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If your after a solo girl site this may not be what your looking for but if your after content this site will keep you busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. With access to over 70 bonus sites, mucho downloadable content, and more video feeds than you could ever dream of why waste your time with a site dedicated to just one niche when you can get it all here. From tame to wild, pornstars to midgets, you will find it all here. Great value for your hard earned dollar.
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Detailed Review:


Well where do i start? If you like your porn in bulk, from a huge variety of niches you are going to love this site. Anal, Facials, swallowing, gangbang, creampie, bizzare and fetish are just a few of the niches catered to in this network.The only thing i was a little dissapointed in was the fact that there was not more video footage of Kandy Valentine herself. There are a heap of photo galleries but only 6 videos featuring her. But there are more than enough hot looking girls to be found on this network.
With access to over 70 sites it would be to hard to list them all so i'll give you the low down on a few available in this network.

* 24 inches of pain:
If you like watching white girls sucking, fucking and even taking it up the ass by a huge black cock that looks like it was transplanted from a well endowed horse this site will be right up your alley. Some of these girls even take on 2 of these monster cocks at once! Fuck they really earn their money i can tell you. With 90 streaming episodes, which you also have the option of downloading and saving to your computer, a pile of pics from each scene, some of which are very high quality some are just screen caps from the videos, this site has some fantastic content.

* Dripping cumholes:
Just like a vanilla milkshake only chunky! If creampies get you going Dripping cumholes gives you access to 25 streaming, and again fully downloadable, episodes. Like a good bank, these girls are more than happy to recieve deposits, but unlike a bank they take them in the pussy or ass. With good quality footage if your into creampies you won't be dissapointed.

* Munch my ass:
These girls and guys love chocolate doughnuts, but not the type you can get from Krispy Kreme. If your into guys muchin girls asses, or girls munchin guys asses for that matter this video feed site (pardon the pun) will satisfy your hunger for ass munchin. With 60 episodes if its ass licking your after look no further.

* Now hiring sluts:
It seems a girl needs more than a good resume to get a job now days, she has to be able to suck and fuck like a champion and make a great cup of coffee, at least thats the case in this website. If you like your porn with a reality twist thats what you will get here. The girls think they are going for a job interview, but the only job the boss has on his mind is a head job. These girls will do just about everything from sucking cock to taking it in the ass to try and climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder, but alas they just end up getting fucked and then fucked off. With 28 fully downloadable episodes i found this site quite entertaining.

* X rated midgets:
This site is just like a car accident. You know it will be disturbing but you can't help looking. It's a bit like watching an x rated version of The wizard of oz. There's little munchkin girls getting fucked by monster cocks, little munchkin boys fucking big people. One of the scenes involve a little black guy about 3 feet tall, about 1 foot of which is his afro, taking on a big big black women of about 300lb. What a fucking site! Didn't think the little fella was going to make it. Some of the episodes were a little bit grainy, which personally i think is a good thing, but still of exceptable quality. There are 15 movies which are fully downloadable. So if you like watching little people fuck, or like me you curiosity gets the best of you have a peek at this one.

Well thats just a taste of what you will get as a member of Kandy Valentine. I could write a fucking novel with all of the content on here theres really that much. Whip out your credit card and join, you won't be sorry.

Features & Navigation:

The tour page on this site is well set out with heaps of teaser and a free sample video preview of Kandy herself. The members area link is towards the top of the page on the left hand side.
Once logged in the page is pretty large, as you would expect with this amount of bonus content, and set out as follows.
At the top of the page you will find the links to Kandy's pics, videos and diary. Scrolling down you will find thumbnailed links to the featured video feeds and towards the bottom the links to all the partnered sites, 72 of them at the time of this review.

To view Kandy's pics, videos and diary Click this link titled Here are the rest of my photo shoots and the page will open containing thumbnailed links to all 62 of her photo shoots, just click on the thumbnail of your choice and the pictures for that gallery will open. Click pics to enlarge. Also at the top of this page you will find links to Kandy's video's and diary. There are presently only 6 videos containing Kandy stripping, fingering herself, fucking herself with a dildo and one of her in a lesbian scene in a shower with two other hot looking girls.

If you want to check out any of the featured video feeds or network sites just click the thumbnailed link of your choice, a page will open giving you thumbnailed previews of the pics and vid's with a write up about each movie. These movies are all available in high or low speed, which is great if your on dial up but i would recommened using the high speed as the picture quality is far more superior. A lot of the content is downloadable and if it is there will be a download menu in the thumbnail preview, just right click and save target assave it to your desktop and once the movie is downloaded just click and off you go, its yours for good.

Getting around this site can be a bit confusing to start with, due to sheer amount of links in there. But i soon got used to it, so just about anyone will. Some of the links don't have a link back to the main page but you soon get used to just using the back button.


This is truely a mega site with more content than you could ever view. With access to a huge network of sites and feeds, a lot of downloadable content whatever your tastes you will find it on here. The only criticism i have is that the pics and vids can vary in quality but that is to be expected with access to so many sites on this network. For sure, give this site a go you won't be dissapointed.

Pros & Cons

+ Heaps and heaps of content
+ Plenty of downloads
+ Great value for money
- Not enough content with Kandy herself
Click here to visit Kandy Valentine and check out the tour.