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Squirting porn, some people love it when a girl squirts and some find it a huge turn off so I guess this kind of porn could some what be classified as a fetish. To those of you who find this act of female sexuality a down right enticing then here is a site which was especially tailored for your squirting fantasies. Better yet all the content within is available in HD quality so if you are a sucker for great looking videos then this site really delivers on that aspect.
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You ever get the feeling that your girls not getting satisfied in bed? Well one things for sure if she squirts then you know you've done a damn fine job. Unfortunately though, not all girls have the amazing ability to squirt so when you find one that does you know that she's a keeper! Lucky for us the developers of this site have gathered the most gorgeous girls who squirt starring in the most hardcore of squirting videos and packed them in to this convenient little site which is just over flowing with female juices.

Obviously all the content available on this site is of hardcore nature as it goes without saying that a girl isn't going to be squirting unless she's being slammed to oblivion. The porn you'll be seeing are fairly standard one on one outings but obviously when it comes to the climax, and sometimes even during the heated fucking when things really start to heat up. Needless to say the girls sure can turn on the water works and leave a huge mess of things. So if you were wondering about the hardcore factor of the episodes, that is certainly not an issue.

To put it all in it's simplicity Squirting Movie Club is essentially what you would call an online DVD archive. A collection of full length retail DVDs readily available to download at the click of a button, sounds very tempting right? Well I don't blame you for thinking that as it's down right convenient. The DVDs come from various well known production companies and feature full scenes starring popular and rookie porn stars of unparalleled beauty. Squirting Movie Club is a brand new site with a humble collection of DVDs which is consistently growing. As of now there's a current total of 17 DVDs just waiting to be downloaded, it may not be the biggest collection around but with information on consistent updates this new site has huge potential.

The developers certainly haven't pulled any punches when it comes to video and download options as they have tried to keep things convenient for all members no matter what their connection type may be. For those of you with decent connections they've provided high resolution videos which will have you creaming your pants from the sheer quality. This version comes in wmv format and clocks in at an amazing (2500kbps @ 720x480), try blowing them up to full screen and you'll notice that the quality is just grand. There are also mpeg and mp4 versions to download, plus an flv version which can be streamed off the site though these are lower in quality. They're still quite a decent watch however if you want to make the most of this site you'll certainly want to stick with the high resolution versions.

So you're probably thinking that 17 DVDs probably won't last you long enough, but keep in mind that the site is still fairly new, and take in to account that the archive is steadily growing. Plus you will be further reassured when I mention that you've got another 1800 other DVDs at your finger tips! Being a part of the HD Movie Club certainly has it's advantages because once you sign up with this site you have free and instant access to every thing available on all 20 sites on the network. Each site covers a unique niche and each one provides brilliant high resolution content just like this one. So there's really no risk at all if you look at the bigger picture.

Features & Navigation:

You best put on a raincoat when you enter the tours of this squirting porn site as it's just over flowing with pictures of girls squirting it all out. The presentation of the tour page looks awesome and there's plenty of information here which will fill you in on exactly what you will be paying for. Non-members can also get a good idea on what kind of content they can expect to be watching as the tour pages are riddled with high quality sample pictures taken from the various scenes. There are also free trailers which will have you drenched in female juices.

Apart from the content looking great the presentation of the site is spectacular as well. I'm sure you've come across sites before where the tours look amazing only to make it inside and find a very plain and dull looking home page. Well the developers of this site certainly haven't pulled any punches as far as site presentation goes as the homepage looks just as flashy as the tours. The blue color scheme really suits the niche of the site and is never straining on the eyes and the. All the content across the 20 niche sites can be accessed straight from this members area. Down the left hand side of the page you'll find the 20 links to each of the niched sites for quick and easy access. With a single click on these you will be taken to your chosen site's main members area from where you can proceed to download all the content on offer.

Down the main section of the members area is where all the latest updates can be found. Each one of these are represented in a thumbnail featuring the cover of the DVD, and clicking on them will immediately take you to the main download area for the scene. Down the very bottom of the list of updates are links to the indexed pages which include the older updates. If you're the kind who is very specific with your porn and don't want to take hours looking for the exact thing you're after then you'll be glad to know there are various search tools which will help you with your fussy ways. The developers have given members the ability to search through the massive archive of DVDs via studio, pornstar, and series.

Every DVD has it's own dedicated section from where you can download and read up on information about it. This section allows you access to the downloads for the various versions of the video, including the HD and the lower quality vids. This section also includes large sample pictures of the scene so you can get a good indication on what the scene looks like. One of the big pictures includes a play button, clicking on this picture will automatically stream your video within that panel. At the top of this area you'll notice the front and back covers of the DVD and information in regards to the starring models, the members rankings, and a short description.


Man this is one juicy site squirt fans certainly won't want to pass up. What this squirting site brings to the table that others don't is the fact that all their content comes in mouth watering high resolution which just can't be beat. The archive may be a little humble at the moment but give this brand new site a few weeks and I'm sure things will start looking quite tasty. Great HD movies, beautiful girls squirting, and free access to an entire network brimming with niche specific sites!

Pros & Cons

+ Awesome HD quality
+ Consistent updates
+ Great site presentation
+ Free Access to 20 HD sites
+ Very easy to navigate
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