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Kristina Fey is a steaming hot brunette, with a cutesy personality and an even cuter face, not to mention that perky little body of hers. But like all innocent looking girls, don't let her appearance fool you as she's one horny little devil. Her great little site offers an arousing collection of softcore episodes, and a truck load of gorgeous picture galleries. Cum and see what this hot chick gets up to in her spare time!
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I'm officially a fan of the Fey girls, so far I've had the pleasure of reviewing three sites dedicated to women with the last name Fey, and you can take it from me that they're all drop dead gorgeous. Kristina is no exception, her milky white skin is flawless, her brown eyes are striking, and her body is in perfect proportion. But unlike the other Fey girls, I find Kristina to be a little more innocent looking, and judging by her episodes she's a cute chick with a happy go lucky attitude.

Like most solo girl sites, the content available on Kristina's is fairly softcore, in one episode you might see her going for a swim, in the next she might be taking a hot shower, you'll even see her playing with one of her hot girlfriends. The weirdest episode I've seen so far, was of a mud wrestling match, it was a great watch to say the very least. At the moment there's a total of 45 exclusive episodes to go through, these episodes are fairly short running for approximately 5 minutes each.

The last update was dated on the 18th of July '07, this update in particular was a photo set, there's information on future updates, but all of these seem to be photo sets as well. As for the videos, well they haven't been dated, and with no information on video updates in particular, I'm unsure on how long members will have to wait to see the next one. So picture fans seem to be ok, it's just the members who prefer their videos I'm concerned about.

All the episodes are available to download in full scenes encoded in both Avi and Wmv format. As far as quality goes, the videos look pretty damn good. Both the Avi and Wmv formats come in the same encoding rate of 1300kbps with resolutions of 720x576. Comparing the two formats, I found the Wmvs to be slightly higher in quality, though they are a little larger in file size, only by a small margin though. So overall the videos are a great watch, I probably wouldn't go as far as saying they're outstanding, but they're very easy on the eyes.

Now the bulk of the content is in picture form. Currently there's a grand total of 426 picture galleries, with a new set uploaded every three days, and it seems as though there's plenty more to come. Like the video content, these picture galleries are also softcore, usually involving Kristina striking tasteful poses, featuring her best angles. To say the very least, these picture sets are pure eye candy, they're amazingly clear and colorful, and come in large dimensions of 1024x680, very easy on the eyes.

Features & Navigation:

I couldn't have been more pleased with the layout and presentation of Kristina's site. Every thing has a very cutesy feel to it, and the top banner in the homepage shows Kristina's innocent side, as she's wearing very cute looking PJs. Just below the site banner is a menu which comprises of links to the picture galleries, videos, her friend's sites, customer support, and if you know how to speak Spanish, you can even view the Spanish version of the site.

So you're probably curious about the friend's site I mentioned just before right? Well these are essentially bonus sites, featuring other gorgeous solo models. There are over 40 of these sites to go through, each one providing great softcore content like Kristina's site. I would also like to mention that all these models are just as gorgeous as Kristina, some of them even more so, but the best part about these sites is that they come absolutely free!

Ok lets get back to the homepage of Kristina's site. Situated beneath the navigation menu, you'll find the top 6 recommended sites among the bonus sites I mentioned, all of these are linked via thumbnails, clicking on these will take you straight to the homepage of that site. Further down the homepage you'll find the latest updates, and the future updates for the site. If you wish to view the entire archive, use the links provided in the navigation menu.

So far the video section comprises of 3 pages, each one includes 20 episodes, except for the last page which only contains 5. Each of the episodes are depicted in small thumbnails which are links to the download area for the episode. Click on the thumbnail and you'll be presented with the download links for the Avi and Wmv version of the video.

The picture galleries are very straight forward as well, this section is made up of 22 pages, also containing 20 sets on each page, these galleries are also represented by small thumbnail links. Once you make it into one of the galleries, you have the option of viewing the images one by one, or downloading the entire set in a zip file.


All I can say is Kristina is one fine chick. I was impressed with the photo gallery numbers, though I would like to see more videos uploaded. Either way for a solo girl site, this one is doing fairly well as far as content numbers go, plus the fact that the content looks great, and that there's a heap of bonus sites to check out, adds more reasons for you to join the site. Definitely worth a look for fans of softcore content and brunettes.

Pros & Cons

+ Videos look great
+ Content will appeal to softcore fans
+ All exclusive
+ Heaps of picture galleries
+ Site looks nice
+ Over 40 great bonus sites
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