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Hot Movies For Her seeks to appeal to the many female porn viewers out there. The collection is a pay per minute and pay per download DVD database that has tens of thousands of movies and hundreds of thousands of scenes to choose from featuring just about every male and female porn performer ever in the business. Members can access all of these titles from a central location that offers a highly advanced members area.
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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


The amount of videos available here at Hot Movies For Her is pretty staggering. It would be virtually impossible for me to count them all up, but the site itself claims to offer over 170,000 scenes and that sounds about right to me. New themes and full-length titles are added to the site every day, so the collection here is constantly expanding.

There's no way to describe an average scene or movie at Hot Movies For Her because this is one of the most diverse collections around. The materials here include everything from amateur stuff shot in a private home to high-gloss, high budget studio films by some of the most famous porn production companies in the world. The site covers an impressive variety of categories including lesbian action, straight sex, queer porn, gay movies, fetish flicks, and all of the other diverse types of smut that women enjoy watching. The text-link based category index page is bigger than some sites I've been on and seems to go on forever with each category like amateur or lesbian broken down further into subcategories like lesbian erotica or amateur homemade videos. Perhaps the best part of this site is the fact that even members who haven't paid a penny can browse the entire collection and get extensive previews of each title available. This makes it incredibly easy to make the decision of whether to pull out your credit card or not.

While all of the videos that I viewed here looked pretty nice and I didn't see anything that was low-quality out enough to warring getting upset over, I was a little surprised to see that the downloadable versions of flicks here, just 640 x 480 pixels. The streaming versions seem to be offered at higher specs of up to 1068 x 600 pixels, 2000 kbps, although this can vary. There is a considerable amount of variation in the quality level from one title to the next since these titles come from thousands if not tens of thousands of different sources and time periods.

Features & Navigation:

The features available for Hot Movies For Her viewers are some of the most extensive I can remember seeing and are rivaled only by other highly advanced DVD-based sites. The members area is almost overwhelming when you first login with its sheer number of options. Extensive menus and member tools are found along columns on both the right-hand and left-hand side of the page, and the main content areas found in the middle. There are more advanced search and navigation tools here then I am probably capable of covering, but they include things like basic keyword search boxes, category indexes, a tax system, indexes the studios, stars, series, and directors, the ability to sort materials by various attributes including their release date or when they were added to the site, and much more.

Other interesting features available on the site include the ability to custom edit your own scenes, save scenes and titles for later viewing, and to comment on and rate titles. If you want to access everything from a mobile device, they have a specially designed mobile site that will make things easy for you. A quick glance at the site collection will give you an excellent idea of just how extensive the tools and options here are sent even nonmembers who haven't paid for any time on this site can access everything they have to offer on a preview basis.

As is the case with most sites using a per minute payment method, watching videos here certainly has the potential to become quite expensive. Having said, it also allows you to control your spending practically down to the penny. Basic package levels include 69 minutes for $9.95 on up to 515 minutes for $49.95. Other packages and bonus discounts are also sometimes available. In addition to their pay per minute options, the site also allows for seven day or lifetime streaming rentals as well as downloadable versions of the flicks for flat prices that range from around seven dollars to around $15. Even better, members have the option of renting an entire studio's worth of materials for either a day or 30 days which ranges from around $10 to around $30.


Hot Movies For Her, aside from some editorial features, didn't have as much of a focus on porn for women as I was expecting and is really more of a general collection of softcore, lesbian, gay, and hardcore stuff that may or may not appeal to any given porn loving woman. Nevertheless, the extensive features and absolute massive database of titles mean that just about any porn viewer, man or woman, is sure to find something titillating here.

Pros & Cons

+ Massive collection to choose from
+ Highly useful and very advanced members' area
+ Easy to stream or download
- Per minute pricing can get expensive
- Quality not as high as on some other DVD sites
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