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Bars and Stripes is a uniquely themed fetish site that blends the spanking and women-in-prison porno categories into one kinky collection. This site has been active and updating for several years and has an impressive collection built up so far. The performers are mostly British and these freaky Brits love their punishment!
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It looks like Bars and Stripes has been around for about five years and updates have remained pretty steady throughout that history. Updates are currently coming at a rate of about three or four per week. They seem to alternate between picture galleries and video clips, but you'll sometimes have to wait quite some time to get access a full-length flick since the videos are split into clips and released over time. There are around 330 photo galleries and about 500 short video clips. I would say these short clips add up to about the equivalent of 150 or 200 full-length videos.

There's definitely an ongoing storyline here at Bars and Stripes, and it looks like the site was far more invested in this storyline in its earlier history. Up until 2007, the "prison diaries" section of the site was updated with lengthy paragraphs describing the goings-on at this particular fictitious women's prison. Although the same 26 or so models still appear here over and over and some sort of loose storyline seems to continue, the actual written storyline portion of things seems to have ended. Most of what you'll see here involves spanking and caning. This is definitely not a light "spank and tickle" type of punishment collection. These gals get hardcore punishments that leave their butts red and sore.

You'll find some variation in the quality level as you get into the older reaches of the site archives, but currently it looks like flicks are coming at 720 x 576 pixels, 1000 kbps. This is definitely below average for new release materials these days, and the site could certainly use a bump in quality. The size of the photos offered has increased over time from about 1000 pixels to over 1300 pixels on the long side. These are somewhat amateur in style, the color balance and lighting are typically good and the photos are clear.

Features & Navigation:

The mostly dark gray tour pages for Bars and Stripes give a very good idea of the kind of models, settings, and punishment action you'll see inside the members' area. Unfortunately, they don't give you a lot of accurate facts about the size of the collection or the quality level of the materials.

The members' area here is not very attractive or user-friendly. Instead of breaking things down by type of scene or type of punishment, they break them down into settings like cellblock, solitary confinement, and the sick bay. There's a model index, but it's text only and not very helpful. Many of the sections found on the site's main menu no longer seem to be updated. An update log is provided, but if they dizzyingly long list of text without even a single tiny thumbnail image to represent each addition to the site. Kidding around here is not fun or pleasant for sure.

Photos here are offered for viewing and thumbnail galleries. Clicking an image will open a larger, but still pretty small version of the picture. You'll have to click a second time to actually see it full size. This is just another in a long list of annoyances found in this messy members' area. The videos are offered for download or for streaming. Strangely, the site gives members the option of downloading the videos and WMV format war and WMV format within a ZIP file. I'm not sure why you would want WMV files within ZIP files at all, so this seemed an unnecessary addition.


The below average quality of the materials and the unfriendly layout of the members area are the two biggest strikes against Bars and Stripes. If women in prison getting spanked and punished is your thing, you certainly won't let these two issues that stop you from enjoying the kinky fun. I'd like to see some improvements here for sure, but for now I think the uniqueness factor keep this one going.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive prison/spanking materials
+ Lots to see
+ Updates regularly and frequently
- Quality is below average
- Members' area layout/options are terrible
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