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Short Review:

I love the spanking content concept as Im a person that enjoys a good spanking myself. The Freak S site has a small amount of content on it, but is well supported with the 35 additional Adult sites that members get access to as well when becoming a member of the site. Im concerned about the video content viewing options that are on the site, the site offers formats and options and some of them work but take a long time and others dont work at all making it very difficult to view the content.
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Trial 2.93
Monthly 34.86

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Detailed Review:


Its difficult for me to actually write anything about the content of this site because even as I have been doing this review I still have not seen any of the video content from the Freak Spanking site. I have selected to use one of the 2 video viewing options that are actually working on the site and it still has not completely downloaded to my computer for me to watch. I have had to select to download a full spanking video from the site, because the clip live streaming options are not functioning atm. Im sure once I get my teeth into the content that Im going to thoroughly enjoy it, but whilst the content is difficult to get access to atm I think many members may not have the patience to wait and end up browsing some of the many other wonderful sites that they get access to when becoming a member instead.

On the upside while I have been waiting for the content to download I have had the chance to cruise around the other sites in the collection and I have to say I was very impressed with quite a few of them and found that not all of the sites in the collection had the content format delivery problems as the Freak S site does. I definitely think that this site is worth a trial membership just to see if members like it and if they do they might want to upgrade to the monthly if they really enjoy using all of the benefits from the supporting sites.

Features & Navigation:

When members log into the Freak S members area they will be directed to the main page. Members can return to this page at any time by selecting the Home option displayed on the navigation bar at the very top of the page. The navigation bar is located permanently at the top of every page to make moving around the site easier for members. Normally on most sites the navigation bar is situated under the banner at the top of the page, but this site doesnt have a site banner displayed in that location.

The quickest way to get to the Freak S video and picture content is by either selecting the Photos/Videos option in the bright blue nav bar at the top of the page or by selecting click here to view them all in the purple Some Of Our Favorites heading on the home page. By choosing either one of the options members will be taken to the same page, its titled Freak Spankings in the purple heading and all of the photo and video content is displayed with an scene image, actress name and a brief description.
By simply clicking on the underlined PHOTOS or VIDEOS purple text members will be taken to the content that is specific to the selected category.

If members select PHOTOS this will bring up the entire photo content for the matching video scene. I really liked the quality of the images and the size of the images as well (800 x 1200 pixels). The VIDEOS option contains all of the video clips for the displayed scene. The Freak S site supplies members with many different choices to view the video content. I have to tell members that the full video options are the only video options that are functioning on the site even though the site shows the option for members to view content in split clips.

At the top of the page is the navigation bar, underneath the nav bar is the selection of video clips for the scene and at the very bottom of the page members are given the option to download the full video scene. Members that like to download content to their computers are also given the choice between which format they would like to use to facilitate the download function. The formats used for this are MPEG and Hi-def/ Low-def options for Windows Media Video.

There is also an option to view via live streaming on the site the full video rather then downloading to the computer. Members just need to click the any of the underlined blue text options (HI-DEF, Low- Def or MPEG Format) and members will be asked to enter their username and password at this point before accessing the content. The average video scenes using Hi-def, WMV, Full video download option run for around 16-21 mins, the bit rate was 4.14 Mbps, the screen size was 1280 x 720 pixels and members have the option to downsize the screen if they wish to. The full video live streaming option took some quite some time to download, so I would recommend that members use the right click, Save Target as option instead.

Members get a whole host of other options including access to 35 addition Adult sites, access to Live chat and webcam shows, personals and online sexshopping facilities.

I think that if it is difficult or members have to wait a long time to view content this is a huge downfall for a site. Especially when there is such a competitive market of porn sites that do provide members with what they promise, easy to navigate sites, easily accessible content. Im disappointed with the non working functions on this site and the minimal amount spanking porn content that is on the site itself.


This site has a great niche concept and a little bit unusual site layout - but easy to use site. The thing that really let this site down for me is the video content viewing options that were supplied for members, but just werent working. This made getting access and just being able to view the content a little more difficult then it should have been. I love the spanking concept and I was disappointed with the little amount of spanking content, but was happy with the supporting Adult sites.

Pros & Cons

+ Access to 35+ Adult sites
+ Live web cams and chat
+ Personals and online sexshop
- Content is difficult to access
- Some of the content viewing options dont work
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