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Rachel is a cute 18 year old brunette, with a tight, petite body, and a set of perfect knockers. This cute little chick is part of the Lightspeed Team, and decided to make her own site because she thinks that boys never paid much attention to her. This babe's site offers exclusive episodes, and a nice collection of picture galleries. So if you're a fan of petite brunettes, and love softcore content, then come read the review, to see if this is the site for you!
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I found it a little hard to believe that boys never paid attention to cute Rachel. This chick is one fine lady, she's got the innocent look of a young adult, but her body has come out fine. She's got one of the hottest asses I've seen, and her titties are just perfect! She reckons that boys didn't notice her much is because she's tiny, and that she's only a cheerleader (which is her passion by the way). So as soon as she turned 18, she wanted to make a porn site, to show all those boys what they were turning down.

Rachel has been a busy girl, and is trying to keep her site active with new updates. The last one was logged on the 19th of August, this update in particular was a picture gallery. There's information stating that her site gets updated on a weekly basis, and by the looks of the schedule, she's been doing a top job of doing so. Though I should mention that most of these updates are picture galleries, and I'm a afraid to say that her video collection is a little on the small side. All up there's a total of 7 exclusive videos, and 25 picture galleries. So she could put more videos up to even out the collection, that's for sure.

Most of what Rachel's provided is fairly softcore, though I did come by a steamy lesbian scene which was totally hot. Other scenes include interviews of Rachel, Rachel doing cheers, and Rachel hanging out with other Lightspeed girls. Of course all the scenes feature some form of nudity, so don't go thinking she gets interviewed fully clothed. Overall the scenes are what you'd expect from a young adult solo site, they're playful, softcore, and are fairly cute in nature. Not for everyone, but I'm sure you softcore fans will be quite aroused.

The episodes on offer are quite short, with an average length of roughly 5 minutes each. So I did find it a little odd that the episodes are available to download in short clips. None the less, it does make things a little more convenient for members on slower connections, but I still found them to be painfully short. Thankfully they're also available in full scenes, so it's not too much of an issue. Videos are available in a variety of formats, which have been encoded in different bit rates. Here are the various specs to give you a better understanding on what kind of quality we're dealing with.

Mpeg: (1400kbps @ 480x360)
Mov: (1100kbps @ 480x360)
Mp4: (800kbps @ 320x240)
Wmv: (500kbps @ 480x360)

Needless to say, picture lovers will be quite content with Rachel's site, as the bulk of the content are picture galleries. All up there are 25 galleries, with up to 50 images per set. Like the videos, these too are fairly softcore in nature, and tend to focus towards Rachel striking poses. There is however a gracious amount of pussy spreads, and a bit of lesbian action, so they aren't too boring. Quality wise the pictures are fairly good, they weren't the best I've seen, but they're still very easy on the eyes. It was mostly the sizes which held them back, as they come in fairly average dimensions of up to (740x557 pixels). On a lighter note, they are quite clear, and the colors look great.

As a bonus, Rachel has included picture galleries, and episodes of her guest appearances on other Lightspeed girl site's. So you'll get to see her playing with other hot Lightspeed ladies. Members also gain access to the "Best of Lightspeed" site, which offers a compilation of the most popular content available on the entire network. For an extra $10 members can unlock all 31 sites available on the network, most of which are solo model site's like Rachel's. Needless to say, that's a great deal. An extra 30 sites for the small sum of $10, bargains galore.

Features & Navigation:

Navigating through Rachel's site couldn't get much easier, so there's definately no problems with the mechanics of the site. What I wasn't too fond of though, was the look of it. It does look very plain, and the layout is a little messy. Not to mention all the adds which clutter up the bottom half of the pages. Anyway to some of you this may not be a big deal, and what's most important is the site works fine, so at the end of the day the shabby presentation could be shrugged off.

Before you are taken to Rachel's page, you are first taken to the main site for the entire Lightspeed network. This is essentially the main hub, as all the links to the 32 sites can be found here. Members can also keep up to date with the latest news across all the various sites, and the network as a whole. The links to the 32 exclusive sites can be found down the bottom half of this page, simply click on the links provided, and you'll be taken straight to the members area.

Once you've made it to Rachel's site, the first thing you'll notice is a thumbnail link of the latest update. Clicking on this will take you straight there. Further down is where you'll find links to the past updates. The picture, and video galleries are organized in separate columns, at the bottom of this list you'll find a link which will direct you to the main archive.

The main archive's are mostly made up of thumbnails. Each one representing an episode, or a gallery. Clicking these thumbnails will take you to the main content area of you're chosen content. From there it's as simple as using the links to access the download. In the picture gallery, members have the option of viewing the images on an individual basis, or downloading entire sets in a zip file. These galleries are fairly standard, so you shouldn't have any troubles utilizing them.


Needless to say, the main selling point of this site is Rachel. She's one fine looking lady, though her site could do with a little more work. Don't get me wrong, her content looks fine, and they're definately arousing, well at least for softcore fans, but a healthy dose of new videos certainly couldn't hurt. Other than the lack of video content, her site does fairly well, there's a decent amount of pictures, and all the content does look quite nice.

Pros & Cons

+ Rachel is a hottie
+ Content looks nice
+ Easy to navigate
- Could do with more content
- Site looks a little plain
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