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Short Review:

Bun Beating Fun has been around since about 1997, making it one of the oldest porn sites I've ever reviewed. This highly specific collection features one thing and one thing only: hot chicks getting spanked! This one is all about over the knee spanking with no sex, bondage, or other activities at all. Members get access to the site's full archive, but does this 13 year old spanking collection have what it takes to compete in the year 2010? Let's find out!
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I have reviewed Bun Beating Fun several times over the years, and this site is steady as a rock. Month after month, year after year, here it is. Unfortunately, even things which should change, like the size of the collection, don't. The site's collection has gone up and down by perhaps five or 10 scenes over the years, but it never strays much from its current offering of 84 downloadable flicks. Some of these come with a set of matching screen capture images, but there are no digital stills that I can find. The news section of the site seems to indicate that older scenes are being re-released in a higher quality levels. While this is better than no updates at all, I would definitely like to see some fresh faces and new scenes here.

Beyond simple spankings, the idea here at Bun Beating Fun is that these chicks actually deserved the spanking they're getting. Whether it's a bad attitude, past sexual exploits, or smoking in a non-smoking room, the spanking loving guy here finds a reason to punish them all. Considering the complete lack of growth here over the last 13 years or so, I'm thinking maybe whoever is in charge of Bun Beating Fun might need a spanking of their own!

Overall, the quality here is quite low. While some of the materials toward the top of the page come at a higher quality levels, most of what you'll see here comes at just 352 x 240 pixels with bit rates ranging between 450 and 800 kbps. These are blurry, discolored, insufficiently lit, and frankly, they just look terrible. The scenes which have been upgraded to higher quality levels can come at up to 640 x 480 pixels, 3000 kbps. While these typically look much better than the older flicks, the quality is still below average.

Features & Navigation:

The sickly orange colored tour pages for Bun Beating Fun aren't particularly attractive, nor do they give you a lot of factual information about the collection you'll find inside. There's not here to let you know just how low in quality the majority of the collection is, nor do they bother to inform you that new updates are not occurring. On the upside, at least they give you some downloadable sample clips and a good chance to check out some of the models that you'll see once inside.

In the near the top of the main members area page provides access to the site used section, DVD store, frequently asked questions, and a few other sections like reviews and links. Below this menu, you'll see a list of all 84 of the available videos on a single page. The page lists a single headshot image, the models age and occupation, and the offense for which she will be getting spanked. There are no search or sort tools, and the only information you'll find about the models is in the brief scene description for each release.

The majority of the collection here is available with a minimum of options. Flicks can typically be downloaded in a very low quality RM or MPEG format file, and often only clips are available with no full-length option. A small portion of the collection is offered in WMV format at a higher quality level in addition to be low-quality MPEG or RM format files.


The flicks here at bun beating fun are offered on DVD, but not on other websites, making the site semi exclusive. Unfortunately, the semi exclusive nature of things is really the biggest selling point here. Quality isn't good, the collection is absolutely tiny for a site that's been around for 13 years, the members area is plain, and they don't update. Until the spanking freak here can whip himself into shape, I think there are probably better spanking sites for your money.

Pros & Cons

+ Semi-exclusive spanking videos
+ See some fetish stars in early scenes
- Doesn't seem to update
- Tiny collection for a 13 year old site
- Quality from below average to terrible
- Plain members area
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