area, you are greeted with a friendly one fingered salute from Mel. Just above this awesome banner are various links which direct you to the various type of media, and the bonus site you gain full access to. That's right you get an extra site with content that looks just as awesome as the stuff on this site. On signing up you get full access to Cute Rain's site absolutely free, like Mel's site it's still fairly new. Cute Rain also offers exclusive softcore content, on par in quality with the media available on this site.

Anyway lets get back to the homepage. Below the banner you'll find more links surrounding an arousing picture of Mel. These links are basically the ones above the banner, they just look more presentable this way. These links will let you access the photo flash viewer, explore the galleries in an ajax based html gallery, and stream the videos. If you want to download all your content however, simply use the downloads link available. From that section you can download the various video qualities, and entire photo sets in a zip file.

There's also an upcoming updates area, so members know what to look forward to. Extras come in the form of various flash based games, most of which star Mel, winning the games will result in Mel stripping down to her birthday suit. Another great extra is the webcam sessions Mel provides, these come at no extra cost but you'll have to catch Mel online. Luckily she has a schedule, so you can plan your week around it if you are truly a hardcore fan.


Words can't describe the quality of the content on this site, I can praise and talk up the content all I want, but your best bet is to check it out for yourself. The only downside is the site is a little small at the moment, but in the site's defense it is still very new, plus all the content is exclusive, and with news on further updates, we can be sure to see much more of Mel. Definitely a must see for fans of softcore content, and petite brunettes. Check it out this instant!

Pros & Cons

+ Videos look amazing (4000kbps)
+ Pictures are drool worthy
+ Exclusive content
+ Awesome bonus site with HD content
+ Future updates
+ Site looks very nice
+ Easy to navigate
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