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Are you tired of those sites, which claim that their models are 18 years old, but they look like they're in their 30's, I know I sure am, well you can say goodbye to all those mature sluts posing as younger women, cause this site brings you the most gorgeous genuine 18 year olds you'll ever see, and knowing that this site is affiliated with the ever so popular adult company Hustler, you can be sure to be treated with some high quality porn.
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Our total rating: 87/100

Detailed Review:


Well I was kind of excited to be reviewing a hustler site, cause I know that their content is going to be top notch, especially their picture content, as they've been around for awhile, so they know what people like, when it comes to porn. By the looks of things, there's tonnes of porn on offer here across all the different media platforms, videos, pictures and online magazines, otherwise known as Ezines. Anyway seeing as their collection of picture content is the most extensive out of the lot I'll knock that off first.

Ok so there's definitely no shortage when it comes to picture content cause there's a crap load here, all up they've got 2 very extensive photo galleries being, online magazines and general photo galleries. Now their general photo galleries include their entire back collection of photo shoots of different 18 year old models, the pictures included in these galleries are nothing short of breath taking, they're super crisp and are bursting with nice vibrant colors, they certainly live up to their standards of having great picture content, as I found these even more arousing than the usual video content I go through.

There's a huge variety of different models to go through here and all of them are just absolutely gorgeous, it's as if a flock of goddesses came down from the heavens to get their pictures taken, anyway now that you've got a rough idea on just how hot the babes are on this site I'll tell you a little more about the rest of the content available.

Now aside from the picture galleries they've also provided a large amount of exclusive movies, Currently there are over 150 movies available to download and stream, with a shit load of options to choose from. Videos are available in three different formats being, wmv, mpg and avi. There's also the option of choosing which scene you wish to view and if you really like the movie there's always the option of buying the actual DVD. Now seeing as there are so many of these movies available and knowing that the quality is going to vary from scene to scene, it's near impossible to give you an accurate rating as far as their qualities go, though I did take the liberty of viewing a few of them.

Well like I said the quality does vary from scene to scene as I viewed two different scenes, which were polar opposites in quality, one of them looked very clear, while the other was quite pixelated, the only way to make the lower quality movies look somewhat decent is to watch them through a small screen, as watching these vids through a large screen sacrifices too much of it's quality, leaving you with a pixelated picture, so yeah you can expect to see movies that look golden, and ones that aren't so hot, but at least there's a shit load available.

To tell you the honest truth this site provides the biggest collection of picture galleries, with the best looking pictures I've seen thus far, and it really wasn't a surprise as "hustler" have proved many times before that they provide only the best when it comes to picture content, what did surprise me though was their collection of exclusive movies, I had no idea they have such a large collection. Well there's absolutely nothing I could pick on with their content as it's pretty much perfect, there's loads of content available whether it be pictures or videos, a very impressive site.

Features & Navigation:

Now this site doesn't only look good, but it works like a dream too, the layout and color scheme are easy on the eyes and their content is so organized, you can find the exact content you were after in an instant, no browsing around for hours on end, trying to hunt down the one chick that floats your boat, as the search engine they've provided really works wonders.

The first thing you'll notice after you've fired up the homepage, is the navigation menu found towards the top of the page, which includes buttons that direct you to the different content areas, the buttons on this menu include the following, exclusive movies, online magazines, photo, galleries, live xxx chat and extras. Where these links take you is pretty self explanatory, and also makes the task of backtracking a lot easier.

Just below the navigational menu is a thumbnail link and info on their latest issue of barely legal, further down the homepage, you'll find more of their latest additions, the queen of the month and news on whats been going on in the world of hustler.

Down the length of the left side of the page is another navigation menu, the difference between this one and the top navigation menu, is that you can be a lot more specific on what kind of content you wish to view, for example, underneath the exclusive movies section on the menu, you'll a link to their latest and most popular movies, this is convenient in that members can always keep up to date with new content, while new members are informed on which content other fellow members believe to be the best.

Anyway that's pretty much the homepage in a nutshell, now lets get onto the individual content sections. First off I'll knock down the exclusive movies section. The movies section is essentially a thumbnails gallery, each DVD title is represented via a small thumbnail of the box cover. Clicking on a box cover will take you to page which provides brief information about the DVD and another thumbnail of the cover, also if the DVD title you picked is part of a series, the other DVD titles which are a part of the series will also be presented on this page. Clicking on the thumbnail link on this page will take you to the main downloads page for that particular movie.

From this page you can choose how you want to view your videos, whether it be streaming it straight off the page, streaming a particular scene from the movie, or to simply download it, to your PC so you can have it ready on the fly, for when you get those sexual urges. Towards the bottom of this page you will come across a rating system, this is how the most popular movies are chosen. There's also the option of buying the actual DVD if you really enjoyed it.

The online magazines section is not much different from the videos section, this section is made up of several pages, the more recent issues will be found towards the front of their collection, while their older ones are towards the back, and by the looks of things they've got issues dating all the way back to the year 2000, so there's quite a bit here to check out. Each issue is presented by a thumbnail of the front cover. clicking on one of these thumbnail links, will take you to the main content section for that particular issue. On this page you will find various thumbnails of the models which star in the issue. Clicking on a model will take you to her picture gallery, where you can enjoy viewing the gorgeous pictures.

The photo galleries section includes their entire collection of pictorials which originated from the various barely legal issues, the main reason why they included this gallery is cause it's kind of hard to find chicks you like by browsing through all the issues, so they've included a search engine where members can be very specific on what kind of chick they wish to view as you can browse through the models by hair or eye color, you can even choose the different nationalities, after choosing your specifics, you'll be presented with models that fall under your options, this is where you begin to see the sheer diversity of their picture content, which really is quite daunting at first, as there's just so much to go through.

Well I couldn't have been more pleased, with the way this site is laid out, every things organized, finding content you want is pretty much instantaneous, and the presentation of the site in general is pure eye candy, now I was expecting this site to be great as it is under a big adult company name, but this site has far surpassed my expectation, kudos to the site designers for creating such a beautiful and user friendly site.


Well this is probably the best site I've had to review so far, there's heaps of movies, heaps of gorgeous pictures and the models are the hottest I've ever come across, I'm not much of a blonde fan, but the blonde babes on this site have converted me, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this site and I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's perfect, or very damn close to it.

Pros & Cons

+ Tonnes of exclusive movies
+ Loads of high quality picture content
+ Hottest models around
+ Very easy to navigate
+ No Cons!
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