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Short Review: is where the girls are sizzling hot and their asses are the color of cherries! All these babes came to this site claiming to be into spanking and daring these guys to turn their tails stoplight red, they accepted their challenge and soon had them eating their words. Without a doubt these pretty young things will think twice before claiming to be into spankings in the future, and best of all you can watch their ass tingling initiations here at
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There dirty little sluts didn't know what they were in for when they told the guys at that they were into spanking and they do it all the time. Well lets just say that these girls must have have only lite spanking before, because these girls do not realize what they have gotten them selfs in for. These guys spanking girls asses, you will see these sexy young girls asses turn a nice cherry red once these guys turn on their magic.

There isn't as much video content on this site that I was hoping for. There is only 13 full length videos which I was a little bummed out about, but for what they lack in quantity they sure make up for in quality. These videos are steaming hot, everything from the choice of models to the setting and role playing, this is a well done site. I also found out that they do updates every week so the content is only going to climb up. So after a couple of months this website will have heaps on videos for you to download. You will also notice that the website doesn't have any image galleries to go with the videos, this also was a little bit of a let down.

You also have access to 22 reality sites free of charge, here you will find 22 sites that will fit into any niche that you can think of, from to you will find 1000's of videos for you to download and 1000's of images to download as well, these guys have really looked after their members. Not every day you get access to 22 other adult websites for free. This alone is worth the monthly membership costs.

Features & Navigation: is very straight forward to navigate. As soon as you login to the site you will find the 13 videos laid out right in front of you. All you will need to do is simply click on the thumbnail image of the model you wish to watch and it will take you straight to her page, once you arrive at her page you will simply just have to click on the download full video link and the download will start. This website has one of the quickest download rates I have seen in a while.

One thing you will notice is that you will be unable to stream the videos inside the members area, you will only be able to download them. In some of the other sites that you have access to, some of them will let you download the videos in clips instead of downloading the full movie, I know a lot of people like this because they only want to download the good sections.

The main navigation bar that you will need to use the most to go from site to site is located at the very top of the website. This is what they call a drop down menu, you will simply click on the sites link and it will drop down a menu with all the sites that you have access to. Once you have done this you will be taken to the site that you have chosen, then all you will have to do is the same as the site before. Click on the thumbnail image of the model you would like to see then once you have been taken to her page click on the download link. If you find that you are having trouble navigating around this site click on the support link for help.

Conclusion: is a very cool spanking site. I would have liked to have seen a couple more videos in the members area but I know they are still doing updates, so I believe after a couple of months it will be full of great video content. Don't get me wrong the videos they have now are of the highest quality and I would highly recommend that you become a member of this site. You not only get access to this site but you get access to over 22 other adult paysites.

Pros & Cons

+ Great models
+ Great layout

- Needs a little more videos
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