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Short Review:

Spanking Pass offers full, unrestricted access to three separate collections dedicated to sexy spanking. These collections feature amateur models ranging from trim and thin to plump and curvy. This is a pretty general spanking collection which, for the most part, doesn't have any specific themes beyond spanking and corporal punishment. There are hundreds of scenes available in this package, so let's get inside and take a closer look at what they have to offer.
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Our total rating: 69/100

Detailed Review:


The three sites which are included in a Spanking Pass membership are Spanking Experience, Spanking Casting, and Spanking Family. Altogether, there are around 440 scenes available for these three sites. The number of scenes for each site is approximately equal, but the Spanking Family collection offers a set of digital still photos to accompany each of its 134 video scenes. This site also seems to update more frequently than the other sites, although ironically they don't bother to list the dates on the materials here, something they have been quite consistent with for the other collections. In total, it looks like you can expect about three or four new videos and three or four new photo sets each week between the three sites.

As I mentioned, most or all of the models here are amateurs. I believe that these gals are mostly Eastern European, perhaps Russian. In fact, none of the dialogue here is in English, and many of the scenes are not subtitled. Luckily, it looks like the scenes found on Spanking Family are subtitled, and this is probably the site that needs them the most since it has an ongoing, "soap opera" style plot line. The materials here stay firmly in the realm of the spanking, caning, and other corporal punishments like paddling. There's no sex and no masturbation, although many of the scenes do feature full nudity.

Quality here is what I would consider below average. Themes are often washed out and a bit grainy. Luckily, nothing is so bad that it would prevent the enjoyment of the scene. Most of the flicks I downloaded came at either 640 x 480 pixels or 720 x 576 pixels. Bitrates range between about 1500 and 2500 kbps. The photos are over 1000 pixels on the long side but are often extremely poorly shot. There are shadows all over the place, and often times the lighting rig is visible in the shot giving the whole thing and over lit, overblown look.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages for Spanking Pass are overly simple, mostly gray, and not very helpful. Potential members are probably better off checking out the individual site's tour pages for more information about the collections.

The unattractive look and over simplicity of things continues in the members area. There is no central network page for these sites. Each must be accessed separately, and there aren't many navigation features or tools to speak of for any of them. In fact, one of the sites list well over 130 scenes all on one page with no search or sort tools at all. A little bit of user-friendliness would go a long way for this network collection.

The video files here are offered in a mixture of WMV and AVI formats. Each video is offered only in one of these formats at a single quality level. There are placeholders for other file types, but so far they are not forthcoming. The screen capture images and digital still photos that accompany some of the scenes can be viewed in basic thumbnail galleries or downloaded in ZIP files.


While it's nice to see three spanking sites packaged as a bundle deal, this network is not without its problems. The materials are fairly low in quality, the members areas lack basic features and options when it comes to accessing the materials, and the price for these three sites is far higher than many other larger networks I've reviewed in the past. While some spanking fans will no doubt find some value here, I'd like to see some improvement before I give this one a hearty thumbs-up.

Pros & Cons

+ Access to 3 exclusive spanking sites
+ Regular updates
+ Sticks well to theme
- Quality is low
- Lacks basic features and options
- Lacks update info for some materials
- Price is higher than avg
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