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Let me introduce you to Marcus London, this guy is well known in the world of porn for one thing that he can make babes do that very few other guys can. This guy is a Squirt Instructor, almost any babe can squirt when placed in his expert hands, hes been developing his fuck techniques for quite some time and hes sure he can bring almost any babe to the highest peak of the pleasure as he fucks her, enough to get their pussies to go wild and squirt like a fountain.
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Unlike other single model sites, here you do not get to meet Marcus London and read more about him, there is no bio, no ways to contact him or stuff like that, here its all about checking the squirting babes out and learning the technique. While I would usually list this as a negative side, after all, single model sites are interesting because you get to learn more about the model, here it works, because the theme of the site is getting the babes to go up like a fountain and to impair some of that knowledge of how to get chicks to squirt on to us. There are plenty of scenes here to be seen, mostly video, very few are just pictures, and it seems like Marcus London is known with amateur chicks as well as experienced porn stars, because hes had a visit from both of the types and he made all of them cum loudly and squirt a lot. If you are looking for a good squirting site - this is it - dig in and have fun!

Features & Navigation:

As far as navigation is concerned, the Squirt Instructor is a pretty easy site to get a handle on, theres basic navigation bar thats visible at all times and that will let you get to home page where you can see the latest updates, get to the all scenes, or picture/video scenes only, all of that with a single click of a mouse. Theres also a very useful site jump option that will allow you to easily jump to one of the other sites in the porn network, that way you can always see all of the content thats available to you by getting your membership here. Thats 6 sites for the price of one, to be more precise, as you get full access to the 6 single model porn sites when you join the Squirt Instructor.

Picture collections for scenes are pretty average as far as quality is concerned, most of the pictures are something like 700x1100 px, sometimes more, but thats what you can expect. Thats not HD, like the site is advertized, but then again, its not all that bad either, you can have plenty of fun in the picture section. The picture archives can be downloaded in the form of a zip file for offline viewing, or you can let them run as a slide show right on the site, with just two clicks, one to start the show and one to set up the pace at which pictures shift.

Video section is what makes this site so much fun, and heres where its strong, most of the scenes are in video format, all in 480p or better, I know thats nothing to gasp at seeing how 1080p porn is getting more and more popular, but hey, this is pretty good quality, and it keeps the sizes of the video files below the 1GB mark, thats something thats been pissing me off as someone who doesnt have top notch internet connection, it takes ton of time for the big ass files to download. With this, I can have them on my hard drive within half an hour or so. There are three video formats, you can watch files in flash player, you can get them as Windows Media Video (WMV) files or you can get them in quick time if you need them for your handheld devices. Unfortunately, there is no option to download smaller clips, you have to get the whole scene at once, but the videos arent that long and they download fast, so you can keep it in for a bit until the scene is ready.


Theres a very easy way to see if this site is for you. Are you a fan of squirting? If yes, then you should already be trying to register here, the price is very affordable, there are plenty of scenes and with the squirt instructor you just might learn how to make babes go all wet and leaking in your hands, after all, thats what this site is all about!

Pros & Cons

+Very hot content
+Exclusive porn scenes with amateur and porn stars alike
+Great models
+Easy navigation
+Bonus content
-Average quality
-No set update schedule, updates at random times
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