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Short Review:

Spanking Experience offers a 100% exclusive collection of amateur video clips featuring naughty young Eastern European gals of all shapes and sizes getting spanked, paddled, and caned. Each clip offers a kinky scenario to set the stage for spanking fine, and new video clips are added on a regular basis. Let's take a peek inside the members area and get all of the details on this corporal punishment themed site.
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Trial 12.95
Monthly 14.95

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Our total rating: 67/100

Detailed Review:


Spanking Experience currently offers nearly 170 video scenes, and new updates are coming about once per week. This is a video-based site and the only image materials offered are low-quality screen captures taken from the video files. It looks like the site has been updating since the summer of 2007.

All of the performers here seem to be Eastern European, perhaps Russian. That being said, I'm honestly not sure exactly where these models come from or what language they're speaking in the videos. Luckily, it looks like most or all of these videos are subtitled, so it's easy to follow the kinky plot lines. Each clip here averages about 10 minutes and features at least one naughty gal getting punished for various transgressions including smoking, drinking too much, looking up with guys from the Internet, or fighting with their sisters. The gals get spanked with hands, paddles, and even kitchen spoons. Canes, straps, belts, hairbrushes, and other instruments are also sometimes used.

For the most part, the materials here are what I would consider below average in quality. It's not that things looked terrible, but the lighting is often slightly off, color balance can be a bit incorrect, and the clips don't always play as smoothly as I'd like to see. Luckily, there shouldn't be any problems here bad enough to prevent you from enjoying these spanking video clips.

Features & Navigation:

Although the tour pages for Spanking Experience aren't particularly attractive, they at least do a pretty good job of previewing the materials you'll find inside. Potential members can check out the model index, and there are also preview images for most, if not all, of the included scenes.

The same basic color scheme and design continues once inside the members area here. Unfortunately, this site is not particularly user-friendly. All of the scenes are listed on a single page, and there are no search or sort tools here at all. In terms of previewing this seems, all you get is a title and a single small preview image. This collection definitely needs some improvement when it comes to navigation and search tools and options.

The lack of options and choices continues when it comes to accessing these flicks. Each file is offered only in AVI format in a single quality level. Streaming is not supported, and the low-quality screen capture images that are available with each clip are offered only for viewing in thumbnail galleries from within the members' area.


While it's always nice to see exclusive fetish scenes, especially when they stick to the theme of the site as well as those at Spanking Experience do, this one needs a lot of improvement. Quality needs to increase, the members' area needs a lot more features and options, and even the setting for the scenes could use some variation. This is a good chance to see some naughty amateurs getting spanked, but it won't be finding itself at the top of the spanking porn pile anytime soon.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive spanking scenes
+ Regular updates
+ Sticks to the spanking/punishment theme well
- Quality could be better
- Needs more options for materials
- Complete lack of search/sort features
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