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When a lady squirts you know that there is no way in hell that she is faking it, that said it's needed that they experience the most intense sex to reach these squirting orgasms and you'll be seeing plenty of that going on right on this dripping wet site! Squirtaholics is brought to you by the Meat Members network and has a total of 20 exclusive squirting based episodes for members to enjoy. Our lucky readers a special on the membership for only $9.95 now that's a damn bargain!
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I believe the title of this site pretty much explains what this site is all about. To those of you who aren't familiar with the term squirting it's basically the occurrence when a lady squirts due to an intense orgasm. Not all ladies enjoy this type of orgasm in fact usually only the most sexual ladies squirt their juices and even then they need to experience a full blown orgasm helped along by intense fucking. Keeping that in mind it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll all find the sex featured in the episodes to be hardcore fucking at it's best so it's definitely a site which gonzo fans are certainly going to enjoy.

I came across quite a few big name pornstars in the mix showing off their squirting prowess on this site. Some of the more well known ladies include the smoking hot brunette Eva, the blond goddess Flower Tucci, and the ebony babe Jada Fire amongst other hot ladies who are well known for their squirting. Diversity in their line up of ladies is fairly decent, most of the ladies on show are Caucasian of the blond, brunette, and redhead variety though there are ebony and Latina ladies thrown in for good measure. Overall the cast is very attractive and there's not a single average looking woman in the mix.

The site's main shortcoming is definitely in it's low content numbers. See if the site was new then the fact that there are only 20 episodes wouldn't have been so bad however the site is far from new as the first episodes was dated on the 1st of June 2 years ago in 2007! So if you do the math there 2 years with only 20 episodes it doesn't seem all that impressive does it? Furthermore the site has not been updated in a very long time as the last update was dated at the start of last year on the 17th of January 2008 and with no solid information on future updates it looks as though the site has completely stopped with the updates.

When it comes to quality of the videos I would have to say they are average at best. Videos come in both wmv and mpeg format with the wmvs coming out on top as far as quality goes. The wmv videos have an encoding rate of 1000kbps @ 640x480 while the mpegs have higher kbps rates with a lower resolution clocking in at 1500kbps @ 448x352. Both video formats are downloadable in both full scenes and short segmented downloads. So they definitely aren't the best videos I've seen however they aren't bad either. Each episode also comes with a set of photos which go along with the action of the videos but don't go mistaking them to be screen captures as they are proper high quality videos though the site does provide screen captures as well but who needs them when there are perfectly good photos on offer.

Given the small amount of content available it is obvious that members are going to be running out of porn to view a little too quickly especially those who are avid porn viewers. The good news is that members of this site gain free access to the entire Meat Members network upon signing up with this site. Meat Members is quite the extensive network with a collection of 58 exclusive sites each one covering a different porn theme. Now the only problem as you may have guessed is that the content numbers across the sites aren't consistent you'll come across some sites which are huge while other which are small such as this one. In addition to all the exclusive episodes members also have access to a massive online DVD archive as a bonus. All these extras will certainly prolong the longevity of the membership.

Features & Navigation:

Immediately after logging in members are taken to the main page of the Meat Members network which pretty much acts as a hub to the various sites on the network and contains all the latest information on updates, the most popular episodes, and the total content number across all 50 plus sites. This page essentially contains all of the content available across the network so basically you don't really have to visit the individual sites to view the content though things can get a little confusing if you were to browse it this way. If you want to view the Squirtaholics content only you can make your way to the site by utilizing the drop down menu in the navigation menu including the links to the various sites.

Once you're on the Squirtaholics main page you will be presented with the entire catalog of episodes just below the top banner. All of the episodes fit on this one page as there are only 20 of them after all. Each episode is represented via thumbnail link which once clicked on will take you to the main content area of your chosen episode. From there you can access the various video downloads and view both the video captures and proper photo galleries in thumbnail gallery format. There's also the added option of downloading the photo sets in zip files for offline viewing.

You'll notice quite a few search tools on offer though given the small amount of content on this site it is some what redundant. What you can use these tools for however is browsing through the content on the entire network. Members can browse through the content via model name and category. Overall the site or network I should say is easy enough to navigate. As far as site presentation goes, well the site isn't overly flashy though it does look quite nice mainly because the simple layout makes the pages look nice and neat as everything is nicely spaced out never making the pages look cluttered.


This site seems to be relying on the network it is a part of to impress members with numbers however as a stand alone site the collection of exclusive episodes is just too small and the average quality of the videos just doesn't make up for the small amount of content. The only thing I could praise the site on are the smoking hot episodes and the attractive ladies starring in them, and if that's all you're after then by all means give the site a go, though I have warned you.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot models
+ Squirting episodes are intense
+ Access to over 50 network sites
+ Site looks nice
+ Exclusive content
- Not enough content
- Hasn't been updated in a while
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