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This petite brunette hottie certainly knows how to turn on the crowds with her perfect perky titties, her deliciously round bubble butt and her flawless tanned skin. She's provided her members with high quality videos and stunning photos which will definately attract all you softcore fans out there. So cum check out the review and see if Kelli's site is just right for you.
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I have got to say that the Bad Girl Fans certainly doesn't leave room for scraggy looking hoes. Every single young adult model I've come across on this site is drop dead gorgeous and Kelli Young is definately no exception. This girl's body was made to be shown in porn, every inch of her being is flawless from her cute smile, her perky young titties, that drool worthy butt of hers, down to her cute little feet. So if you're one who appreciates gorgeous women and have a soft spot for petite brunettes then you'll definately fall in love with this cute chick!

First off I should state that the content on this site is strictly for softcore fans only. This is due to the fact that there aren't any scenes which involve hardcore penetration, plus the footage is basically of Kelli posing for photo shoots, so it goes without saying that things can get a little timid at times. However you'll get to see Kelli play with her twat and titties so there's definately some boner points here, and being as hot as Kelli is I'm sure softcore fans can definately get off to the episodes provided.

According to the update logs it looks as though Kelli's site hasn't been touched in quite some time now. The last logged upload was way back on the 23rd of October 2006, that's over a year before this review was completed. Up until now there's a total of 28 episodes which are all exclusive to this very site. I know, that amount of episodes isn't very impressive and the fact there's no information on future updates is a little depressing to see the very least. The only information the site provides in relation to future updates is a vague statement saying that there will be more episodes coming soon, I'm just afraid that it isn't going to be soon enough. So obviously Kelli's site really needs a boost in content numbers, but I'm not entirely sure if that's going to happen.

Although the collection of episodes is quite small, things look a lot brighter as far as quality goes. The downloadable episodes have no DRM restrictions and they come in a formidable bit rate of roughly (1600kbps @ 640x480). Members also have the option of streaming the episodes straight off the site in videos clocking in at (1500kbps @ 640x480). Both versions come in wmv format, and are available in full scenes which can run for roughly 3 to 10 minutes. Overall there's definately no issue when it comes to quality here.

To add a little more longevity to the site Kelli has also provided a collection of picture galleries which also fall under that softcore niche. You may notice that some of the galleries include shots from the video footage as they were basically shot at the exact same time the video footage was being filmed. As far as content numbers go the photo collection heavily outweighs the video collection. So far there are 122 individual galleries to browse through, each one filled with an average amount of 50 images each, all of which look stunningly clear, very colorful, and are available in decent dimensions of up to 800x600 pixels.

It goes without saying that members won't be completely satisfied with only a handful of episodes. So to make up for the lack of content on Kelli's site members have been given full access to the entire Bad Girl Fans network. This network is made up of 42 exclusive sites, each one starring a gorgeous young adult model. Just like this site the content on offer is fairly softcore making this a network which is strictly one for the fans. This is due to the fact that most of the episodes provided across the various sites are quite similar to the ones on this site in that they mainly involve the models posing in erotic poses. Not the type of content that every one could get off to, but I'm sure the content will get softcore fans juices flowing.

Features & Navigation:

Kelli has done a great job on personalizing her tour pages. At the top of the page you'll come across a personal message from Kelli introducing herself and describing what type of girl she is. As potential members scroll down the length of the tour pages they will get an eye full of Kelli's gorgeous body featured in various high quality photos. The link within the tours marked About Me will take to you to a section which includes Kelli's stats, such as her measurements, personal favorites (i.e food, quotes, movies etc.) and her turn ofs and ons, a nice little addition which gives potential members a little insight on what kind of girl Kelli is.

After logging in, members will first be directed to the main hub page for the Bad Girl Fans network. This page consists of banner links to all of the 42 sites the network offers, so essentially this is where you'll be doing all your site jumping from. You'll also come across Kelli's banner link amongst the rest, a single click on the link will immediately take you to Kelli's main members area. I should also mention that all the sites on the network pretty much have the same layout, so it's quite consistent as you traverse through out the various solo model sites.

Once you've fired up Kelli's home page you'll first notice the gorgeous picture of her within the site banner. There are no navigation menus of such on this site as the featured content can be directly accessed off the main members area. Situated below the site banner is a section dedicated to the latest video uploads. As you already know these were dated back in late 2006, all I can say is that the developers are quite generous in letting members know that the site hasn't been touched in a while. I'm used to seeing sites hide this fact if there haven't been any uploads in a while, let alone over a year.

The thumbnails within the latest videos section will direct you to the main video archive. This area includes a large streaming screen with the various episode links found at the bottom of the page. If you were to click on the episode links the screaming screen will accommodate the episode you chose. If you wish to download the episode you can utilize the links which appear to the right of this screen, clicking on this link will automatically start your download.

Lets back track to the main members area for a moment. Ok so below the videos section is where you'll come across the links for the latest picture gallery updates. If you wish to view the entire collection simply click on the link which is clearly marked as View All. Upon doing so you will automatically be directed to the main gallery from where you can proceed to view the various photo sets.

Other than being simple to use the site is very easy on the eyes. The light color scheme they have implemented is never straining on the eyes, and the layout makes the site look clean and uncluttered. All the items within the pages are evenly spread out so the pages never look cramped. Also worth mentioning is the handy main page of the Bad Girl Fans network, including this page will make it a breeze for members to traverse through out the network with single clicks.


It looks as though Kelli's site will please picture lovers more than members who prefer to indulge in video cotent, just check out the content numbers I included for the two collections and you'll know exactly why. It's a good thing that Kelli is hot and that her content is of high quality otherwise I would have written this site off with out a second thought. Plus the fact that it's a part of an extensive network some what eases the tension.

Pros & Cons

+ Kelli is so damn hot
+ High quality media
+ Great site presentation
+ Free access to 42 sites
+ Very easy to navigate
- Needs more video content
- Has been inactive for over a year
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