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Sweet Adri is a brunette babe who could be described as the girl next door type of chick. Innocent face, cute loving nature, but get her in the sack and she'll turn in to a crazed sex beast with an unending appetite for naughty doings whether it be with another cute girl or with a well hung stud! Sweet Adri invites us to check out her wide variety of porn in the form of pictures, hardcore & softcore episodes, to her saucy webcam shows. You can also learn more about Adri on her information page, and if you're lucky enough and make it in time you can have an intimate webshow from this beautiful brunette teen!
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I've to say Sweet Adri's site is one of the more diverse feature girl sites I've come across in a while. See a lot of the times I'm used to seeing feature girl sites largely focusing on softcore content only which is good and all though it tends to leave hardcore fans out of the picture which in turn lowers their chance to appealing a more diverse crowd of porn fans. Adri's site however includes content from both ends of the hardcore spectrum, heck some of it even falls in the middle of the spectrum making her site one that just about any type of porn fan can enjoy, and the fact that Adri is one gorgeous babe really helps things a long as well.

So a little bit about the star of the site, if you've seen the tours Adri is a petite brunette teen with stunning blue eyes and a nice set of perky titties, oh and I should also mention that her ass could easily make your soldier stand to attention! Adri is a college student, and currently lives with her mom and sister so shhh! Though in a few months she may be getting her own apartment and things might get a little more interesting from there. Apparently this isn't the first time Adri has put together a site, however she didn't get much help the first time around so it didn't go as well as she's planned. This time around however things are looking a lot brighter and judging from the content I've seen, Adri's site is certainly doing well.

Sweet Adri's archive of content is quite the cocktail of smut, as I said earlier there's a mix of softcore & hardcore content though from what I've seen she really loves making episodes where she's accompanied with another hot babe, she's also in to solo masturbation but she isn't afraid to be slammed by a dude either. Currently there's a total of 46 videos, 90 photo sets, and 124 archived live webshots, all of which members have full access to, and all of which are 100% exclusive to Adri's site making for one awesome effort for an amateur chick at the ripe age of 24. None of the content has been dated so it's a little hard to keep on track on how active the site is, plus with no information on future updates it does keep members in the dark on how active the site actually is which is a little disappointing.

Truth be told I was quite impressed with how the videos turned out, as far as video options go however the site is quite limited with only the option of downloading the videos in full scenes in the wmv format. Quality wise however the videos are quite a watch clocking in at (1000kbps @ 640x480) I know they aren't the most impressive specs but they're still a great watch. It would have been nice if they added a few more video options but in the end it's the quality of the videos that count and having seen the videos myself and having checked out the specs all I can say is that the videos are quite nice indeed!

The picture content on offer is outstanding and I've to say Adri looks quite delicious in the photo sets as they truly show off her beauty, her soft flawless skin looks like heaven to touch in the clear and colorful pictures and even though it is an amateur site I've to give them credit for using good lighting. Asides from looking great the pictures are decently sized as well with the bigger pictures closing in on the (1000x800 pixels) mark. The photo sets are also sprawling with images as each one comes with an average of 140 images per set which is by no means a small number.

So that's pretty much all that can be said for the content on Adri's site, there's also the added bonus of having a steamy ol' chat with Adri via webcam though you have to catch her on time if you want to take advantage of this awesome feature. Aside from that you've got some bonus hardcore video feeds if you want to indulge your eyes on other hot ladies, and free access to 3 other websites which are owned by Adri's hot friend's.

Features & Navigation:

At first I thought Sweet Adri's site was going to be a little on the shabby side purely because the site presentation is a little dull and dated but as the saying goes don't judge a book by it's cover. Ok so things aren't looking so flashy as you load up the tour pages, though Adri herself is looking mighty tasty the look of the tours is something left to be desired. Just below the top banner is an entire section dedicated to information in regards to her web shows, and as you make your way further down the site you'll come along free sample pictures taken straight out of the episodes, there are even some free video trailers to get your started and just to warn you now, once you indulge yourself with these you'll find it hard to resist a sign-up!

Once you make your way to the homepage things aren't looking much flashier, in fact the homepage almost looks identical to the tour pages as far as site presentation goes. The top banner remains the same so does the section dedicated to Adri's webshows just below. Under the webshow section you'll find thumbnails to the latest update and clicking on any one of the 4 thumbnails will take you to it's respective area from where you can proceed to view the video or photo gallery. Within the middle section of the homepage is where you'll find the links to the different types of media, it's hard to miss as they're large text based links. These links include pictures, videos, webcam, archive (webcam vids & pics), about me, friends, wishlist, and the bonus hardcore video feeds. At the very bottom of the main members area is where you'll come across the links to the 3 bonus sites a single click on these and you will be prompted to re-enter your login before you are taken to the homepage of your chosen site.

The video archive is simple enough to use, upon utilizing the "videos" link I mentioned earlier you will be taken to a thumbnails gallery which organizes Adri's episodes from latest to oldest. The thumbnails feature a screen shot taken out of the video footage and a simple click on these will start to stream the video in your windows media player program. If you wish to download these videos you'll have to use the right click function and choose the "save link as" option, a little strange as I thought they would have had that on default but it's nothing to run home crying to your mom about.

The pictures archive is pretty straight forward as it works just like any other picture gallery you've come across. Basically you are presented with the thumbnail links representing the various picture galleries and clicking on these will automatically take you to the main gallery of your chosen photo set. From there you will be presented with the thumbnail links for each of the individual photos, clicking on these will take you to the big picture which will be shown in the same window, simply click on the back arrow to make your way back to the main gallery.

Nothing new and ground breaking here and to be honest it's very easy to make your way around the site as the developers have implemented a very bare bones interface. If there's one thing the site could improve on it would have to be the site presentation as the site does look very amateur, especially the links to the different types of media. But if you're not too concerned on how a site looks, and are much more interested in how the site actually works then you'll have no gripes with Sweet Adri's site as it's a breeze to navigate.


It's really only the site presentation and lack of information as far as dates go which is letting Adri's site down a little. Other than that though Adri is doing great on all the important things such as quality, quantity, variety, and being one hot little brunette vixen! Other things Adri has going for her is the exclusivity of the content, and having those three other great sites available for members. Great content including both softcore and hardcore porn, along with one hot chick equals a well rounded feature girl site!

Pros & Cons

+ Adri is smoking hot
+ Great looking photos
+ Nice vid quality
+ All exclusive content
+ Easy to navigate
+ Lots of information on Adri
- Site presentation looks dated
- No information on dates
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