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Red Ass Babes is a site you will visit if you love your spanking. These young girls have red, bruised asses, and I am not just talking about a little red bum, I am talking like bloody red bums, and black and blue bruises. This site will really blow your mind, I was going to say that this site might not be for all spanking fans because it's really hardcore stuff, but I really think that spanking fans will enjoy the new hardcore approach of this site.
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Warden Mike is the ruthless tyrant behind a very special kind of girls reformatory. These girls have been trialled, and charged with various petty crimes, and now must learn to accept their punishment. The Warden is very experienced in corporal punishment and knows how to spank, paddle, cane and bruise these beautiful bums just right.

There is a little over 21 full length videos which are all in high quality you will have fun watching these 21 models get the shit spanked out of them, these young girls have been naughty, and must be punished by Warden Mike. So get ready to sit back, and watch these girls get the spanking of a life time.

The spanking images are very poor on this site as they are only video stills. This really lets the site down with the poor quality of images. I was really hoping for some nice high res images.

The videos are all viewed inside the browser with windows media player or Quicktime, and can be viewed in 2 qualities. You can view them in High or Low. The videos are split in between 3-4 clips. You may also download the videos, and save them on your hard drive. The average size per clip is 18mb which is a nice easy download, and should only take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

The extra bonuses you can in this site is unreal. You get 13 Video feeds to choose from. They include:
-Anal Video
-BDSM / Bondage Videos
-Fetish / Bizarre Videos
-Gay / Bisexual Videos
-Hardcore Videos
-Interactive Videos
-Interracial Videos
-Lesbian Videos
-Oral / Facial Videos
-18 & 19 year olds / Softcore Videos
-Voyeur / Watersports Videos
-All Amateur Action

Each section has a list of feeds that you can view free of charge. This is some really nice extra content that they have given their members. You can also access Live Cam Shows, and bonus video and images galleries with all have a similar niche.

Features & Navigation:

I found the site wasn't laid out that easy to navigate around. The main home page has updates on it and links to a couple of the feeds. You need to use the right hand side menu bar to find the pissing videos that you came here to see. I really think they could change it and make it a little easier for them members to navigate through.

Basically all the buttons you will ever need to click on are in yellow writing with the blue background. If you ever get lost all you will need to do is click on the Home link, and it should take you right back to the main page.

The have a lot of nice features on this site including the way you can download the images into a ZIP format. This will really save you a lot of time if you are wishing to download all the images that they have on their site. The images are pretty small is size which is unfortunate.


This is one of those sites that you don't really know what to expect when you first see it, but let me tell you it's most likely to be the most hardcore spanking site i have come across. These young babes really get spanking hard. They end up covered in bruisers and rich red bums. I guess it will teach them not to be naughty ever again. The video content is great quality. The clips are about 20mb per clip which is a nice size for downloading.

Pros & Cons

+ Great spanking site
+ Hot young babes
+ Great bonus content
- Images are a little small
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