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Do you get turned on by the jiggling sensation that occurs when you slap a tight tooshie hard until it turns bright red? Do you like Teens? If you answered yes to both questions you will love the exclusive content waiting for you at Spanking Teens! These ladies get aroused from having their juicy bum spanked, the pain makes their pussy wet. See red raw footage as hot young adult babes get spanked and fucked! The site has bad design but the scenes make it worth getting a membership to!
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The site looks like it's out of the 1990s with a really outdated interface and layout that needs a good redesign! Now that the bad thing is out of the way, comes my review of the content. After I got my membership and logged in, I was greeted with a messy members only page, it told me to click on to Spanking Teen to get the content, OK so I did. All of the scenes are arranged on one page, scrolling down you can view them all. The scenes are exclusive, but even though the site's name is Spanking Teenies not all scenes feature Teens, obviously the girls in many are well over 20. There are well over 100 unorganized scenes here, they link you to the movie download page, and clicking the thumb brings up the picture gallery. The movies are quite mixed up, some are available as MPG format, while the others in WMV format. The bit rate and quality, remains a mystery... The download speed was all right, I was able to get 400kb/second. The photos are 768px 1024px and can be downloaded in zip packs. The main niche is spanking porn obviously, but there are sub-niches within, some feature lesbian femdom spanking, others threesome, and there are even hardcore and solo girl scenes. The girls aren't that attractive, but there are a few diamonds in the rough in there. They offer bonus pictures & videos, these seem like old school porn featuring unknown porn stars in really 90s looking quality. The bonus section is definitely lacking.

If you like spanking, then check this site out, but the confusing and outdated layout and design make it not so desirable, and send people like me searching for alternatives...

Features & Navigation:

When you arrive at the public site, things look ok, the tour features big thumbnails from some of the scenes to give you an insight into the content available in the members only area. You have to scroll to the bottom of the main public page to sign in to the members area by the way...

When you sign in the members only area, that is when you get a shocking reaction, OK where am I, how do I get the content. Lucky for you, they made it obvious and put a question "Are you ready for spanking porn action?" Click On "Spanking Teenies" for enjoying the pics and vids." The site sounds like it was put together by a non-native speaker. I clicked my way through to the "Spanking Tennies Content Area" and all of the pictures/movies were cluttered on one page, a mile long. Clicking the thumbnail brings up the picture gallery page, where you may download a zip pack file. They are missing a back button, so you have to use your web browsers to go back to the main "CONTENT PAGE" Each scene features a big thumbnail, under that are either one or two call to action phrases inviting you to CLICK HERE to see pictures, or download the video. They forget to mention the movie file type, the size of video, or the quality. Also there's no live streaming FLASH. All in all, very confusing, but straight to the point as well. I guess after experiencing high quality porn sites with amazing features and navigation systems, this one takes me back to the 1990s when porn was a new thing online and it was all about getting the stuff right away, in as least confusing steps as possible.

Despite the reality that we live in 2009 now, they have opted to stay oldschool. This is definitely a huge minus for them, as porn surfers have became advanced and need more, and don't have time to waste on low quality stuff. The bonus section offered at Spanking Teenies is also thrown together BS featuring some old school picture galleries, and a few movie downloads. Nothing fancy in here I'm afraid. This site needs a major redesign, and content organization.


Spanking Teenies has some great content, but the navigation and the site design turn you off. I think if they redesigned their site, and revamped the layout/organized the scenes better plus upped their bonus section it would be a great buy. But in the state that it is now, I say there are other options out there that will bring more enjoyment and better value.

Pros & Cons

+Great Teen Spanking Content
+Exclusive Scenes
+Zip Packs
-Only 1 video format/resolution
-No streaming FLASH video option
-Outdated Site Design
-Confusing Layout
-Lacking Bonus Materials
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