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I think members will totally fall in love with Kimber, but they should be aware that the site is relatively new and it does not contain a substantial amount of content at the moment. Kimber is extremely photogenic and totally gorgeous, but as I mentioned the amount of content in the site is quite small and members may feel limited because Kimbers site does not offer access to bonus Adult sites members to browse. This site has so much potential to be great, all it needs is more content.
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The first thing I noticed about this girl is her beautiful blue eyes and then her hot little body. Kimber is an amazing chameleon, she has many different hair color changes throughout the content on the site and every time she that she does she looks absolutely amazing and sometimes like a completely different girl. Members get the best of both worlds with Kimber, they still get a hot young sexy girl that can look completely different with a hair change but still know that it is Kimber. This girl has something special and she is as cute as a button in a sexual way.

The video format used for the content on the site is Flash and is delivered via the live streaming capabilities on the site. The site does not offer any other viewing options and only uses the Adobe Flash format. This site is relatively new because the domain name was only registered in June 2007. I think that the picture content is amazing and outweighs the number of videos. I think because there are not enough videos in the video collection that members will be disappointed with the site. There are 5 video scenes and 23 picture sets on the site at the moment, but I think that the site collection will grow each week as the site is updated.

Because there are only 5 video scenes on the site its hard to recommend any of them because members can watch all of the collection if uninterrupted, in about half an hour. I am disappointed that the site didnt offer more content formats or give members the opportunity to download the content to save to their own collections. Sometimes if I really like something that I have seen I like to download and save it to my computer, so I know exactly where it is when I want to watch it. Not giving members the option to have the freedom to do this might be another downfall for members who like to add to their collection, like me.

Features & Navigation:

After logging into the members area, members will be directed to Kimbers main page. At the top of the main page is Kimbers banner and just underneath is the navigation bar for the site. This tool bar is a permanent fixture on any of the site pages that members will visit. To return to the main members area page members can select the Home option on the navigation bar at any time. The other options on the bar to assist members with moving around the site also and most of the options are pretty self explanatory. The Photo and Video options are where all of the content on the site are stored and the Message Centre and Avator are member message option to participate in blogs and contact Kimber using the message service.

The Video option has all of the video clips on the site stored inside. There is 1 page of video clips with 5 scenes. The video collection is really, really small at the moment and this maybe a draw back because it doesnt have the support of additional sites for members to browse content. The video format is Adobe Flash and there are no other format or download options available on the site. This makes getting Kbps and pixel screen and photo sizes difficult, but as long as members have a good speed internet connection, they not have to wait long at all for the videos to load. The video content is viewed via live streaming and members do get to choose between Low, Med and High resolution. All members need to do is select a scene, resolution and hit the play button in the middle of the screen. The picture content on the site is located in the Picture option on the navigation bar. There are pictures in the collection from the video scenes as well as pictures from Kimbers day to day life as well.

The Message Centre option on the site gives members direct contact with Kimber. She replies to emails and messages personally and updates her blog and even has a calendar (which is blank atm) so members can see what she is up to. However the site is too young content wise, to be asking for a big amount of $ to become a member.


I have mixed feelings about this site and I struggled with what to say about it. I do think that Kimber has some really great qualities and I think that members will see more good content in time to come. I can see the potential that the site will have once it has a strong video base, but without additional other sites with content for members to browse until the site has grown I really cannot say that it would be worth the money to become a member right at this point in time.

Pros & Cons

+ Beautiful actress
+ Easy to navigate
- Small amount of video content
- No support content sites
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