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As kids we all hated and dreaded the thought of getting spanked for doing something naughty, isn't it strange how as adults we jump at the chance of being spanked and find it a sexual and arousing gesture, the ladies on show at spankhut love getting their asses spanked so much that they had to have footage of themselves being spanked red raw for all humanity to see!
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Ah nothing like a big phat spank on the ass to the set the mood right? If this is the sort of mind frame your in when it comes to foreplay then you'll love the content on this site. is heavily based around sexy round assed babes getting their tight butts spanked red raw in a wide array of scenes based on secondary niches.

All up there are 28 short episodes available for download, the episodes have an average run time of around 10mins and are available in three different qualities low medium and high, low quality movie specs are as follows 320x240 for dimensions at a bit rate of 352Kbps, as for medium you get the dimensions of 512x384 with a bit rate of 636Kbps and last but not least high quality which comes at 640x480 at a bit rate of 1550Kbps. All the episodes are in wmv format and are available to download in full eps or shorter equally sized chapters to accommodate for different connection speeds. Their server speeds are pretty decent, on a 1.5Mb download connection I was averaging at the download speed of 100Kbps, it took me less then half an hour to download most of the high quality content that were split into chapters.

The prominent niche is obviously spanking but most of the episodes have a secondary niche to them, for example theres lesbians, girl spanks boy, threesomes and older men spanking babes aged 18 to 19, so you won't get bored of just plain old spanking. There is a nice variety of girls getting their asses spanked, they may not be as sexy and good looking as Aurora Snow but they definitely are attractive. The types of girls on show range from cute Asians, Big bubble butt ebony babes, fresh faced models and seductive mature milfs so theres no shortage of flavors to choose from. Spankhut uploaded their latest movie on the second of August which was some time ago now, before then the updates were quite random showing no real pattern as far as the dates go, there is no evident information on whether or not they are still uploading new content, so for now we'll just have to wait and see.

Personally I'm not too big on the spanking scene but I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that just can't get enough of it, if your that type of person then you certainly won't be disappointed with this site.

Features & Navigation:

The instant you arrive on the front page you'll notice that it seems uneven, theres a side border on the left but on the right side it seems as though the background stretches all the way to the side of page. Now I don't know if the web designers intentionally designed it to look as it does and in a way it does sort of work as a layout, but personally I found it to look strange and uneven. Pictures on the front page are of high quality and strongly portray the spanking niche, at the bottom of the non members can treat themselves to 28 free previews to get a small taste of whats in store for them on sign up.

Navigating through this site is plain and simple, there are no navigation menus or search engines, but thats because they aren't necessary, you got everything you want right in the main members area. At the top of the page you have your latest updates and the top rated videos section, towards the bottom you'll find all the links to the 28 episodes in thumbnail form, clicking on a thumbnail will take you to that particular episodes info and downloads page where you will find all the usual information like the date the episode was uploaded, how long the episode goes for and a short description of what the scene is all about, you can also view a short preview to get a rough feel of what the episode looks like.

Scrolling down the page you'll come across download links to the various video clips available for download, scrolling down even further you'll end up in the photo gallery section where you can view pictures which seem to be video captures of that particular scene.

So as you can kind of tell there isn't really that much I can say about the navigation of the site as it is basic and straight forward, but hey, like they say if it ain't broke don't fix it and I believe that is the point the web developers are trying to portray.


I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is a great site for all those crazy bottom spankers out there and even if your just a little curious on what all the hype about spanking is I'd recommend you to check this site out, who knows you might even be converted into a spanker with all the great content and what not. I'll end the review by saying does a great job portraying the spanking porn niche.

Pros & Cons

+ Plain simple navigation
+ Nice exclusive content
- Side bar adds
- Weird front page layout
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