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Talk about clever title names, here is one I could never have thought up in a thousand years! As you might have guessed Honey is the name of the starring model and she's got a pair of buns which looks so damn sweet! Honey's site offers content of the softcore variety featuring her and her lovable buns in all their curvy glory. Lucky members also gain access to all the sites on the Bad Girl Fans network which feature other solo model sites just like Honey's..buns!
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As some of you may know I'm a sucker for hot redhead models and Honey is one fiery red head just ripe for the fucking! She's got beautiful long red hair, flawless skin so fair to the point it's pinkish in color, and of course how could we forget about her delicious looking ass! Seriously though, this girls got one mean booty on her, and could definately compete against bubble butt ebony sistas in a junk in that trunk competition.

If you're familiar with the Bad Girls Fan network, (which is the network Honey's site is a part of by the way) then you'll know that Honey provides softcore content on her site. Now let me point out that the episodes are VERY softcore, emphasizing on very as the scenes pretty much involve Honey posing for the various photo shoots which are also available for viewing on the site. One way or another the episodes are still quite arousing as members can watch Honey take a nice hot shower, play with her fun bags, and of course flaunt her sexy back side. Plus being as attractive as Honey is I'm sure most if not all softcore fans can get off to the scenes on offer.

The main and only disappointment with Honey's site is the limited amount of content and the fact that there hasn't been an update in a while. In total there are 24 episodes to go sink your teeth in, that number hasn't changed since the 16th of May when the last logged update occurred, and with no further information on future updates things do look a little dim. The only information I came across which was related to updates was a vague statement claiming that there will be new episodes coming soon. One advantage of the collection of videos is that they're all exclusive to the site, however we really need to see more videos before I can give this site my full recommendation.

On a brighter note the videos provided are of high quality. Downloadable videos come in an encoding rate of (1600kbps @ 640x480) and aren't held back with DRM restrictions, the streamed version of the videos clock in at (1500kbps @ 640x480). All videos are only available in full scenes as they are quite short after all, these episodes can run for 3 to 10 minutes each. So all in all the videos look awesome, there's certainly no problem as far as quality goes, it's just quantity they need to work on here.

The picture collection on offer is double the size of the video collection. All up there's a total of 48 individual galleries to browse through, a little better as far as content numbers go but I'm sure you'll all agree with me that it's videos we are after. Anyways these galleries consists of approximately 50 images each which look quite stunning indeed. The clarity is superb, the colors are rich and bright, plus they measure in quite nicely at (1200x900 pixels). I'm sure guys have started to notice a trend going on here, the site does excellent on quality but could really do with more quantity.

As I mentioned in the short review, the membership of this site will allow you full access to the entire Bad Girl Fans network at no extra cost. So far there are 42 exclusive sites which make up the network, each one offering exclusive softcore content featuring a sexy solo model just like Honey's site. So even though as an individual site Honey's one may not do too great when it comes to numbers, overall the membership does grant you access to quite a bit of softcore porn.

Features & Navigation:

Once you make it to Honey's tour pages it becomes obvious that she's quite fond of her deliciously round ass. There are plenty of pictures featuring Honey flaunting her trunk, these images will definately grab the attention of fans of sexy butts. You'll also find a few personal messages from Honey which tell you a little bit about her, but if you want to know more about her use the link at the top of the tours marked About Me. This will take you to a section where you can read up on Honey's stats, including her measurements, and likes and dislikes. A nice personal touch which is pretty standard when it comes to solo model sites like this.

Before being directed to the main members area of Honey's site, members are first taken to the main hub area for the entire Bad Girl Fans network. This page contains banner links which will direct you to all of the 42 exclusive sites on offer. Honey's banner link in particular can be found within the fifth row, once you've spotted the link click on it and you will be taken to her main members area. I should also point out that all the sites on the network basically have the same layout and in my books this is a good thing as it makes traversing through out the various sites very easy.

Once you've fired up the main members are of Honey's site, you'll immediately notice honey sprawled across the site banner accompanied with her site logo. This site doesn't include the usual navigation menu as all of the featured content is readily accessible straight off the main members area. Just below the site banner is the section dedicated to the 4 latest updates. As you already know these were uploaded way back in May this year, probably not the kind of information I would be strutting around with, though I commend the developers for being honest about their upload dates.

Situated within the middle section of the site is where you'll find the links to the video archive and picture galleries. This section includes thumbnail links to the last 9 uploaded episodes and galleries. To view the rest of the past updates simply click on the link provided, this is situated below the said thumbnails and is clearly marked as View All. Once you've clicked on this link you'll be taken to the main gallery.

Once you've loaded up the video archive you'll immediately be presented with the standard windows media player screen. Needless to say this is where your episode will stream after you've chosen which video to view. Down at the bottom of this page is where you'll come across the links to the individual episodes. On clicking these link you'll notice two links appear to the right of the video screen, these are the streaming and download links. If you choose to stream the video the episode will automatically be implemented within the video screen I mentioned, if you choose download you'll be prompted with the standard download procedure.

The picture gallery is currently made up of 2 indexed pages. Each page can contain up to 30 thumbnails each, all of these are linked to the main gallery of the photo shoot. After you've chosen the set you wish to view click on the link and you'll be taken to the main gallery of the shoot, from there you can proceed to view the individual images within the browser. It's all quite standard stuff, and if you've ever used a picture gallery before (which I'm sure you have) then you should have no problems here what so ever.


Honey is hot, the pictures and videos look awesome and the site is a breeze to navigate, however there's just one major setback which is holding this site back from achieving the must see status and that's the limited content numbers. As much as I hate to admit it 24 episodes just won't last long enough to keep members coming back to Honey's site. If you're one who's after high quality softcore content and aren't too fussy with large content numbers then you'll definately appreciate this site.

Pros & Cons

+ Honey's sexy ass
+ Videos look great
+ High quality photos
+ All exclusive content
+ Full access to 42 sites
+ Site looks great
+ Very easy to navigate
- Needs more video content
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