Saboom 5233 Saboom Now here is an original concept for a porn site because the movies on Saboom are all interactive in nature, you get to watch the video and at certain points it pauses and asks you to choose what happe
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Now here is an original concept for a porn site because the movies on Saboom are all interactive in nature, you get to watch the video and at certain points it pauses and asks you to choose what happens next, turning all of the videos into a sort of a game. It's unique, it's fun and best of all, it's not too expensive - you will have loads of fun checking out these movies and playing director.

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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First thing I will bash on as far as Saboom is concerned is the fact that the site is NOT free. True, you can create an account for free, but an account gives you access to archives and that's it, the scenes are still locked for you unless you pay a membership fee, it's like a small trial without any of the content unlocked. Once you do pay them the fee, you get to play the scenes. The niches covered are very varied, from lesbian loving to hardcore banging, interracial and all other popular porn niches - it's all here and it is all wrapped up in HD quality videos! The nature of the scenes makes it impossible to download them, so you better have a good internet connection to enjoy content here, especially seeing how it's all HD. The scenes play and then at certain points they pause and ask you for your input, defining what happens next. It's pretty fun actually, and I wonder why no other sites have made a porn experience like this before. Clips are pretty long, half an hour each, and there are dozens and dozens in the archives already. Models are usually good looking amateur models, they look pretty hot and are sexy enough to be popular porn stars, but they are starring exclusively on this site. All of the content is 100% exclusive and can't be seen anywhere else. Update pace of one update per week is more then enough for a site of this nature, and seeing how the archives are pretty big, you will never go bored here. The price is pretty low compared to what I expected when I saw just how awesome the site is, $30 per month when paid monthly and less then $20 per month for 3 month membership make for a very good deal.

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Now, this site serves a very specific function and covers an unexplored niche, so it's no wonder that it is a bit lacking as far as features go. One of the most important missing bits of Saboom is the fact that there are no download options at all, you get to watch the scenes and that's it. There are no photo galleries as well. Search function isn't too advanced, but it still does the job, there's a list of categories on the left side of the archive screen and selecting any of the categories lists only scenes that fall into that category, it's easy and elegant way of filtering the content. The niches covered are very varied, from interracial to lesbian, and no matter what is your personal kink you will get to see some very hot action in full HD quality. There's no trial deal for some reason, but you can buy access to just one specific scene if you want to try the site out, for a price of about $8 you can unlock one and only one scene from your free account and have fun watching it and playing with it. The scenes are viewed through a flash player that lets you play around with the multiple options during movies, the most important and fun feature of this site. There is no network access, no bonus content or anything like that, the archives are everything you get access to with your account. The site design is pretty slick and it's very easy to navigate around, even for people that are new to the whole internet business. You better have high quality internet connection, a fast one at that, especially if you want to stream scenes in full quality, 720p is the highest setting so far, but they will probably start uploading 1080p scenes soon. There are no photo galleries, it's only video content for members of Saboom, but the interractive high quality videos are plenty of fun as they are.



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I must say that I am pretty happy with what I've seen on Saboom, it's an original porn site, something I haven't seen in a while, and it brings a new form of interraction to members, always a good thing. The HD quality videos, hot models, regular updates and smooth site design make it for a very good site, low membership fee doesn't hurt either, so if you feel like checking out something new, this is a great place to do so, I know I will keep my reviewer's account here!

Pros & Cons

  • + Full HD quality scenes
  • + Interactive videos
  • + Good looking models
  • + Affordable membership fee
  • - No downloads available
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