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Short Review:

Pure Spanking is a fairly long running spanking themed site that is part of the Fetish Network. The models and movies here seem to be mostly British, and they cover a fairly wide range of action within the general spanking and corporal punishment themes. Does this one have what it takes to compete with other spanking and fetish sites out there? Let's go inside together and find out!
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Our total rating: 48/100

Detailed Review:


Pure Spanking has been around for at least five years or so now, and the dates on the materials here indicate that growth was always spotty throughout the site's history. As of the end of November 2012, nothing new has been added to this site in close to two years, and I would be surprised to see regular updates happening here anytime soon. This is essentially an archived collection of 54 video scenes, each of which includes a set of low quality screen capture images.

Pure Spanking features mostly British models and scenes, and it looks like most of the videos here come from various spanking themed British DVD titles including Bare Bottom Maids, Stocking Strippers Spanked, Spanking Hotline, and Best of British Spanking. Each usually has some kind of plot and some dialogue to set the stage for the spanking. It could be an unruly schoolgirl, a stripper who breaks the rules, or a couple of horny lesbians who get off on spanking each other. While the models sometimes induct naked were mostly naked during the course of the spanking, there really isn't any sex here at all, and the site pretty much sticks just to the spanking itself along with some paddles, whips, and canes. The spanking action can take place in a variety of settings including the principal's office, the stage of a strip club, a classroom, or just the living room sofa.

It's obvious that most of the materials here are on the older side, and the quality level isn't particularly high. These flicks are available for download at just 468 x 312 pixels and a bit rate of around 1000 kbps. Some of them can have some very noticeable issues with graininess and incorrect color balance that has the performers skin appearing in shades of orange and red. Although these aren't the most crisp and clear videos I've seen, there wasn't anything that was so bad that it wasn't worth a watch.

Features & Navigation:

Pure Spanking members can access the site through a membership area that is part of the Fetish Network members area, and all of the included sites are available from this central location. The network doesn't offer a lot of helpful search and navigation tools, and materials aren't even divided into categories. In fact, there isn't even a keyword search box here. All of the materials are divided into sections for the site they belong to, and that's pretty much it.

Streaming and download are supported for viewing the Pure Spanking videos. Each is available in your choice of high and low resolution quality levels, although the higher of the two is the only one even worth bothering with. Each video streams and downloads in a single format, MOV.


Pure Spanking manages to stick to its spanking theme quite well and offers a very large bonus package. Unfortunately, on its own, it just doesn't offer a lot of value. It's quite small, the quality level is fairly low, it doesn't update, and the materials are not exclusive. Pure Spanking is definitely worth a look for spanking fans who are also interested in the rest of the Fetish Network, but it really is dependent on its backing network to make it worth a look at all.

Pros & Cons

+ Sticks to spanking theme
+ Huge bonus package included
- Quality can be pretty low
- Non-exclusive scenes
- Fairly small
- Doesn't update
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