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Rosy Red Cheeks is a decent little site on the Starlight network that features some very bad girls getting spanked in the ass until it turns bright red and along the way they suck and fuck a bit of cock. There is a lot of good content here, but the quality is a bit lower than Id like and the content is a bit on the trashy side and doesnt look to great all of the time, not to mention the constant annoying ads in the paid members area! Not a complete failure but I cant recommend it either
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Detailed Review:


While Rosy Red Cheeks definitely isnt the worst porn site Ive seen, it definitely doesn't go out of its way to be great. Theres some good content here, but the quality is a bit on the low side and I didnt really get much enjoyment out of the low quality and sometimes trashy looking videos.

A membership to Rosy Red Cheeks will get you access to over 100 of their videos, each lasting around 5 to 20 minutes. All of the content is hardcore and features some modest looking trashy sluts getting spanked until their asses are red and then sucking some cock and getting fucked in the pussy and sometimes ass. Some of the scenes are filmed decently, but some of them are pretty bad and blurry at times, which may actually be a GOOD thing for some of these chicks...

You can download the videos in your choice of 1 streaming and 2 downloadable formats. If you want to stream the videos in your browser you can do so in a decent looking MPEG (352x240 @ 400kbps). You can also download them in the same quality MPEG or a similar quality WMV (320x240 @ 300kbps).

There are also over 65 image galleries on the site, featuring the same sort of ass spanking content as youll see in the videos. As with the video camera work, the photography is only decent although you do get the photos in a nice high resolution (900x1200) with no watermarks.

With the same login and password you also get access to the full Starlight network of sites that range in quality from mediocre to good. You get: Kitty Karsen, Aphrodite Notte, September Scott, Maria Mendoza, Alluring Anime, Bitches N Hose, Cotton Bottom Club, Pantera XXX, Rozy Red Cheeks, Quantum Heaps, Pregnahoes, Nut In Butt Shemales, Fuzz Bumpers, Mackenzie Kayne, Spooge Sluts, Plump Poopers, Uniform Desire, Lassoed Ladies, You Want Happy Ending, Toolbox Fuckers, Pud Pullin, Naughty Little Teen, I Am Pierced, Fucking Foreigners, Voyage For Vagina, Bone Smokin, Draggin N Gaggin, Lea Lotus, Stacey Steel, Tempting Tessa, Christy Cummings, Kayden Krush, Delilah Day, Heidi Heard, Lingere Lovin. Theres a good amount of content on these sites and some hot solo girls, which manages to make the package a little more worthwhile.

Features & Navigation:

The main tour page at Rosy Red Cheeks is quite good looking and gives you a good idea of what you'll be getting with your membership, including some previews of the videos that are on the inside. Signing up with a credit card seems easy enough and logging into the site was no problem at all.

The inside of the members area isn't too bad either, minus the constant annoying ads that keep popping up on the front page. From here, click on site list to get to each site available for you to check out. Avoid the other parts of the menu, they are just ads in disguise.

Rosy Red Cheeks has both a videos section and an images section. In the video section, go through the preview images and click on it once you've chosen to go to the download page. Here you get simple links to each downloadable format that you just right click and hit save as to download the files.

Click on photos for each site to be taken to a similar listing of galleries. Each photo gallery contains a bunch of scaled down images that will enlarge in the next browser window when you click on them. Next and Prev links are given so you can easily browse through the photos.

Rosy Red Cheeks and all of the network sites work on the same basic site design and simply load up in the same window so its easy to access the whole network. The sites are simple but fast and easy, including the video download speeds.


There is a good amount of spanking porn on Rosy Red Cheeks and some of it is worth checking out, but otherwise the site fails to impress with its low quality video and lack of quality models. That coupled with the fact that the site is jam packed with annoying advertisements earns this one a big fat mehhhh from me.

Pros & Cons

+ Some good spanking content
- Low quality
- Tons of annoying ads on page
Click here to visit Rosy Red Cheek and check out the tour.