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Swallow Squirt invites only the most juiciest ladies who really know how to turn on the water works and I'm not talking about the day time soap opera kind of way! I'm talking about the water works that turn on when they get their holes liked by another gorgeous lady or slammed by a donkey dicked stud! Yup that's exactly the type of content you can witness right on this very site!
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Our total rating: 85/100

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When I first laid eyes on the tour pages of this site I knew I was going ot be in for quite the show. I mean what could be more arousing watching lesbians get themselves off in the most naughtiest ways to end things with a healthy spray session! Being quite a big fan of the lesbian niche (which I'm sure most of us blokes are) I was more than looking forward to checking out the juicy episodes within. But it's not all girl on girl play as they've also mixed things up with a decent number of hardcore scenes usually involving one dude getting lucky with two squirt queens!

You can expect to see quite a few big names starring in the hot episodes and there's quite a menu of different flavors to choose from ranging from the cute Asian minx Annie Cruz, to the bubble butt hottie Jada Fire, and of course what would a squirting porn site be without the blonde mistress Tina Lynn who is well known for her adept talent of gushing her tangy women fluids! All in all there's no shortage of pussy to please your eyes on this site so no matter what kind of ladies you're in to Swallow Squirt has found one that could unleash gallons for just about anyones tastes.

Unfortunately I didn't come across any information in regards to when the past episodes were uploaded so I can't give you a solid backed up answer on how long the site has been live for. At the time of writing this review there was a total of 36 episodes available in the archives. The same can be said for information on future updates as well making it a little hard to determine whether the site is still active on updates. On the upside they are all exclusive to the site so you won't find them any where else on the net.

The most impressive part of this site hands down would have to be the sheer quality of the episodes. You'll find that quality doesn't get much better than this with the videos available in wmv format clocking in at a mouth watering bit rate of (2000kbps @ 720x480). Needless to say the videos look stunning they're very clear and all the motion runs as smooth a pornstars hot round ass! The episodes are also available in mpeg version though these are noticably lower in quality but convenient for their smaller file sizes, this version comes in (600kbps @ 320x240). So yeah I guess it's safe to say that quality is certainly not an issue here folks!

Now for the download and video options. So as you already know the episodes come in two formats being wmv and mpeg, both these formats can be downloaded off the site with no DRM restrictions or in plain English you can keep them for as long as you want. As with most sites nowadays the episodes can be downloaded in short clips giving members to skip out on segments they don't want to view saving them a chunk of bandwidth in the long run. Of course they've also provided the full scene downloads for those of you who have blistering fast connections and unlimited downloads.

The only mediocre media which is available on the site are the pictures on offer. Well they're not proper photos so to say but screen shots of taken from the videos of the episodes. To those of you who are familiar with screen shots expect to see some of the flaws you do on most screen shots like pixelation when there's fast movement involved in the shot. Though I will give them credit for being moderately clear this is thanks to the high quality of the videos but other than that they're pretty average. The screen shots measure in at (720x480 pixels) with an average of roughly 80 shots per episodes.

With 36 episodes and no solid information in regards to updates I wouldn't blame members for worrying about running out of content. However this won't be the case because not only do members gain access to every thing that is available on this site, but you've also got another 50 sites just waiting to be sucked of all their porn. Yup you heard right that's an epic 50 bonus sites to keep you entertained if you want a rest from all the sexy squirt ladies on this site or are simply waiting for the next episode to be uploaded. I should also mention that the 50 sites all cover different niches which really ups the diversity of your porn viewing.

Features & Navigation:

Open up the tours of the site and wouldn't you know it there right in front of you situated in the top banner are the two most famous ladies for being able to squirt one out the blonde bombshell Tiana Lynn and the gorgeous brunette Cytherea quite the welcoming party if I say so myself. Making your way down the tours things look even more juicier with plenty of sample screen shots of their episodes non-members will get a nice taste of what is in store for them on sign-up. There are even a few free trailers which will surely convince the suirt fans on a sign-up.

Swallow Squirt and the 50 bonus sites I mentioned ealier are part of a massive network otherwise known as the Pornstar Network. This is made obvious as you are taken to the main members area for the entire network rather than being taken straight to the members area for Swallow Squirt. However this does come in handy as from this members area you can keep up to date on all the latest news and updates across the entire network. You can access all the content across the network from this very page and you can even sort the content via category using the navigation menu. The members area also includes the most popular episodes along with the most popular pornstars to give newbies a hint on where to start.

Upon entering the main members page for Swallow Squirt I was quite impressed with the site presentation. They've used a great color scheme which really gives the site character and every thing is positioned nice and neatly across the page eliminating that unwanted cluttered feel you get on some sites. Anyways the members area for Swallow Squirts includes the 4 latest episodes in the form of thumbnail links which once clicked on will take you to the main media section of the episode. Just above the top banner you'll notice a few button links these allow you to go back to the main members area of the Pornstar Network, access the 50 plus bonus sites, or bookmark varios sections of the site.

If you wish to view the entire back catalouge of their past updates utilize the videos link situated within the navigation menu. Upon doing so you are taken to the episode gallery which consists of 8 pages including up to 5 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a small section of these pages and within these sections you will come across 8 screen shots of the episode to give members a good idea on what they can expect to see, informartion such as the length of the video, the starring models, and a short description on what the episode involves. Within this section you will also notice three links one which will take you the screen shot gallery of the episode and the other two will take you to the low and high quality downloads.

Downloading is as simple as using the links provided on the page and the screen shots can be viewed individually off the site or downloaded in zip files. As you can probably tell the site is fairly standard when it comes to features, nothing new and ground breaking here but hey that's not what I'm after, I'm after a site which allows easy access to the content and this site does exactly that. Also with access to the main members area for the Pornstar Network it makes hopping around the sites a breeze.


Well the site really hammers down on quality that's for sure but what I would really like to see them start improving on would have to be the numbers which seems a little iffy at the moment due to the lack of information on future updates. But yeah like I said earlier if you're after quality and are a fan of lesbians, squirting hotties and red hot fucking then this site certainly won't disappoint.

Pros & Cons

+ Stunning video quality
+ Very hot models
+ Exclusive content
+ Access to over 50 sites
+ Site looks nice
+ Very easy to navigate
- No information on future updates
Click here to visit Swallow Squirt and check out the tour.