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Welcome to Teenburg, place where horny teens come together so they can have some hot fun! If hot teen fucking is on your mind, then residents of Teenburg will show you something you haven't seen in quite some time, sensual erotic teen babes in hot lesbian action, or playing with their horny cunts, or get fucked by their young lovers, that's the kind of hot teen sex scene collection that Teenburg has.
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Teenburg content is an exclusive porn site dedicated to hot teen sex, if that sounds like something from your alley, then come on in and check out the sexiest chicks that ever starred in front of the cameras. What makes these teen chicks so hot is the fact that they are 100% natural teens. Brunettes, blond, even redheads, these teen chicks are all slim, tall, with perfect tight asses and with nice tits, be those small teen titties or big teen tits that bounce as they ride the cock. Pleasure is the only thing on the mind of these hot teen chicks, and it seems they think about it pretty often because there's a pretty big collection of teen sex scenes on teenburg. They can be live streamed or downloaded to your hard drive, whatever works for you. Teenburg site is just one site of the hot teen sex network that is dedicated to horny European teen chicks, this one covers regular indoor sex, but there are sites in this network that cover outdoor fucking, lesbian fucking, alternative chicks whatever you might fancy, you can get from these slutty horny teen girls.

Features & Navigation:

When looking at teenburg site you notice right away that it doesn't look like a porn site so much as it looks like a long blog roll, too long since the default setting is 12 scenes per page. This can be changed if you want the list of latest porn to be seen to be shorter, you can get it down to 4 scenes and several other settings in between, or you can expand the list up to 24 scenes per page. The navigation bar lets you search through the scenes, but to use it properly you have to know the name of at least one model starring in a scene on Teenburg, because that's how the search works. Only other way to look for scenes efficiently is to seach by the rating, and for that you can see best rated scenes or most viewed scenes on the basic navigation bar. Overall, the search function can use some tweaks, as it's not as usefull at the moment.

Enough about design of the site, let's move on to the juicy porn. The site features both picture and video collections, showing hot teen chicks in all kinds of hot kinky poses. Picture section doesn't sport slide show feature, something that's becoming more and more popular with high quality porn sites, but that's something that can be overlooked. They do offer zip file downloads, so you can download the top quality pictures to your PC and enjoy them at your leasure. The pictures in the highest setting are pretty good, around 2400 x 1700 px, that's more then enough even for the biggest PC screens.

Video section is just a interesting as the picture one, more actually. There are plenty of quality settings to pick from when you download, the high quality 720p videos are the best that this site has to offer, and they are razor sharp, with file sizes being around 1.5-2GB when depending on how long the scene you are looking at is, usually half an hour to one full hour. Medium and Low quality are much smaller and therefore they download more quickly, but they are not as good as the top quality of course. Still, they are much better then what some other sites offer, so I'll not hold that against them. Those three video quality settings can be live streamed, but there are two settings that are for download only, MPEG setting and the Quick Time setting, it's nice of them to think of their users and to offer them such diverse download choice options so you can pick what do you want to download. Now, those were all the good things as far as the video section is concerned, now let's move on to the bad side. First thing I noticed is that there are no screen caps - you have to check out the scene yourself to see what's in it. That is not as simple as it sounds because the Teenburg online player doesn't offer anything as far as interface is concerned, you can't even navigate through scene, you have to watch it fully to see what's in it. That's pretty major con, as is the fact that there are no smaller clips - you want a scene? You have to download it completely. You can get some of the browsing features is you use your local media player and paste the video links in there, but that's something a porn site that qualifies for top porn sites can't afford.


All of the major cons that I've got for Teenburg are about poor design choices more then about anything else, and they should be able to fix those with very little effort, so I'm kind of wondering why they haven't been fixed yet. I can recommend this site for the value of it's content, the girls are simply adorable and the sex with them look great, so if you like them fresh and natural, this is the site for you. Network access only sweetens the deal, so sign up today, its worth it!

Pros & Cons

+Big collection
+Exclusive content
+Super hot girls
+High quality videos
-Poor interface
-Slow update pace (two scenes per month)
-Poor flash player design
-Unhelpful search options
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