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AVN Hall of Fame inductee and all-around hottie Ginger Lynn started filming smites during the golden age of the industry in 1983. Appearing alongside world-famous performers like John Holmes and Christy Canyon, she soon rocketed to porn stardom and would go on to film 69 videos, a huge number for the time. The Ginger Lynn Collection offers the chance to get reacquainted with a porn legend and includes free access to six other classic pornstar sites in the network.
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The Ginger Lynn Collection is a purely video-based site with around 29 movie clips. Although members can often access several scenes which obviously comes from the same VHS title, no full-length VHS title downloads are available here. The clips average about 10 minutes each, and though updates are occasionally added, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the schedule.

Double penetration and anal sex, both fairly uncommon in 1980s smut, were some of Ginger Lynn's specialties and part of what propelled her to stardom. You can see some of these previously rare acts here at Ginger Lynn Collection along with the more typical masturbation, lesbian licking, and straight one-on-one fucking common of the era. You'll also see Ginger alongside other famous stars of the time like John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, and Christy Canyon.

If you've ever seen any of these flicks and their original VHS form back in the day, it probably won't surprise you much when I say that the quality isn't always the best. Color balance is often incorrect, and there can be graininess, blurriness, or an overall washed out appearance fees flicks. That being said, they probably look at least as good as they did when originally released on home video and are more than worth downloading in WMV format files at 640 x 480 pixels, 1500 kbps.

Features & Navigation:

The purple, blue, and gray tour pages for the Ginger Lynn Collection look to be on the older side and offers very little in the way of factual information about the site. You can see a few brief preview images of the scenes available inside, that some of the information here is less than accurate. In particular, the claims of DVD quality materials stood out as being quite obviously false. It seems a bit too obviously false to me considering that this is a vintage porn themed site, so it's a bit puzzling why they would even bother.

The bright blue and purple from the tour pages continues in the members area where you'll find a clean and simple layout for the materials. A menu near the top of the page offers easy access to Ginger's biography, the site's messaging system for contacting staff members, free bonus sites and themes, and to Ginger's videos. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll see the site search tools. There are some pretty nice search options, but a site and this small can't really put them to good use.

While it's very easy to access the flicks here, they don't exactly offer very many choices. Downloads are offered only in WMV format and the full-length version comes in only a single quality level. Clips are generally offered for download or streaming in WMV format or for streaming in Flash format.


These unofficial pornstar themed collections are usually a little disappointing when compared to official pornstar sites, and unfortunately the Ginger Lynn collection has quite a few shortcomings. The collection here is quite small, updates aren't really happening, and the site seems lacking when considered solely on its own merits. The six included bonus sites all feature vintage porn and mostly focus on other famous stars of the time, so I think the package deal is worth a look.

Pros & Cons

+ See some of Ginger Lynn's classic scenes
+ 6 classic porn sites included free
- Quality varies
- Collection is tiny
- No updates
Click here to visit Ginger Lynn Collection and check out the tour.