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We just can't seem to get enough of those horny raging lesbians can we? I mean every one can appreciate the beauty of lesbianism, I'm sure everyone would agree with me that a womans body is an exquisite thing, like a work of art, anyway before I get too philosophical, I should tell you what the site is actually about, Girl Girl Spank is all about.....well girls spanking each other as the title implies, so if you like lesbians and spanking you'll love this site.
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Being a spanking orientated website it's pretty obvious that the content is going to be fairly softcore, I mean two naked girls spanking each other can't really be classified as being hardcore right? All of the episodes available on this site are fairly short as the average run time of the videos can range from anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. You'll be sadly disappointed like myself if you were expecting to see the girls use some toys to spice things up a bit but sadly this wasn't the case. The quality of these videos are pretty mediocre, some of them look a little grainy and motion can get a little choppy at times but other than that they are alright, just make sure to brace yourself when you switch the videos to full screen mode cause you'll be in for quite a rude surprise.

So far there are only 10 short scenes available for download, there's no information in regards to their updates, but it's pretty safe to say that they definitely need to upload more scenes. To compensate for their small amount of content the site developers decided to throw in tonnes of bonus videos, 412 of them to be exact and the quality of these videos seem to be much better than there featured videos, too bad if you joined this site just for the spanking scenes cause there isn't any spanking to be found in the bonus videos.

Yet another web page on the Super site pass network that offers some excellent picture content, each of the featured videos comes with a picture set and no they aren't video captures if you that's what your thinking, instead they opted for high quality still photo shots, which would have been taken at the same time they were shooting the video. You'll be quite impressed with the quality of these pictures, all of them are crystal clear images with varying dimensions which are generally pretty large, the colors are vibrant and there isn't a hint of blur to be found, top quality stuff here guys.

Now I couldn't tell you exactly how long this site has been up and running but I'm guessing that it hasn't been around for too long cause there are only a few featured eps to watch, either that or they haven't bothered to upload new videos in quite some time, one things for sure though they definitely need more episodes cause a member could watch their whole collection in a day if they wanted to, it's definitely a good thing that they included 412 bonus scenes to keep members going for a little while longer and the picture content is really great, there are a few good points to the content on this site it's just the fact that there isn't enough that's letting the site down as a whole.

Features & Navigation:

Don't you find it strange how network sites always have eye catching tour pages, while the actual web page itself looks boring and dull? Practically all of the network sites I've had to review is like this, I'll be treated to a professional looking tour page, that gets my hopes up thinking that the actual website itself is going to be on par in presentation, then I land on the actual website itself feeling betrayed and tricked, thinking to myself, what happened to all the pretty colors and pictures? Well Girl Girl Spank is no different, sure the tour page looks nice and all, but looking at the actual web page itself is a little underwhelming, they definitely need to work on the general presentation of the site.

At least finding your way around the site isn't hard, all of the different sections can be accessed via the side bar menu found on the far left of the page, this menu bar includes links to the different sections of this site, which makes back tracking quick and simple. On the home page you'll find the last 7 videos uploaded to their network as a whole, so there's no information on the updates on this site in particular, you'll also notice thumbnails to the next 7 videos they intend on uploading to the network, again there is no information on when they plan on uploading these videos, but judging by their updating patterns they seem to be fairly frequent, so we should expect to see these videos up and running within a few days.

The featured videos section comprises of large thumbnail links, these thumbnails have been taken from the video file of the short episode, so they should give you a rough idea on how the scenes look and what kind of girls you can expect to see in the scenes, clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to another page on which the video will start streaming in, the download link for the video can be found just underneath the video stream screen, in order to download a video you must first right click on the download link provided then choose the save link as function....what ever happened to a simple left click?? Below the large thumbnail links I mentioned earlier you'll notice the view pictures link, this link obviously directs you to the picture gallery for that scene which is basically a traditional thumbnails gallery.

Well that's about it for the navigation section of my review, as you can tell it's pretty straight forward, the only real problem I could point out was the downloading process.


The only thing that really lets this site down is the small amount of content they have, I suppose that the bonus videos boosts their content numbers, but what about those members who joined up purely for the spanking scenes? I could only recommend this site to spanking fanatics cause there isn't any penetration involved, the site does alright if you were to look at it as a porn site rather than a spanking porn site.

Pros & Cons

+ Tonnes of bonus content
+ High quality pictures
+ Simple navigation layout
- Small amount of featured content
- Dull presentation
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