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So do you really know what goes on when cheerleaders audition? Well this site goes behind the scenes, to see just how arduous the audition process is, that's right they're judged by how well they can fuck and suck, watch as the ripe cheerleaders starring on this site get their fresh tight snatches deflowered.
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When a site is dedicated to cheerleaders, you can be sure that the content is going to be top stuff. I mean what could be more arousing than seeing those girls who have just turned 18 getting slammed whilst wearing their cute cheerleader outfits.

The type of scenes provided on this site is a mixture of 18-19 year old girls and reality, the cheerleader meets a guy, the guy asks her to strip, which she's more than happy to do, then they fuck like rabbits on heat, oh yeah and I should mention that all their models are drop dead gorgeous, the bulk of the stars are blonde babes, but you'll also come across, brunettes, redheads and Asians, so no matter what kind of women your in to, it's more than likely that you'll find one here that'll blow your horn.

At the moment there are 36 episodes available for download. Each episode has been cut into short chapters, in order to better cater for their members who are on slow connections, also this way around, members can choose to skip the foreplay segments, and dive straight into the hardcore fucking if they want. To make the task of downloading a little more convenient, for members who are on dial up speeds, they've provided a lower quality version of all their episodes, which may not look as great, but at least the file sizes are significantly smaller.

The video provided are pretty decent, though you will come across a few scenes which look a tad grainier than the rest, which is most noticeable when there's rapid movement involved. My only solution to this, is to watch the videos through a smaller screen, where they look a little better, rather than watching a severely distorted video on a full screen.

I was relieved to see that they didn't resort to using video stills, which is rather common when it comes to this type of porn, so it's good to see that they've taken the time and effort to take proper pictures, which look pretty darn good. These pictures would have been taken around the same time they shot the video footage, as the location and the models costume remain the same. The pictures come in varying sizes, but they're all generally quite large, plus they're clear and colorful, every thing a picture should be.

Well I suppose 36 episodes is alright....ok who am I kidding, that's a pretty small amount of videos if you ask me, and the site developers obviously knew that their members weren't going to settle for just 36 episodes. So they've decided to grant them full access to a further 24 porn related sites, which are a part of the network this site is on. The bulk of the sites on this network are based around the reality niche, with secondary categories like, lesbians, interracial, Milfs and Big titties, they've even included a site which is just way to weird called "Big Sausage Pizza" but I'll let you find out what that site is all about.

As a stand alone, their content numbers aren't very impressive, but luckily this isn't the case, cause there are 24 other sites to back it up, and you can take my word for it that they're just as good, if not better than this site. If you're into reality porn than I recommend you check this site out.

Features & Navigation:

Definitely one of the more basic sites, I've had to review in awhile, and seeing as there really is only one main section to this site, I have a feeling that this part of my review is going to be very short, anyways let me get into the mechanics of this site, and analyze it for you guys.

Ok so the homepage is pretty much all your going to need on this site, as all of their media can be accessed from here, plus this is pretty much the only section there is to the site. The first thing you'll come across is the eye catching top banner, a welcoming message and a scroll down panel, listing all of their latest updates.

Scrolling further down the page you'll come across a thumbnail link to their latest uploaded episode, beside the thumbnail is a short description of the episode, and the links to the photo galleries and video download section. Just beneath the latest updates, you'll find their entire collection of episodes nicely spaced down the length of the page. The episodes are presented via a small thumbnail of a video still from the scene, these thumbnails should give you a good idea on what kind of girl stars in the episode and the type of location.

Clicking on any one of the thumbnails I mentioned just before, should take you directly to that particular episode's video downloads page. This page consists of several small thumbnails of the scene, all the various video download links, and a short description about the episode.

Alright lets go back to the homepage. The bottom half of the homepage pretty much consists of large thumbnail links to the various reality sites which members have full access to. These thumbnails, strongly portray the dedicated niche of the site, to give their members a rough indication, on what the site offers.

Well that's pretty much it as far as the site mechanics go, the site looks a little plain at the moment, due to the bland color scheme, but everything is simple enough to find, and having only one section eliminates the possibilities of getting lost and confused. It's not the most intricate site ever made, but that's just fine for a porn site, as we want everything easily and quickly accessible, for those times when we really need to get our rocks off in a hurry.


I feel pretty confident on recommending this site to anyone who loves 18-19 year old content and especially if you like reality content, cause most of the other bonus sites revolve around the reality niche. Their collection of videos isn't all that impressive at the moment but there's definitely room for growth, check the site out if your into the whole reality scene.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot Cheerleaders
+ Decent quality vids
+ Picture content is great
+ Access to multiple reality sites
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