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Porn studio Cinderella, also known as CDI, has been putting out titles since back when VHS ruled the world and Christy Canyon, Ron Jeremy, Rocco, and Shayla Leveaux were at the top of their game. Here at CDI Digital, members can access some of these early 1980s scenes, many of which have never been made available on DVD or in an online format in the past.
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This CDI Digital collection is pretty new on the web, and I don't exist site had been online for even a full year when I visited at the end of 2013. At that time, the site offers 21 DVDs with around 140 individual scenes. It looks like the site occasionally adds a new full DVD rather than adding the scenes individually, but they don't seem to have a set update schedule an American be as much as two months with no growth here at all. I would definitely prefer to see some kind of set update schedule. Members of the site get free bonus access to two other sites in this small network, Combat Zone XXX and Dynasty Videos.

The action here at CDI Digital includes all of the hardcore stuff you're used to seeing in current porn releases including straight fucking, blow jobs, pussy licking, and even anal action, it's just all filmed in a style that is definitely distinct to decades these materials come from. For the uninitiated, that typically means that you can expect a lot more dialogue, plot, and scene changes than in your typical hardcore release these days. Some of these flicks even have their own theme song! While these aren't exactly high budget Hollywood films, there's a lot more attention to detail, scenery, scene changes, and other aspects of shooting than we usually see these days. Some of the titles have themes that are specifically interracial or have to do with sex between secretaries and bosses. Some of the titles here include Hawaii Vice, The Out of Towner, Endless Nights, and But Can She Type. Every DVD here has a storyline of some kind.

While many of the scenes here are unmistakably 80s judging by the clothing and totally rad hairstyles, others are clearly from some of Cinderella's somewhat later releases and the collection probably ventures into the early to mid 90s. I don't think I saw anything that was much newer than that, however. Although each DVD and scene is labeled with the date it was added to the site, the original release dates of these titles are missing and I think would be an interesting touch to know exactly which year these flicks hit the shelves in VHS form.

The videos here are available for download at up to 640 x 480 pixels in width of the trade of around 3200 kbps. The videos definitely don't have the clarity that similar videos with the same specs would these days, but this is probably about as good as it gets for 30-year-old porn scenes. These flicks look at least as good as they would have on VHS back in the day, and probably at least somewhat better.

Features & Navigation:

The CDI Digital materials are presented in a cleanly designed and easy to use members area that offers some basic search and navigation features. Each scene is labeled with category tags that can be clicked to see other similar materials, and while there's also a basic keyword search box, it seemed to return limited results for me even when searching for fairly common terms. There's also an alphabetized model index. Although it is helpful for looking up specific models you may be searching for, it doesn't offer any information about the models themselves.

Flash streaming is provided for each CDI Digital video, and downloads are available in a few different formats, as well. Each format comes at only a single quality level. The high-quality level comes in MOV format, and medium quality levels are available in MP4 and WMV formats.


CDI Digital offers a chance to see scenes from the 80s and early 90s that has never been made available in any format other than VHS. This unique aspect really makes the collection standout and almost certainly secures the love of fans of 80s smut. Interesting to see some of these legendary names in early scenes, and even if you were to young the first time around, there's definitely some charm to these detailed and plot oriented titles.

Pros & Cons

+ 80s titles never before available on DVD or online
+ 2 bonus sites included
+ Streaming and downloadable videos
- Updates are erratic
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