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Mili Jay is one seductive looking brunette, she's got the kind of look which says, fuck me hard, or I'll make your life a living hell, look, which definitely gives her a killer sexual appeal. If you like brunettes, with beautiful brown eyes, then you'll go nuts over this hot little sex bunny.
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I'm glad to finally see, a feature girl site on this network, which provides a decent amount of video content, as for the most part the sites usually provide a lot more picture content than videos. The content on this site has been broken down into 4 different categories, Solo photos, Lesbian photos, hardcore photos, and of course movies.

Currently there are 9 scenes available for download. All of which have been split into short chapters, and are available in mpg format. Providing the short chapters, allows their members to hand pick which segment they want to watch, so if they wanted to go straight to the hardcore fucking, and skip the foreplay segments they can do so. Also this way around the file sizes are a lot smaller, which in turn makes the task of downloading a lot more convenient for members on dial up.

The solo photos, is where to go to, for your softcore fix. Although they're softcore, they're still a very big turn on, as these photos really bring out the sexiness, of Mili. The solo galleries, involves Mili playing with one of her favorite sex toys, or striking tasteful poses in various locations. If you wanted something a little more hardcore, then make your way to the lesbian and hardcore photo shoots. Obviously these sections include what the name implies.

All up there are 43 picture galleries to drool over, each one just as good as the next. The pictures come in varying dimensions, which are somewhat mid-range. If you find them a little too small for your tastes. Then you can always download the pics to zoom in on them through a picture viewer. The quality of their picture content is quite consistent, and they're all gorgeous to look at, as they're crystal clear, with bright vibrant colors, definitely worth a look at.

Bonus content on this site comes in the form of 15 other adult orientated sites. The bulk of these sites are feature girl sites, like this one, and let me just say that all their feature girls are drop dead gorgeous. Like I said earlier in my review, these sites don't provide as many videos as this site does, but at least they've got high quality photos, which are on par with the ones on this site. Either way they boost the value of their membership, and content numbers.

You can also access Mili's pay per view content on this site. But as the name implies they are pay per view, and aren't covered with the membership fee, at least they've got some reasonable prices. That's pretty much it as far as content goes on this site. Their content numbers are a little below average, but luckily it isn't a stand alone site, as there are all those other great sites on the network to back it up, at least Mili is a total hottie.

Features & Navigation:

Upon arriving at the tour pages of this site. you are presented with exotic pictures of the sexy Mili, scattered down the length of the tour page, and the color scheme really suits the site. Anyhow the pictures of Jana should really get blonde fans blood running.

There are really only four sections which make up this site, including, Solo Galleries, Lesbian galleries, Hardcore galleries, and the Movie galleries. To make your way to these sections, simply click on the respective buttons, found on the navigation menu, which can be found just beneath the banner.

The main members area consists of news on updates, thumbnail links to the various sites on the network and even more updates information found towards the bottom of the page. These updates look to be exactly the same, so I don't know what's going on there, you'll know what I mean once or if you join up. It's not really a problem, it's more confusing than anything.

You'll come across the picture galleries in both the solo galleries and lesbian galleries. These pretty much work as all picture galleries do, and I'm pretty sure none of you need me to explain how that works. You can also access Jana's DVD store, where you can buy the DVDs she stars in, now I would of though these DVDs came with the membership price, but to my surprise you still have to pay for them, at least they've drastically lowered the price, as there are DVDs for less than $10. But again these should have been included with the sign up fee.

All the other on the network, are accessible from the main members area. These links are in the form of thumbnails, which portrays either the feature girl of the site, or the niche. Clicking on any one of these links, will take you directly to that particular site's members area, where you can proceed to download as much of the content available.

Well that's pretty much it as far as site mechanics go, the sites very simple to navigate, as there really are only 4 different sections, making things a lot quicker to find, which is necessary when we're trying to get our rocks off while surfing.


With only 9 videos and 43 picture galleries, it doesn't seem like this site offers a whole lot. but there's definitely room for growth and potential for this site, as the feature girl "Mili" is one hot stunner. Luckily the site has 15 other sites to back it up. But in the end we want to see more of Mili! Keep those updates coming guys.

Pros & Cons

+ Mili is gorgeous
+ Picture content is great
+ Easy navigation
+ General presentation of site
+ Access to multiple sites
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