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Here's a site for those of you who have a penchant on spanking naughty babes with large, round asses. Spanked and Abused offers exclusive videos and picture galleries, starring mischievous ladies who deserve a good hard spanking. This site is brought to you by the Inclusive network, which the lucky members also get full access to. Check it out, and let the spanking begin!
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Although not my favorite type of fetish porn, I can't help but feel a little turned on by these type of spanking fetish scenes. Although you do see playful spanking on a lot of hardcore type content, this site brings it to a new level, and it's by no means playful. The babes get their naughty bottoms spanked with bare hands, wooden spoons, and tennis rackets, all the while getting drilled. So yeah, I guess you can classify the content to be a little extreme, fans of the slapping niche will really eat these episodes up.

On a down note, none of the updates have been dated, so I'm not a hundred percent sure on exactly how active the site still is. Although there is a nice option which the Inclusive network provides, in which members can request for a certain type of scene. This is always a good indication that the people behind the site want to please their members. At the moment there isn't a whole lot available, with only 15 episodes on offer. Good news is that the episodes do a really good job on bringing out the best in the spanking porn niche, that and they're of fairly decent quality.

The episodes on offer run for approximately 25 minutes each. Scenes can be streamed and downloaded in short 1 minute clips, or full scenes available in Mpeg and Wmv format. The highest in quality are the Mpeg version of the scenes, these are available in an encoding rate of roughly 1200kbps, with a video size of 352x240. The Wmvs are considerably lower in quality clocking in at 500kbps also with a video size of 320x240. Overall they're a pretty decent watch, and although the Wmvs are inferior in quality, they're convenient for members on slow connections.

Aside from the great videos on offer, all of the episodes also come with some quality photo content. These sets come with up to 150 to 300 images each, the images look great, and follow the action quite well. These are available in fairly good dimensions of 1024x768, a very nice side dish to the videos available. So looking back at the content as a whole, the stuff they do have is very decent, all they need to do now is fill the site with a lot more content, as 15 episodes doesn't cut it for me.

Features & Navigation:

As a part of the All Inclusive Pass network, members of this site gain access to all the sites available, at no extra cost. As it is now, there's a total of 10 sites which make up the network. Like this site, most of them are based on some type of fetish. Some of the fetishes covered include, foot fucking, shemales, PVC Latex, teasing, and tit fucking. Before you are taken to the home page of Spanked and Abused, you are directed to the main members area for the entire Inclusive network. From here you can access the 10 sites, and keep up to date on the latest, and upcoming updates.

To make your way to the Spanked and Abused home page, you must utilize the link provided. This can be found in the left border of the page. Once you've made it to the home page, you are immediately presented with the 6 latest updates to the site. To the left of the updates is the highest rated episode voted by the member base. At the bottom of the site, you'll come across a section dedicated to the request a scene feature. This is great when you come up with some crazy new scene, and if your lucky the producers will create it just for you.

The 15 episodes are spread across 3 indexed pages. Each episode is presented by a small thumbnail link, below this thumbnail is the starring model's name. Upon clicking on this thumbnail link you will be taken to the main content area of the episode. This page consists of the various streaming, and download links. At the very bottom is where you will find the picture gallery, if you really like the episode you can rate it, this will be counted towards the most popular episode vote.

So that's pretty much the site mechanics in a nutshell. In retrospect the site is very easy to navigate. The Inclusive Pass home page is quite handy to keep up to date with the network as a whole, and makes site hopping a breeze. I was really impressed with the request a scene feature, as I rarely come across a network which offers this. Other than that, the site does look quite nice, and everything is nicely spaced out, eliminating the cluttered feel you get on other sites.


Well they really need to boost the content numbers before it gains the must see status. The site does have huge potential, as it offers great spanking content, plus the videos, and picture galleries are of decent quality. It's a good thing the site is a part of a network, this gives members other porn to check out as they wait for updates. Give the site a trial if you are really interested in the spanking niche, otherwise you could find yourself running out of porn quite fast.

Pros & Cons

+ Great Spanking episodes
+ Exclusive content
+ Very easy to navigate
+ Access to 10 bonus sites
+ Picture content looks great
- Updates aren't dated
- Video archive is quite small
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