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If you're in to the whole pain is pleasure business then you're certainly going to appreciate the content available on Elite Spanking! Witness some of the most beautiful women grimace in pain (or is it pleasure?) as they get their flawlessly smooth skin spanked red and raw! The site currently has over 30 exclusive episodes and continues to grow with regular updates.
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I can kind of see how some people can convert the sensation of pain in to pleasure though personally I don't think some one spanking my ass would turn me on however the deal is completely different with the lovely ladies getting their round booties spanked on this site. You'll be amazed how it's the really pretty ones that are a little on the crazy side because there's certainly no shortage of eye candy here, all the ladies on show are gorgeous and have bodies to die for. If there's something that could do with some improvement though it would have to be with the diversity of women on show as the cast mostly consists of brunettes and blondes, but like I said earlier they're all stunning so it's not all bad.

As the title of the site suggests all the content available on this site involves some sort of heavy handed spanking, so heavy handed in fact the ladies end up red and raw by the end of it all but by the looks of it they love every second of it. Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping to see some hardcore fucking the episodes only feature spanking, binding up the lovely ladies with ropes and leather, and a bit of pussy fiddling. The dominator changes from episode to episode sometimes being male and sometimes even female so you get to enjoy a bit of girl on girl domination action as well.

Elite Spanking Videos has been live for quite a while now, the first ever episode was uploaded roughly 6 months ago on the 1st of August in 2008. Since then the site has been loaded with 33 episodes which are all exclusive to the site. The latest update occurred quite recently on the 20th of March only 4 days before this review was completed. There's even information on future updates and the exact date of upload which is due in just a couple of days from now, having info on upcoming updates is sure to have member morale up simply because they know there's something new to look forward to.

There's not a whole lot of video options on offer though what they have provided should be enough. Members can stream the episodes within the browser in wmv format with an encoding rate of (1400kbps @ 600x400). Members can also choose to download their videos in wmv format with the same encoding rate as the streamed videos, and with no DRM members can keep their episodes for as long as they want. The videos are fairly short running for up to 5 minutes long so it didn't come as a surprise that they're only available to download in full scenes.

I wouldn't say the images provided on Elite Spanking could be classified as proper photos as they are screen shots taken from the episodes so essentially you're viewing the video content in picture form. As one would expect from video captures the quality doesn't compare to proper photos, they are grainy, the colors can get quite dull and they come in small dimensions of (700x424 pixels). As far as screen capture standards go however the ones on this site are pretty decent however that isn't saying much.

Elite Spanking is a part of the Fetish Network which currently spans 25 exclusive sites including this one. These sites are on par in quality with Elite Spanking and on signing up to this site members gain access to the entire network and all the videos available on it. So even though the collection of kinky adult scenes on Elite Spanking isn't massive just yet, members actually gain access to quite an extensive network, and as the network title suggests it's a network which fetish fans can really get in to.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages of Elite Spanking are jam packed with painful looking sample pictures of the lovely models getting their asses and backs slapped. Right within the top banner is a picture of a tasty looking round ass with massive welts on it from being whipped with a cane OUCH!. Scrolling down the page you'll come across more welted butts and screen shots from the various episodes just to give potential customers an insight on what kind of content they will be in for. If the sample pictures aren't doing it for you however you can always check out the free trailers to see what the episodes look like in action.

Once going through the usual motions of logging in you will be taken to a section which asks members whether or not they want to be taken to the main members area of the entire Fetish Network or go directly to the main members area of Elite Spanking. Having the option of going to the homepage for the Fetish Network makes site hopping a breeze, plus members can keep up to date on all the updates across the entire network on this page, quite convenient indeed.

The members area of Elite Spanking is quite simple as it is basically made of one section because all of the featured content can be found as you make your way down the homepage. Right below the navigation menu is a large thumbnail of both the latest update and the upcoming update, like I said in the content section this screen shot will certainly boost member morale. The rest of the archive can be found below the latest update section, they are all presented in thumbnail form with information on when the episode was uploaded and the name of the model situated below the thumbnail.

Clicking on the thumbnail I mentioned above will take you to the main content area of the episode from where you will be presented with a number of thumbnails featuring screen shots from different segments of the episode. Below the thumbnails there's a detailed description on all the kinky things which happen in the episode and below the description is where all the links to the various versions of the video can be found. A simple click on any one of these links and your download or stream should automatically start.

There's not much else to say about the navigation of the site, there's a top navigation menu though members probably won't find much use out of it. The only link within the menu which members may find themselves using is the one marked "fetish network sites". This link takes you to a section which includes banner links to the various bonus sites they have full access to. Clicking on any one of said banners will take you directly to the main members area of your preferred site from where members can proceed to view and download as much of the content as they wish.


Well things are really starting to shape up for Elite Spanking, the collection of episodes is growing at a steady rate and the episodes are certainly painful to watch which will certainly turn on fetish fanatics. If there's one thing I would like to see improve, it would have to be the resolution of the videos, however with the high kbps rate they still look quite decent. All in all a great fetish site with exclusive spanking content you won't find anywhere else.

Pros & Cons

+ Episodes are painful to watch
+ Fetish models are hot!
+ All exclusive content
+ Access to the entire Fetish Network
+ Easy to navigate
- Only screen captures available
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