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Mariah Spice
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In the world of porn, natural beauty is not something you see a lot of. Enter, Mariah Spice, this hot South American teen shows off her natural curves and beautiful face in exclusive videos and pictures. Seems we don't get to see much more than her perky, soft set of D cups (my guess) and close ups of her scantly clad muff and ass. The again, this amateur site does promise DVD quality videos, exotic locations and plenty of hot teasing.
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Mariah Spice has that innocent and fresh face that looks the best without much makeup. Imagine waking up to this Latin beauty with one hand in her round, curvy ass and the other cupping her near perfect mounds of joy. Well, inside the site you will get plenty of pictures and videos to ponder this while you grow calluses on your hands. There's a lot to be said for teasing and Mariah does a great job of grabbing a hold of your attention as she strips, poses and touches herself.

There is a healthy mix of videos and pictures where Mariah showcases all of her best attributes. The action seen here is very much in par with what you would come to expect in a solo girl site. There are lots of shower and bath scenes along with many bedroom scenes. Since the tour promised some exotic locations I was hoping there were more outdoor content than what I found inside but on the plus side, I am happy to announce that she does have a few picture sets and a couple of videos where she shows her shaved cunny in a very tasteful way. And trust me that after seeing these, I cross my fingers and hope for the introduction of toys in the near future but that may just be wishful thinking on my side.

The 82 photo shoots currently available come in great quality but just short of High-Resolution. You can choose from two sizes, medium (600x800) or large (768x1024). Sets can have anywhere from 50 to just over 100 photos each, it all depends on the action and in case I wasn't clear before, my favorite one is the one called "My First Full Nude Set" which is of course the one where you get a real good look at ALL of her.

The videos are, as promised, presented in great quality. The 47 clips are available for download in WMV (720x480; 2800k) and although they are relatively short, anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes, they still do a great job of showcasing the natural beauty without being too tacky or over-done. One thing I am not certain about is how often the site is updated. Although it's true that there is plenty of content, I would like to see some sort of an update schedule.

I have to say that I was a bit confused as to how many bonus sites the membership comes with. On the home page it says 2 but in reality you get 8, I do however like it when the confusion comes in my favor. The bonus sites are of equally great quality and showcasing other Latin beauties and I was happy to see that the bootylicious Selena Spice was one of them.

Features & Navigation:

As soon as you start checking out the tour pages of Mariah Spice, you will automatically know that the site, although offering this beautiful amateur girl, has not been put together by amateurs. The quality of the images and even the logos and color palettes chosen to showcase the site are all in good taste and matching the image the site wants to portray. After this natural beauty convinces you that you want to see more and you have a membership you will see that the site follows the same ease of navigation and good quality inside and out.

The members area has a top navigation bar which you will use to get everywhere in the site in addition to big image links to Photos, Video, Friends and Wallpaper. The pictures page, displays a thumbnail driven gallery along with the title of each photo shoot. Once you decide on one, you are taken to that set and here you can choose to view the pictures in medium or large size. Just pick from the drop down menu then click any image to start the show. Once there, the easiest way to get back is to click on the up arrow. There is no easy way to download the whole gallery at this time.

The video area is basically arranged the same as the pictures, the only difference is that once you click on a video, there is one link to download the file and they do advice that the best way to do this is by Right click the ".wmv" link and "save target as". No streaming options are available at this time so that's about all you can do here. Once you know how to do both of these you are basically ready to surf any of the other tabs and even the bonus sites since all of them share the same navigation with some small changes here and there.


Mariah Spice is an adorable little temptress that offers you a lot of herself in this site and delivers it all in great quality. Unlike some other solo girl sites out there, this site showcases her personality in pictures and videos as there is not much in a way of interaction with members. You will also be happy with the Bonus Sites which include other hot, teen Latina amateurs presented with equally awesome quality.

Pros & Cons

+ Great Quality Content
+ Easy Navigation
+ Lots Of Bonus Content
- No Update Schedule
Click here to visit Mariah Spice and check out the tour.