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If you love dark eyed brunettes with large titties you are certainly going to go crazy over Miss Tiffany Preston. This gorgeous babe invites us to her official site which features playful softcore videos along with some drool worthy hardcore episodes which you'll easily bust a nut over. So if you're up for a mix of softcore and hardcore videos and pictures featuring a gorgeous brunette, you'll certainly love what Tiffany has in store.
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Well there's really not that much personal information on Tiffany but I do know one thing, she's one damn fine brunette babe who isn't afraid to have some fun! She has quite the voluptuous body with nice long legs, though if I would have to pick her star feature, it would have to be that nice set of melons she's got on her. Don't get me wrong though, it's not only her body which could win men around the world over, because she's also got quite the beautiful face as well. To put it simply she's very easy on the eyes and the good thing is we get to see it all!

Now the best part about Tiffany's site is that it doesn't follow the trend of other feature girl sites which don't provide any hardcore content. Yup this babe wants it all! She has provided her members with a nice mix of softcore along with some ball busting hardcore scenes for our viewing pleasure. There's certainly a nice mix of naughty things we get to see Tiffany get up to. We'll start off with the more tame ones which involve Tiffany playing with herself using her delicate fingers and naughty toys. From there it gets real hardcore, we can enjoy watching the brunette babe getting her pussy and asshole fucked, sometimes by a black dude so you can say the site also includes interracial content. Some of my favorite episodes though would definitely have to be the girl on girl scenes which can get extremely hot.

So far the site has 110 videos on offer all of which are 100% exclusive to this site. My only gripe is that none of the episodes have been tagged with dates so there's no way in telling how long the site has been around for, that and there's no real way in telling if the site is still active on updates. But either way 110 exclusive episodes is a pretty damn good effort for a single girl, not to mention the photo galleries on offer as well. So all in all the site is doing quite well as far as numbers go, though I would be nice to know if the site is still adding new content.

The episodes can either be streamed or downloaded off the site in wmv format, also worth mentioning is the fact that the videos aren't held back by DRM rules so you can choose to keep them for as long as you want. The newer episodes are available in gorgeous HD quality with the standard resolution of 1280x720. Older videos aren't half bad either clocking in at (1000kbps @ 640x480) so all in all the Tiffany's site does provide some good quality video content.

In addition to all the great videos the site also offers over 60 picture galleries some of which are directly related to the videos as they feature the same action, location, and models. These tend to be more softcore than the videos however there are a few hardcore photo shoots in the mix. Unfortunately quality isn't as consistent as I would have liked as it looks as though some of the photos are actually screen shots, this is obvious due to the lack of clarity and blurs when rapid motion occurs, the proper photos on the other hand are great and they also measure in quite nicely at (2048x1536 pixels). Overall the pictures are great, it's just too bad that some of them are screen shots.

As a bonus members gain free access to a collection of sites which look to be of the same network Tiffany's site is a part of. So far there are 3 bonus sites on offer covering the categories of hardcore and fetishes. There's also information stating that there are new sites being developed so I'm sure there's plenty more bonuses for members to look forward to in the near future.

Features & Navigation:

Like all tour pages the one for Tiffany's site is quite flashy which doesn't come as a surprise as which developer in their right mind would make a shitty looking tour pages as it is the main turning point on whether or not an on looker will decide to join or not. With Tiffany looking absolutely gorgeous on the tour pages it's going to be quite hard to resist joining up. There's also a nice amount of sample pictures and there's even a sample trailer which is sure to get more than a few sign-ups in. Plus to make the deal look even more delicious there's also information on the bonus sites members gain access to.

Once going through the usual motions of logging in members will be taken to the homepage where they are immediately greeted with a nice welcome message from Tiffany herself. The rest of the homepage contains information on the latest updates including both videos and pictures. There's a navigation menu situated just below the top banner, this menu includes links which will take members to the various media sections. There's also links to Tiffany's online diary, and a link to the bonus site section from where you can click on the provided banner links to make your way straight to the main members area of your chosen site.

All the videos have been organized on a single page which I did find a little strange as it would have been more neater if they organized them over indexed pages as it does take quite sometime to scroll from the top to the bottom of the gallery. Each episode has it's own section which includes a single thumbnail of the episode along with a detailed description on what you can expect to view in the scene. Once you click on the provided links which take you to the main video section you will immediately be prompted to re-enter your login which I did find a pain, afterward your video will automatically stream within the browser. The download link is ridiculously small amongst a whole heap of text, not the best way to present the link but at least we can say they have actually provided one.

The photo gallery is the same as the video gallery in that all 60 plus galleries are found on the one page. Also like the video gallery each photo set has it's own section which includes a sample picture from the set along with the link to the main gallery and a short description. The galleries work just like any other garden variety picture gallery out there so it's pretty self explanatory on how to use these. One thing which did stand out is that on clicking a thumbnail you will be taken to a re-sized version of the picture, if you wish to view the full sized image you'll have to click on the provided link. A little strange as I thought they would have shown the full sized image straight up.

So there's not much else to say as far as how the site works. What about site presentation you ask? Well the site designers certainly haven't gone over the top which is a good thing in my opinion. In a way the site does look a little dated though it's not horribly plain. Also all the items within the pages are nicely spread out so you never get that cluttered feel you get on some sites. Overall the site presentation was fairly good, nothing out of the ordinary though.


Well Tiffany's site has certainly done quite well on the aspects which count. Quality of the videos is great, though it would be nice if they re-encoded the older videos to the current standards. Content numbers are pretty well off, though with no information on update dates I could be wrong, however 100 episodes will certainly keep members busy for quite some time. Overall the site is definitely worth a look if you're in to busty brunettes.

Pros & Cons

+ Tiffany is so damn fine!
+ Nice amount of content
+ New vids look great in HD
+ All exclusive content
+ Great bonus sites
+ Easy to navigate
- Updates haven't been dated
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