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Jessa Flux of Undress Jess is the self-described lead singer of The Gorilla Monsoon, a lifecaster, a studio/performance artist, a cam girl, a burlesque dancer, and an indie pornographer. Here at this very unique site, you can get a very personal look at this sexy redhead life with frequent content updates, interactive features, and multiple spy cams in her home. This one is a voyeur's dream come true! There's a lot to cover here, so let's go inside and see what this one is all about!
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Our total rating: 65/100

Detailed Review:


Undress Jess has been online since at least 2006 or so, and while the collection might be smaller than you'd imagine for a site that's been around for this long, it's important to keep in mind that this collection is a little bit different than most. Most solo model sites offer an ever-growing collection of videos and photos that may or may not be supplemented by occasional live shows. Here, the live shows, spy cams, and interactive features are the main course while the recorded videos and photos seem to be secondary.

Jess' photos and video materials, both recorded and live, featured Jess fully nude and in all kinds of sexy outfits, costumes, and lingerie. She has an entire section of her site dedicated to shaking her ample booty, and her live shows often include masturbation with toys.

There are around 40 photo sets and over 100 webcams style and fairly low-quality videos on offer here, and since nothing is dated and there's no update log it's hard to say for sure just how frequently she's updating this portion of the content. Her life webcam show section, however, is where the real action is. Jess appears on cam almost daily and offers a constantly updating schedule so that you'll know when she'll be around.

Secondary only to the live cam show section, and even that is debatable, is Jess' extensive and advanced spy cam page. You can access nine different spy cams in Jess' home at any given point, and sure enough on the day I visited there she was practicing a dance routine in her dining room. Jess has spy cams at her computer, in her living room and dining room, in her kitchen, and even in her bedroom and shower. This site takes the voyeur aspect to a level I have rarely seen. The interface for accessing the various cams is very advanced and you can even access multiple cams at once and speak to other members in a chat room if you wish.

Features & Navigation:

The colorful tour pages for Undress Jess give you an excellent overview of the kind of unique and sexy gal you're dealing with here. The adorable unicorn with a rainbow shooting out of his crotch is definitely a nice touch!

Once inside, you'll find a fairly easy to use, although somewhat crowded, interface. There are no search or sort functions here, and sometimes the materials are spread out over a few different sections. For example, the "fetish" and "shakenit" sections offer video materials that you might miss if you only visit the video section. You'll definitely want to click around and check out each individual link you find on the page to make sure that you see everything. Scattered among the links here you'll find an archive of materials from before just launched her official site as well as lots of materials from various adults only social networking sites, among other "hidden" gems.


Undress Jess is one of the most unique sites I have reviewed in quite some time. I was very impressed with the level of interaction here, and the daily life shows and 24-hour a day spy cams in virtually every room of her house makes this a one-of-a-kind voyeur experience. Although recorded video and photo updates seem scarce, this is a treasure trove of live action and materials that will keep you busy for quite some time.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive and unique site
+ Daily live cam shows included
+ Nine different 24 hour spycams in Jess' house
+ Lots of interactive features and extras
- Recorded vids/pics not frequently update
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