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Tawnee Stone is a 19 year old brunette, who is hot enough to be a part of the Lightspeed team. She's got a perfect body, and a face on of angel, and members can feast their eyes on her through exclusive short episodes, and an extensive collection of erotic photos. Members can also indulge in guest appearances of Tawnee in some of her girlfriends movies, and an assortment of great extras.
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Tawnee is the kind of girl who looks innocent, but has the sexual drive of a crazed minx. Don't let her sweet smile fool you, because she's just as horny as any other women out there. Currently Tawnee is ranked number 2 on the Lightspeed ladder, and just looking at Tawnee's flawless physique I'm not surprised that she's so high up on the ladder filled with women just as gorgeous as her.

The content provided on Tawnee's site is largely softcore, they involve teasing, having naked fun with her girlfriends, working out, bathing, and other girly activities (with some generous nudity of course). I was glad to see that Tawnee also included a few more erotic scenes involving self masturbation, and playful lesbian scenes, but overall it is fairly softcore stuff, and probably wouldn't suit true hardcore fans. To be honest though, I did find them quite arousing, because Tawnee is one attractive babe.

Compared to other sites on the Lightspeed Network, Tawnee's site offers one of the more extensive collection of videos, and photo galleries, and is still very active on updates, with the last one logged on the 8th of August '07. Currently there's a total of over 130 short episodes, and over 250 picture galleries. Considering that all of this media is exclusive, Tawnee has done an awesome job on filling the site. Members also have the privilege of viewing Tawnee's guest appearances on other Lightspeed girl episodes, these usually involve arousing lesbian scenes.

Quality wise the videos were fairly decent, they aren't outstanding but they certainly get the job done. The episodes run for roughly 5 minutes each, and can be downloaded in full scenes, and short chapters. All the episodes have been encoded in various formats, including Wmv, Mpeg, Mov, and mp4. If quality is a must for you, then you'll want to stick with the Mpeg videos, as these are available in the highest encoding rate. This particular version clocks in at 1400kbps @ 480x360, and are very easy on the eyes. Although the other formats have a lower encoding rate, the smaller file sizes make them ideal for members on slow connections.

I really enjoyed the picture content on offer, probably even more so than the videos, this is because Tawnee looks so much hotter in the photos, as they bring out her natural beauty. All up there are 250 picture galleries. Like the video content, the images are also of softcore nature, which involve Tawnee striking tasteful poses, though you will see a few pussy spreads in the mix which spices things up a bit. I felt the images could have come in bigger dimensions though, as they come in fairly average sizes of up to 702x527px, but in all fairness, they are quite sharp, and are fairly colorful.

Features & Navigation:

The overall site presentation of Tawnee's site is much to be desired. Just check out the shots I took of the members area, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that it does lean towards the plain side. Most importantly though, every thing on the site works, and it's very easy to make your way to the different areas of the website.

Once logged in, members are taken to the main page for the entire Lightspeed network. This page includes links to the various sites provided on the network, and depending on which membership you signed up for, you'll gain access to a number of these sites. With the standard $29.95 membership, you acquire access to Tawnee's site, plus the best of Lightspeed site. For an extra $10 you can gain access to all 31 sites on offer, which are largely based on solo models like this one, with a few niched sites to mix things up a little.

Getting to Tawnee's site is as simple as utilizing the link situated amongst the bonus sites, this link will take you to the homepage. I should also mention that most sites on the Lightspeed network essentially have identical layouts, which does make things a lot easier for members. Tawnee's homepage consists of all the latest updates, and her most popular episodes. You can access the entire picture, and video archives by using the link provided at the bottom of the lists. I wasn't too fond of the bottom area of the homepage, as it mostly consists of ads, and links to third party sites.

The picture and video archives are pretty straight forward, this is due to the fact that they work just like any standard gallery. You've got the thumbnail representing the episode, or photo shoot, and clicking on it will take you to the main content page, nothing new and revolutionary here, and that's perfectly fine in my books. Besides, the last thing we want to do while getting our rocks off, is to figure out how the damn site works.


Tawnee's site may have a few rough edges, but they're all drowned out by the great features of the site. Although her episodes, and videos are fairly softcore, they're still quite arousing simply because Tawnee is such an attractive young lady. I wouldn't really recommend this site to true hardcore fans, but for solo model fans, who love young adults and brunettes, I say go nuts!

Pros & Cons

+ Tawnee is very attractive
+ Decent amount of content
+ Videos look good
+ All content is exclusive
+ Frequent updates
- Site looks plain
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