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Pixie is a petite 18 year old hottie, with silky brown hair, large 34DD boobs which are 100% natural, and a fixation on soft pillows. Now I'm not entirely sure why she's so obsessed with pillows, but I suppose it is a different kind of twist, either way, you're eyes will more than likely be on Pixie, rather than those bright pillows, because she's one hot girl. Her site offers 20 exclusive videos, along with 43 hot picture sets.
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Pixies luscious titties get the most face time on this site, and just be looking at them, I'm glad that they did. Don't get me wrong, she's also got the face of an angel, but her titties are just so mouth watering for a girl of her tender age. As with most solo girl sites, Pixie's one heavily revolves around softcore episodes. I was hoping to see dildo play in the episodes, but sadly they never made an appearance. Instead you'll see Pixie teasing, stripping, playing around with her titties, and playing with her feet. So yeah, the content on offer is very softcore, even too softcore for the likes of me. But if you can get off on a girl simple showing off her body, then you'll definately feel at home here.

At the moment, the collection on offer isn't exactly huge. All up there are only 20 short videos, and over 40 picture galleries for members to check out. What I found even more concerning, was the fact that the site hasn't been updated since the 24th of October 2006, so here's guessing that the updates have stopped altogether. However, I will give the site credit for providing good quality content, and at least all of it is exclusive, so you won't find this stuff any where else on the net. Plus members get access to other great sites, but a little more about those later.

Pixies Pillows definately goes with the saying "Quality over Quantity", because despite the pretty average content numbers, the content provided does look very good. The episodes which run for roughly 6 minutes each, can be downloaded, and streamed in full scenes. Both the streamed, and downloadable versions have been encoded in Wmv videos. The streamed version comes in a bit rate of (1500kbps @ 640x480), while the downloadable versions are slightly higher, clocking in at (1600kbps @ 640x480). So as you can tell by those specs, the videos are indeed a great watch, plus the default screen sizes are decently sized.

Just as impressive as the videos, are the awesome photo sets available. This is good news because the bulk of the content consists of picture galleries. The 43 picture sets come with an average of 50 images each. These largely focus on Pixie striking softcore poses, in various outfits (which she quickly discards of course). There is a photo set which stars one of her hot friends, so there's a bit of playful lesbian action to check out. As far as quality goes, the images look absolutely gorgeous. They're undeniably clear, and colorful, though I would have liked to seem them in larger dimensions, as they only ever get as big as 800x600 pixels. Which isn't tiny I admit, but there's definately room for improvement in the size department.

On signing up to Pixie's site, the lucky members also acquire access to a further 23 sites. All of these sites are exclusive to the "Bad Girl Fans" network, plus they all provide exclusive content. But the best part is, you gain access to these at no extra cost! So although Pixie's site in particular doesn't have an overwhelming amount of content, adding the content across all 24 sites gives you access to a much more acceptable amount. Most of these sites are solo girl sites like Pixie's, and like Pixie's site, they largely focus on softcore content. This is indeed a sweet deal for you solo girl fans!

Features & Navigation:

One of the aspects of the site I really appreciated, was the general presentation of the site itself, plus the easy to use interface. Everything about the site gives it a cutesy, softcore touch. The site is painted in mild colors which really suits the site, and everything is laid out in a neat fashion. Overall, I had no problems with how the site looks, and especially with how it works, as it's just so damn simple to browse.

On the homepage you are immediately greeted with a great looking site banner, featuring a sexy photo of pixie, the great looking site logo, and a close up shot of her round ass. Just below the site banner are the latest movie updates. There are currently 5 thumbnails in this section, each one linked to their respective episode. As I mentioned earlier, the site hasn't been updated in a while, this is made apparent in this section, as the dates are logged way back in '06. However, there is information at the bottom of the site which states that they do plan on uploading more content, but there's no ETA on that at the moment.

Below the latest updates section you'll find two panels. These include the 9 latest video, and picture uploads. If you wish to see the entire archive for the two different media formats, you can utilize the link found within these panels marked View All. After doing so you'll be taken to an area which is prominently made up of thumbnails.

The picture galleries are very simple to use as they are quite standard. The picture gallery is currently made up of two indexed pages, each one containing up to 30 thumbnails each. Each of the thumbnails I mentioned are linked to a main gallery, from where you can proceed to view the images on an individual basis.

When you make it to the video gallery, the first thing you'll come across is a video player window, similar to the standard windows media player screen. This is where your video will automatically play if you choose the option of streaming your chosen episode. At the bottom of this page is where you'll find all 20 episodes, each one presented in a thumbnail. On clicking this thumbnail, the episode will start playing within the screen I mentioned earlier, and to the right of this screen, two links will appear. These links will allow you to download, and stream the video.


I've come to a conclusion that Pixie's site is strictly for softcore fans only, as the episodes are very softcore, even I found them a little too softcore. The content numbers could do with a healthy boost, but if there's anything the site excels on, it's the quality of the content. The site is certainly a worthy join if you're after great quality content, starring a busty young adult, because this site definitely delivers on those two factors.

Pros & Cons

+ Pixie's luscious tits
+ Great quality content
+ All exclusive
+ Access to 24 great sites
+ Great site presentation
+ Very easy to browse
- Hasn't been updated in a while
- Could do with more content
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