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Despite appearing in only a handful of adult films in the 1970s, the name Linda Lovelace is almost synonymous with oral sex and the golden age of porn. Linda's classic Deepthroat is one of the best-selling adult flicks of all time and rocketed her into overnight stardom. The Linda Lovelace Collection offers a chance to see some of the most famous scenes from Deepthroat as well as more video clips and photo galleries featuring the lovely Linda Lovelace.
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The Linda Lovelace Collection is pretty small at just 15 video clips and two photo galleries averaging about 30 images each. The date stamps indicate that nothing new has been added here since early 2009, and I wouldn't be surprised to see any further growth here in the future. There's not much out there starring Linda Lovelace anyway, and at least the site has several scenes from her most famous film, Deepthroat.

In addition to the Deepthroat scenes, you can also see hardcore action starring Linda which was taken from various compilations she filmed over the years. These are all from the early 1970s and feature plenty of Linda's famed deepthroat skills, tons of hardcore sex, as well as some lesbian action. The photos include a mixture of still images from various sources and feature both hardcore shots as well as softcore pinup style posing. Most of the photos are in color, though the color balance is often quite incorrect. A smaller portion of the photos are in black-and-white.

The WMV format files you can download here are offered at a max size of 640 x 480 pixels at a bitrate of around 1500 kbps. That being said, the actual quality of the video you'll see on your screen will vary greatly from clip to clip and depends mostly on the quality of the original recordings. Considering how old some of this footage is, it probably won't surprise you when I say that things can often be grainy, blurry, incorrectly color balance, or just plain washed out.

Features & Navigation:

You can see a few brief image only previews of some of the available scenes on the olive green and gray tour pages for The Linda Lovelace Collection, but overall I didn't think the tour did a very good job of letting potential members know what was included with membership. They also boast of offering DVD quality videos, and that's not exactly an accurate representation of the video quality you'll find here.

The tour's color scheme continues once inside the members area, and you'll find things fairly basic and easy to use. A menu near the top of the page provides direct access to the various sections of the site including Linda's biography, photos, videos, the free bonus sites, free video feeds, and a messaging system to contact the sites staff. A search tool on the right-hand side of the page allows you to search by keyword and combine your query with categories or content type requirements. It's a nice feature, but not exactly helpful on a site that small.

The overall simplicity of the site is also apparent in the options for accessing the materials. The photos are offered for viewing in basic thumbnail galleries or as an automatic, variable speed slideshow. They can also be downloaded in ZIP files. Unfortunately, either have as many options when it comes to accessing the videos. These are offered only in WMV format in full-length a single quality level we clips in your choice of two different quality levels.


In the end, I couldn't help but feel that Linda Lovelace deserved a little bit better than what this tiny collection has to offer. The Linda Lovelace Collection is a fairly weak offering on its own but is much more appealing as part of the overall package. All of the sites included here feature films and stars from the 1970s through 1980s and the network as a whole is certainly worthy of consideration.

Pros & Cons

+ Includes some of Linda's most famous scenes
+ Free bonus access to 6 other classic porn sites
- Very small collection
- No updates
- Quality varies
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